There, in the closets of our moms and grandmoms, are some trunks and shelves lined with their old sarees. These are the kind of sarees they neither can wear nor can they throw away. These are the kind of sarees which might be both, too heavy to wear and too gorgeous to not wear. These are the kind of sarees which are both old and new, both retro and modern. If you too have these kind of sarees with you, your mom or grandmom, here are a few amazing ideas to repurpose them into something beautiful and lasting.

  1. Dress Gown

Whether it’s your cousin’s wedding or a ladies day out, you can create some gorgeous custom dresses or gowns out of your old sarees. From simple skirt-top sets to full-fledged off shoulder dresses, there is no limit to innovation here!

  1. DIY Jewellery Boxes

When your jewellery exudes such beautiful shimmer and shine, why not your jewellery box should? So, gather all your jewellery boxes and containers from your powder room. Cut and paste the strips from your old saree to repurpose your old jewellery boxes as well as your old sarees.

  1. Diary & Notebook Covers

Love all things stationary? Well, here’s a creative hack for you. If you’ve got some old cotton or chanderi sarees in your trunk, you can use them to revamp your stationary collection. Be it a diary, a pen stand or even a sleek parker pen; strip your old saree to create a brand new stationary collection for yourself or your friends.

  1. Long Overcoats

The fashion statement of long overcoats is evergreen. Whether you’re wearing it over a saree or over a salwar-suit piece, slitted overcoats offer an independent, mature look. However, it’s not always necessary to purchase these overcoats from the market. You can now create your own. For a homely look, you can try your old net saree pieces while for a festive look, chanderi or brocade sarees are perfect.

  1. Table Runners

Spruce up your living space with a one-of-a-kind upholstery setting. Instead of going for brand new tablecloths or stool covers, try exploring your wardrobe for old sarees. For dining mats, you can strip, cut and stitch rectangular pieces from your old saree and display them off at your dining table. Besides, if you’ve a large dining table, perhaps a full saree piece will work out as the table runner.

  1. Lampshades and Wall Sconces

Turn your house’s lighting into full fledged statement pieces with the help of your old sarees. Take out your chiffon or net sarees and tightly wrap them over the pendant lights and wall sconces in your house. If you have a table lamp, you can create a beautiful lampshade out of an old cotton saree.

  1. Shoes (Yes!)

This is one such hack that depicts why you should never underestimate the importance of your old sarees when it comes to their repurpose. Got some old ballerinas or shoes in your closet? Well, upgrade them from old to new in just a span of few hours. Cut off some bits and strips from your old cotton saree. Lace them around your shoes gently but tightly and cast off a fresh fashion statement!

  1. Bedside Tapestry or Canopy

There were times when the chambers in royal palaces used to have plush satin curtains for their bedside canopies. Then the canopies were replaced with plain or printed wallpapers or artwork. Fast forward to today, canopies are nearly non-existent, especially in small sized living spaces. Well, fret not. You can relive the royal era and create your own bedside canopy with the help of your old sarees. Simply take some of your old sarees and hook them on the bedside canopy wall. If you have a big lot of sarees, you can even create an entire bed linen collection out of them.

  1. Potlis for the Petite

Tiny sized potli bags strung over your wrists look fabulous whether you’re attending a cocktail party or a family function. Guess what, they are super simple to stitch right in the comfort of your home. Use ribbons or link chains to tie them up. If you have a huge collection of old brocade, silk or chanderi sarees that you want to recycle, potli bags are great ideas for gifting and storage.

  1. Borders for Brand New

Whether it’s brocade patchwork, a sequin-lined border or golden thread zari work, you can strip borders of your old sarees to repurpose nearly anything including bags, purses & totes, stationary, table linen, scarves, jewellery boxes or even cutlery.

If you too are an Indian woman, you might as well be a saree lover. So, how you’re going to repurpose your old sarees? Take a moment to share with us.