Are you very eager to increase the visibility of your blog on the Google Search console? You can do this with the influencer marketing platform. On the web, you can find various platforms for the sponsored content.

Yeah, sure you can do this right now with the great and amazing platform i.e Tapinfluence.

Tapinfluence Review:

Tapinfluence is the best for influencer marketing platform as it is engaged with several brands for sponsored content. It does the best social media marketing of your content. It’s a great network as it collaborates with different brands and selecting for the tapinfluence campaigns is time-consuming.

You need to log in with your social accounts and need to fill all the mandatory fields suggested by the network. The information you are going to present in the form is quite long, so this is the reason many will ignore with influencer marketing platform.

But if you make yourself free and fill the form with interest then a wide range of opportunities and brands are in front of you.

It’s the technology powered by the opt-in market for the content creators. It had 5000 influencers with the good view to get best matches for your brand. You can enjoy the free trial version as well as subscription plans too.

The unique thing about this influencer marketing platform is that it will pick you for sponsored content and email for you. You can accept or may even decline it. They also provide you time to publish your sponsored content. It’s very fantastic idea to work based on the blogger’s schedule.

Next to the sign up you are asked to put your social media stats, do not mind even a small number will help you to boost your sponsored content very well with the tapinfluence network.

After giving the social media stats you will be taken to the main menu with 3 options in front. They are profile, media kit, and marketplace.

  • Profile: In the profile section you need to give your personal information such age, name, gender so on.
  • Media Kit: In the media kit you need to give your blog description and your blog about. Fill all the fields so as to provide your demographics for the tapinfluence to give you the sponsored content or to collaborate with you.
  • Marketplace: In the marketplace, you can see your assignments.Where you can see 3 tabs such as programs, assignments, and payments.

In the marketplace of the tapinfluence you can see the programs you had been invited, the assignments due date for publishing and the payments section to view your payments schedule.

Benefits of Tapinfluence:

The most essential and cor benefits of the tapinfluence are ;

  • Influencer discovery
  • Workflow i.e super easy automation.
  • Measure the analytics

Features of the Tapinfluence:

  • Audience Intelligence: The audience intelligence provides the 360-degree view of the influencers. It provides the data about the brand affinities, DMAs, interests and advanced demographic data like household income levels.
  • Robust Influencer Profiles & Search: It searches for relevant and experienced influencers using 35 criteria. You can build a quick list of influencers and save them for future recall.
  • Influencer Performance Data: You can get real-time cost per engagement(CPE)metrics which help you to find how influencers compare in the huge marketplace.
  • Program Management: It will structure the programs as you work and decrease the set up time. You can track multiple assignments.
  • Scheduling and Tracking: You can schedule the posts across different time slots and track them.
  • Content creation and Review: Fully automated content for both the influencers and marketers.
  • Benchmarks: It compares your programs performances with the industry standards.
  • Actionable analytics: You can monitor the real-time analytics of your assignments and can view the stats and see how they are performing.
  • Real Time ROI: It helps you to attain the real dollar on investment.
  • Influencer Performance: You can go through the stats which influencer works best for you.

Turn your influence into financial freedom:

Simpel to discover the brand you love and start with the tapinfluence. This influence marketing platform will definitely match you the top brands so that your audience doesn’t go waste. By simple sign up you can add an increase in potential value to your blog.#3 steps for easy set up of the profile with the tapinfluence.

  • Connect your social accounts so that you can add an increase in potential to your sponsored content.
  • Select your topics and set your rate.
  • Complete your profile with the tapinfluence.

You can see the wide range of featured influencers for sponsored posts.


The tapinfluence is one of the leading influencer marketing platforms for getting the sponsored posts. With tapinfluence you can connect to the different brands and potentially increase your blog revenue as well as traffic. So I suggest you use this influencer marketing platform for better output.