What is payoneer?

Payoneer is one of the most trusted online money transfer networks. It is used to connect the clients all over the world. The main theme of the Payoneer is they will connect businesses, professional bloggers, different countries, and currencies.Thousands of leading corporations using the Payoneer mass payment services.

The important fact about the Payoneer is they will empower the customers to grow their business by enabling them to pay and get paid globally as well as locally. It’s the best online platform for the bloggers to make money online from this Payoneer source.

Today Payoneer had dispersed into the world with a lot of benefits which make their customers earn more online money. It is also used as a PayPal alternative to the many of the online transactions and you can use it as debit card to withdraw the money from the ATM.

Paypal to payoneer transactions benefits the Indian bloggers:

Unlike other payment gateways , Payoneer offers or provides less transaction charges i.e 3$ for the each and every transaction which is the best PayPal alternative, so it would be beneficial for the Indian bloggers and the freelancer customers to receive payments and change their services from PayPal to Payoneer from the other countries very easily. The Payoneer services can be used by the Indian bloggers if that particular company or client is in whitelist.

How does the payoneer works?

when you sign up for the Payoneer account, it will review your account and gives the status whether they are approving the account or not. Once it is approved they will offer you the US or EU payment service bank details, by using it you can directly receive your payments into your Indian bank accounts.

You can also use your Payoneer account for the ACH transfers in US and SEPA transfers in EU. Whenever you need to receive your payments from the US clients or EU clients you need to give your unique UK or US payment service details in order to grab the payments to your account.

Payoneer Signup & Earn 25$

Payoneer offers 25$ free for every sign up:

The approval process will take minimum 24 hours. The important reason to sign up for the Payoneer is that you can get 25$ free for doing 100$ transactions. You can also earn 25$ free when the friend you’re referred also done 100$ transactions.You can also enlarge your online money making potential with the help of affiliate marketing program also.

Note: Payoneer offers 25$ for the people who sign up through the eKnowledgeTree website.

Rules for the Payoneer India network:

1. It will limit 5,00,000 INR for the single transaction. It won’t accept beyond this.
2. On the daily basis, Payoneer offers a limit to transfer the amount to bank it is 5,00,000.
3. On the monthly basis, the transaction limit is 2,50,000.

Make Money through Payoneer by referring a friend:

The thing you need to concentrate on online money making through Payoneer is that after logging into Payoneer account you should share your sign-up links through the blog posts, social channels, articles and through emails. You will definitely get paid for the new friend who sign-ups through the link.

Benefits that payoneer offers:

1. Rewarding commissions: Get paid for every new friend.
2. Simple and free: Anyone can participate.
3. Personalized dashboard: You can share, monitor, track your referrals all in one place.

Note: If your Payoneer India account had been received 1000$ transactions and you will receive an amount of 25$ as the reward.