Knowing the top packaging trends for 2019 will put you a step ahead of your competitors with a hip design. Packaging trends vary from year to year.

The truth is it doesn’t matter how great your product is. It will fail without the right packaging. And if you want the right packaging, you need to know today’s popular design trends.

That’s because other companies have already done the hard work for you. They know what consumers are looking for.

Packaging trends aren’t an artistic expression. They’re a calculated choice meant to appeal to the modern consumer. Once you know how you want to market your product, you need to know which design produces the right results.

So, what’s popular in 2019? Here are seven creative packaging trends that can help you attract customers — and keep them.

1. Packaging Trends Are Minimalist in 2019

Minimalism has become a predominant aesthetic in commercial goods. Many brands have adopted minimalist trends as a key part of their product identity. It’s the response to a growing portion of the market that’s quick to turn away from popular brands.

Minimalism means transparency, simplicity, and authenticity. In a world filled with flashy packaging, it’s the understated design that stands out most.

However, the best packaging design comes with a bit extra. These aren’t all black and white boxes — although those are certainly in style. Instead, we’ve seen soft colors and simple typography take center stage.

For more information, the design agency SmashBrand has a great write-up about these packaging trends and others.

2. Maximalist Packaging

As minimalist designs spread, maximalism serves as its counterpart. In fact, this type of design might become the next industry trend if companies want their products to stand out. For now, that remains to be seen.

Maximalism relies on over-the-top embellishments and bold, contrasting colors. This doesn’t mean that the aesthetic is garish or an eyesore. With smart design decisions, maximalist packaging harkens back to Celtic and Mayan art.

These styles are seeping with personality and identity. They’re a sensible and modern approach to catching attention without being excessive. And of course, when maximalism is done well, it really pops.

3. Black and White Packaging

Some designers have done away with color altogether. Black and white is a bold and sophisticated choice and sticks to the leading minimalist trend. You’ll often find floral and geometric shapes adorning this type of packaging.

Why? Without color, the viewer will pay more attention to the shape. The color choice also makes text easy to read, so many designs will feature more typography than usual.

It’s an excellent choice for brands that have powerful copy, such as a product story or anecdote.

4. Sustainable Packaging

After years of activism, the sustainability movement is finally gaining ground. The EU banned single-use plastics and New York is taking styrofoam out of the equation. You can even find a massive list of anti-plastic legislation.

Point is, the average consumer takes environmental protection more seriously than a decade ago. Odds are you’re losing customers if your product packaging is wasteful.

That’s why sustainable packaging is really taking off this year. Plastic-free decomposable items are popular — and not just because of activism.

You can find packaging design inspiration from sustainable products. Depending on the material, you’ll have a new tactile canvas to interact with. Or, instead, keep it minimal and rely on the personality of your sustainable packaging.

5. Vintage Packaging

Nostalgia is all the rage nowadays. That’s why a vintage motif is so prevalent in today’s packaging design. From an aesthetic standpoint, vintage designs tend to stay within the current minimalist trend.

However, they offer a unique personality. Many people see vintage items as classy and authentic, from a time when things weren’t factory-made. Companies are tapping into this association to brand their sophisticated products.

You can also find 8-bit designs and product throwbacks to the ’80s and ’90s. These items focus less on the old-fashioned appeal and instead offer a glimpse back to simple and care-free adolescence.

6. Flat Illustration

Flat illustrations add beauty and character to any product. It’s not the largest trend of the year, but there’s no denying many labels are awash with flat designs.

And there’s a good reason flat illustrations are so effective in commercial packaging. Detailed three-dimensional artwork is too much for most products. Even if it’s not difficult to see, it would surely obfuscate important details, such as text.

But flat illustrations are far simpler. Since they have no third dimension, they’re easy on the eyes. Companies utilize this flexible style to create unique personalities across different brands.

7. Soft Pastels

In 2019’s continued push away from flashy advertising, it’s no wonder that pastels are resurging. Soft colors with low saturation are calming and approachable. You’ll find many brands utilize soft pastels as basic color splashes, sticking with a minimalist format.

Pastels are a great way to give an allusion of something natural, earthy, or clean. The mellow look is mostly used in cosmetics. But it’s also a great option for ice cream, soy items, and other products that want a down-to-earth feel.

The Right Packaging Design Is Everything

Let’s face it: Consumers don’t have time to read about every product and company on the market. When they want to buy a product, they are looking for a specific brand and personality.

That’s why packaging design is so important. These packaging trends are popular because they’re effective. By adopting them for your product, it’s more likely you’ll stand out.

Now that you know 2019’s packaging trends, what’s next? Well, that depends on your product.

You could create the design on your own. Or, you might want to enlist the help of a professional design agency to ensure your branding is on point.

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