Well, here is another topmost CPA Advertising affiliate network for the affiliates to maximize their revenue with the turn2lead. It’s the highest paying CPA Advertising network based on the performances of the publishers as well as advertisers.They help the publishers to monetize the traffic and advertisers to reach to new customers for their business.They treat each and every client in a customized approach.

The main theme of the turn2lead is to connect the advertisers and publishers at one place and provide high-quality service that meets the demands of rapidly growing internet marketing trends and your personal marketing needs. It generates thousands of leads per day by linking the advertisers and publishers.

Turn2lead pricing based on CPA:

CPA Advertising Network is the main key to the better functioning and serving the advertisers and publishers all around the globe. Turn2lead is one of the top CPA networks where the advertiser pays for each specified action. With the better CPA offers, you can imply more traffic and attractive landing pages. The CPA affiliate marketing shifts the risk of the advertisers and the publishers can improve the quality of clicks and also the payout for each conversion remains high.

Affiliate Network with the turn2lead:

Affiliate marketing is a technique to link advertisers and publishers. The turn2lead provides the effective tools for tracking and analyzing the clicks and conversions. Turn2lead as the top CPA networks provides different offers for the affiliates in the process of traffic monetization by giving CPA offers in different verticals. We can be paid on time and also can get best tools for better performances of their CPA affiliate programs.

CPA Advertising Network

Advanced Promotional Tools by turn2lead:

Turn2Lead helps the affiliates in monetization by the plenty of tools and solutions. They provide both the newbie and experienced affiliates with more traffic.

The advanced promotional tools to maximize the revenue are:

  • Global Pixel
  • PostBackURL
  • Campaign Redirect
  • API

Promotional Methods on turn2lead:

  • Display:Promotes the CPA offers by placing in the graphics of the website.
  • Search:Maximize your revenue by optimizing to search engine results.
  • Email Marketing:You can earn more by sending emails to the targeted users.
  • Social:You can maximize the revenue by sharing on social networks.
  • Mobile Platforms:You can monetize the traffic even on the mobiles.
  • Contextual Ads:Attract the users by the contextual links on the search engines and other social medias.

CPA Advertising Network

Turn2Lead analytical reporting:

The turn2lead network provides the detailed stats on the analytics of traffic and conversions.

This network allows the following:

  • Real Time tracking:Each click and action are tracked and can be viewed in the stats page.
  • Analytic Reports: The panel updates any changes over the time period.
  • Grouping
  • Clicks Report: It tracks the full address of the clicks came from, web browser, id and the country.

It will take time to get approved for this turn2lead account. But once approved you can get a surplus of revenue by promoting the affiliate links of the products using the trun2lead affiliate marketing.

In the below image you can see all the stats about your CPA affiliate programs promotion.
CPA Advertising Network

In the dashboard, reports option you can see the approved clicks, analytics, actions, payout for the clicks and the rejected clicks. In the offers section, you can see all the products you applied for the promotion, also check which are getting approved or declined. You can also see the payout cost based on the CPA offers for each product you applied for promotion.

CPA Advertising Network

One interesting point with the turn2lead network is that you can add list of traffic sources for promoting your CPA offers on the turn2lead affiliate network. You can add and get the traffic sources from the websites, arbitrage, desktop apps and the social types.

CPA Advertising Network

For example if I want to promote the CPA offers on my website and I need to promote the contextual ads, where I need to add the traffic source to the turn2lead network. You need to fill the form by giving the website url, daily visitors, geographical locations from where you are getting the traffic and the ad type.

CPA Advertising Network

In the tools option you can get referral links of the home, about us, publishers and offers pages. You can use those links for promoting the turn2lead network for your friends. The campaign redirect is a tool which is developed for effective distribution of the traffic so as to maximize the profit . This tool helps you build or maximize the full efficiency in gaining the revenue from the offers.


Why you need to consider the Turn2lead in monetization?

The best thing about the turn2lead affiliate network is each and every member of the turn2lead are assigned with a support manager. You can ask him or rise a ticket message in case of any issues for promotion the CPA offers. He also supports and suggests you which type of offers suits your website for promotion.He is the one who issue a new ticket when your offers had approved or pending. Entire process he will right behind you guiding on how to maximize the revenue with the turn2lead.

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