Many people look around the web and spend a lot of time in checking out on how to revenue their blog. But to simple and easy go you can increase a revenue threshold on your website by doing small types of business such a promoting products through the affiliate links of the vendors.
Now you need to know what is affiliate marketing and their links. How do they help to gain a revenue to your blog?

Affiliate Marketing is a large source of income for many of the bloggers and it’s a rich state of learning too. These marketing techniques enable the bloggers to do more business on online with plenty of risen opportunities to make money from your blog.

Affiliate Marketing is a type of business operation where the affiliates use some dynamic techniques to market their products and stand in front of the customers through the affiliate links. This type of marketing is completely based on the sales done and the commissions earned by the affiliates upon the product sale.

The affiliate Marketing is the best technique to connect you with the marketers known as publishers. You can simply sign up for their products promotion as an advertiser to earn a commission for each sale you made.

Some affiliate programs offer their customers with a wide range of information such as pay for action i.e. whenever the user completes an action whether he is signing up, clicking on the link, downloading any ebook then you will be paid per the CPA cost per Action. Then CPC, cost per click refers to whenever the user clicks on the links you will be paid for a certain amount of CPM i.e cost per impressions. For example, you will be paid for every 1000 impressions a dollar.

The affiliate programs also include the ad types whether they are text, image ads or a combination of both. The URL includes the promoting links of the ads and whenever a click or purchase had happened, you can maximize your revenue through this technique also.

Best Affiliate Marketing Networks:

ShareASale :

ShareASale is a very good affiliate marketing network over the past 17 years. It’s a large network industry with 40000 merchants listed. You can signup as a merchant or affiliates to grow your revenue share in the ShareASale network.

Network Features:

ShareASale performs focuses mainly on two points i.e. real time tracking and segmentation.

Real-time Tracking

With this advanced feature, you will be able to know whenever any updates are made i.e a user had clicked, a sale is made, a commission is generated. It will respond automatically to you with update son real time. The Shareasale system entirely streams out you’re real time reporting and display them. Here you will be able to know how the real-time process goes on for the affiliates and the merchants.

what is affiliate marketing


By using this feature it will segments the affiliates depending upon the performances and tag them. It will track the affiliate groups and delivery a specific targeted content and then it also set up rule-based commissions too.

what is affiliate marketing

ShareASale provides a large and dynamic content on the offers they provide. They provide exclusive offers on the following:
1. Earnings per click
2. Reversal rates
3. Average Sale Amount
4. Average Commissions per sale

Advantages of preferring this network for promotion:

It supports a large merchants network.
It’s very easy to compare the offers available based on the metric.
It payouts on 20th of the every month, it’s a quick cycle.


The drawback of this network is that its dashboard little complex to understand when compared with other networks.