Today I am going to give all the bloggers a good option to switch between different book editing software tools to simplify their work.

Generally, everyone finds easy in writing especially the novelists, author. But coming to editing process they look after the professional editors for editing their books.

Everyone is not perfect in doing all the things right. So we need to use the technology or the expert of custom thesis writing or novel editing software tools in order to get the good results. There are many automatic editing tools online to make your books, novels perfect without any errors. This type of automatic book editing software tools will help you to proofread your content for errors, grammar mistakes, overused words, grammar, spell check etc are performed on using the automatic editing tools.

But I can say you that no automatic book editing software tool will replace or functions as good as the human eye.

Before going to test your book or novel with the professional editors you need to perform the implicit editing of your content with the online grammar editor tools.

1.After the Deadline:

With the after the deadline you can improve your content writing in a less time span. It checks for the contextual spell checking, advanced style checking, and intelligent grammar checking. It’s the open source technology which uses the artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology to find any errors and misused words in the content.

It is the licensed technology too. It will suggest the words that fit better in your content and also notifies with the passive and complex phrasing in the content. THe after the deadline provides a brief explanation of the phrase or misused words errors in the books.

The after the deadline is also made available on the as well as on the libraries, add-ons, plugins, and extensions for the variety of platforms. This online grammar editor is very perfect to find out the complex or passive errors in your documents.

You can see the sample copy and paste in the after the deadline online grammar editor tool. You can see the redundant expression and also see the explanation for it or even ignore the suggestion too as shown in the below image.

book editing software

2. Autocrit: book editing software tool

Autocrit is the manual script editing software for the fiction writers. You can strengthen your writing, control your editing process and publish confidently your content. You can simply copy and paste your content or even upload your document to analyze the content of any errors, spell check, or misused words etc.

The autocrit is the premium online manuscript editor tool which charges 5$ per month. It’s the grammarly alternative as it helps in looking the area of content needs your attention. It mainly focuses on the areas such as pacing, dialogue, repetition, word choice and strong writing skills. It makes your writing perfect with the strong and perfect suggestions.

The autocrit online grammar editor helps in

  • Self Edit your manuscript.
  • Strengthen your skills as a writer.
  • You can write creatively and publish confidently.


The prowritingaid book editing software tool mainly focus on improving readability and writing of your content. This is the essential online grammar editor for every writer and also the grammarly alternative editing tool. It’s very easy to upload or copy, paste your content to the prowritingaid web editor. You can compile each and every piece of content for errors, misused words, wrong sentences, phrases, dialogue and repetitive words too.

No word count limit for editing, edit where you write. It provides both the free and premium versions. In the premium version, you can enjoy excessive features such as change the style formats for your content and can create a neat and systematic flow or piece of data for your readers.

In the premium version, you need to pay 50$ per one year, 75$ per 2 nd year, 100$ for 3 rd year and for lifetime using of the prowritingaid editing tool you need to purchase it for 175$.

The prowritingaid also provides you with the best offers to check your work for the originality of the content. It provides 10 plagiarism checker for 10$, 100 checks for 40$, 500 checks for 120$ and 1000 checks for 200$.

4.Grammarly:online grammar editor

Grammarly is the online grammar checker which checks the grammar and removes the spell mistakes. You can write better and work better by adding to the chrome extension. It provides the accurate, content specific suggestions to make your work shine. The grammarly helps you write confidently anywhere without any errors because you will be suggested at that time itself.

book editing software

Grammarly helps your text fix for the common complex grammar mistakes and does spanning everything from subject to verb to make a qualified content without any errors. It improves your skills and gets the detailed explanation of all your mistakes and errors in the document.

It improves your writing every day by creating the effective content for the readers. As the novelist one can prefer the grammarly tool to spot for any mistakes initially in the novel before moving on to the qualified professional for editing.


PaperRater is the best grammarly alternative in terms of grammar and spell check. It does free online proofreading. It does the in-depth analysis of your books and grades your work, checks for plagiarism and suggest you with the better words to accomplish an effective document or content.

The main features include the state of artificial intelligence for grammar checking, plagiarism detection, and automated essay scoring. It also checks for the vocabulary usage, sentence length, phrases to avoid, passive voice detection, readability statistics and you can strongly analyze the sentence beginning.

You can enjoy the free as well as premium version too. For the monthly package, you need to pay 7.49$ and yearly 47.70$. In the premium version, you can get the ad-free support and display the matching text as the suggestion.


In this article, we have tried out to round up some of the most highly rated software tools for writers. Not only will these tools allow you to improve your writing skill, it will also allow you to gather crucial insights regarding book or article ideas. This can go a long way in creating content, which is loved by both search engines as well as by the readers. 

If you want to strengthen your writings you need to use any one of the online grammar editor tools. The pro writing aid tool helps you a great extent in making your content free from errors. But you need to go for the premium versions for better functionality. Otherwise, you have a chance to hire academic writers from cheap paper writing services like CheapWritingHelp to get fast essay writing help.