The first and the most prerequisite for any bloggers is to make money blogging from this website. Well, in spite of many adsenses in the market why the blogger needs to select the revenue hits for the income. We know that all the adsenses will earn you a little amount for the CPC i.e based on the cost per click. Your account will be credited only if the clicks are made. Coming to the revenue hits it is an advertising network for the publishers mainly based on the CPA(Cost Per Action).

Now I am going to discuss the revenuehits review for the publishers to earn more professional from every blog.

Revenuehits is a self-serving ad platform with the powerful solutions and algorithms to make money blogging from the website to the next level. It’s the best ad serving network to optimize your earnings and increase the performances of the blog. Using this as the network you can convert your minimum efforts to the maximum profits ratio.

More than 20000 publishers are using the revenuehits ad network, which will display the relevant ads to boost your website conversation and make more money from the blogging. With the revenuehits earnings, you can monetize the website to the fullest.With the using of the advanced optimized technologies, it helps you to get the best offers in the industry.


  • By using the revenuehits sign in, it’s very easy to join and earn the intuitive earnings from the dashboard. You can earn or make profits from the website’s ad space no matter the traffic your website is getting.
  • Revenuehits provides a variety of ad types and their benefits differ from one another ad types. They will provide you the banner ads, pop-up ads, footer, slider, button, dialogue, and notified ad types.
  • It will help you to get the competitive revenuehits CPM rates for the ads in the industry with the online advertisers from the revenuehits those who won’t take any commissions.
  • Revenuehits provides varied pricing models such as CPI, CPA, CPL and the CPM, it’s your choice on how to make money blogging.
  • They provide you the advertisers in different verticals where you need to choose the best for your website.
  • They provide 100% fill rate and the robust optimization engine helps to display the ads depending upon the user’s geographic locations.
  • It helps to deliver the right ads for the content displayed on the website and also depending upon the targeted user’s interest.

Now lets us see how these revenuehits earnings works in real time and the reason behind choosing it as the ad network.

With the easy onboarding intuitive ad platform you can make money blogging from your websites. You need to create the ad placement, select the ad placement whether it is desktop or mobile. Then select the ad type such as the banner ad or the footer ad or some other thing else, ad size you want to use. Then fill the name and your website name where the ad needs to be served or displayed.

Now you need to copy the implementation code and place it in the backend of your website. Using the preview feature you can view how the ad looks on your website and then do modifications according to your requirement. Next step is that you can easily track and analyze the performance of your ad in the website, i.e whether it will generate any income or not. You can track the impressions, eCPM, clicks and revenue per customer time. All your stats to be noted are colored different for easy assessment.You can analyze the performances of those ads and change accordingly if find not appropriate.

They will pay correct payments i.e. once you’re account reached minimum payout amount then you will be automatically get paid.You can also view the estimated payment date also.

In the dashboard of the revenuehits you will find all the website ads and their performances such as the impressions, clicks, revenuehits CPM rates, CTR,eCPM and the revenue from that particular ad. You can see in the below-mentioned image which gives a clear picture of how your ad appears and its performances on the website.


With the revenuehits you can check the payment options and the earning will be credited every day if once your website is clicked on the revenue ads.Its very easy task for the revenuehits sign in, for the billing information go to the account section and fill up your profile in order to get payment.

revenue hits

The minimum payment threshold is up to 20$ you can also increase it.

In the revenuehits we can get a vast amount of referral bonus for the referring of the quality publishers to this ad network. In the industry, we can get the best and the top referral percentage for signing up the publishers is from this ad network only. If a person you had referred earned 1500$ per month, you will be getting 5% share from his earnings for one year. For the publisher who earns more than 1500$ per month, you will get 10% share for one year. You need to embed the referral link in the ad code.

For the easy promotion of the referral link share it on the social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.You can also invite them through the emails too.

So I here suggest you use this revenuehits ad network without worrying about the website traffic.This ad network serves the best in industry with high Payout for the CPA and the referral link programs.

Revenuehits Alternavies

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3 Bidvertiser 10$ Try Now
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