Human management requires years of training. Your team has potential to grow you faster in the industry. However, it completely depends on your management skills.

To become a good leader you must understand human psychology first. People have the tendency to waste their time on unproductive things. You have to know that your employees are not so good in decision-making. Most of the time you will notice your employee is involved in the activities which are not generating any returns. The official task receives secondary priority in day to day working.

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These are the common ways your employee waste their official time.

1) Surfing the web: People spend their most of the time surfing the web. They are reading news on Yahoo, MSN websites. Health conscious people are reading about the tips to maintain their physique. Movie lovers are reading reviews, watching a trailer. Shopaholics are spending time on Amazon and Flipkart to compare the features of the two product and price. Fashion geeks are checking what is trending in the fashion world. They spend their time on e-commerce websites.

Your employee has all the required tools to get entertained. Motivating people to work is the hardest job on the earth. Human brain gets excited when it is relaxed. The above activities release the chemical that convinces the brain to get involved in this kind of activities. The challenging part is diverting the employee thoughts towards work.

2) Whatsapp Chat: Since WhatsApp has become the popular mobile app, it added one more tech to distract the workforce. People spend whopping 5-6 hours a day on WhatsApp. Nowadays, chatting, having group chats have become very popular in the social community. Funny graphics and videos are most shared content on WhatsApp. Asking your employee to avoid chatting is very difficult. It seems that they can’t live without this. When you do close observation in your office, you will be surprised how much time your employees are spending on mobile chatting.

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3) Social Media Craze: “Social media has become very important for everyone as it eases the networking process. Other than that you can use social media to get an instant alert about any hot news, job alerts, or to promote your brand”, said Dinesh Goel (CEO of Aasaanjobs). In one sense social media has made our life easy, but on the other side, it is screwing your productivity. People love to share their thoughts on the recently updated photos. Like and comment on the latest post from a friend is the continued activities that people do in the working hours. If you consider the time people spend in working, you will see it is killing your overall productivity.

4) Gossiping: This is another common factor that you see in the office. People love to gossip, especially girls/women. You might have come across such people who are always gossiping about something or the other. Their day starts with the discussion and ends with a discussion. If your organization have no strict rules then there will be chaos in the office.

People spend around 2-3 hours in a day for gossiping. Sometimes they are walking in office premises and gossiping about something which is not related to the work.

5) Day Dreamer: You might have encountered with this kind of characters in the office. The best thing about them is they never talk much, ask much, or you will never find them doing some external activities that will catch your eye. The only problem is they do nothing. Usually, they try to hide from the seniors. You will think they are hardworking people but in reality, they are daydreamers. They keep their eye open facing the computer screen thinking no one is watching me. It will look like they are working on something important.

The daydreamers are the most unproductive employee in the organization. The outcome of this employee will be less than an average employee.

6) Freelancing work: As the freelancing market is growing worldwide, the demand for a freelancing worker is very high. You find people who are always chatting with someone. Going on call frequently to assist their customers.

In some cases, people are found working on their personal project in the office hours. Indeed, it is a big problem for your organization. In essence, you must know what your employees are doing in their working hours.

7) I am always busy: This is the new group that recently discovered by the HR community. These are the people who are highly active in the organization. They will always tell you that they are overboard with the task. Besides that, they love to be in the buzz. They are a good communicator, whereas they know how to build a good relationship with the seniors. It will sound like they are perfect for the job but the problem is, they lack the ability to produce something that will generate revenue. When they are on the job where they have to meet people especially in sales, they are the right candidate for the job. If you are hiring them for the technical job or leadership job then think twice.

And guys, not only do we practice such things but also some others which might lead to us losing a job.
Have you ever sat with things you can play around with that ends up you spending a lot of time behind it thereby resulting in many unproductive hours?
Well, it’s a big NO!

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Things like: Talking too much politics, spreading rumors about something, being inconsiderate etc. Then there are somethings which might wreck your career like, being unprepared and arriving late to office, spending too much time on personal calls and messages.
So guys, do remember, the above things are completely not agreeable in a professional atmosphere. So it might well be good for you if you could just put these things on your list.

Let me know your suggestion in the comment box.

Author Bio :
Hi, I am Vikrant Rai, A Digital Marketer who currently works with Aasaanjobs, an India based Job portal. A writer by day and a reader at night, and will be quite fascinated with a good fiction book. Also a freelance blogger.

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