Well, Here I am coming up with native ads advertising review, the best ad display centers where you can increase the website revenue as well as the traffic. If you are getting more traffic to your website and need to monetize the traffic by displaying the advertisements on the blog. There are various channels to display the ads and earn but i here prefer the best strategy which will leads your website to reach maximum target.

Native ads Advertising Review

Let’s start native ads advertising review

The native ads is the place or the area where you can get the reliable content and beautiful ads to display in your website. They come up with the best widgets and powerful tools to make the online revenue a perfect one.The native ads will help and suggest you to display the beautiful widgets for displaying the ads on your site corner and earn money from it.

Native ads Advertising Review

CPM and CPC based widgets for payouts.

They also does a greater part in engaging the publishers to reach their target revenue. They had many innovative products for launching. The main aspects of the native ads is that they will rate your ads depending up on the CPM and CPC. Cost per impressions and cost per click. You can also refer below Ad Networks

There are some widgets which pay based on the CPM and CPC and some other on combined both .The content recommendation, in mage,anchor, in stream cpc and IAB are the widgets which are paid on the cpc basis. IAB, in stream CPM are entirely paid out on the CPM basis. Anchor app/game, mobile app/game recommendation widgets are payout on the CPM but they are based on the CPC passback tag.

Native ads Advertising Review

What is the use of passback tags in increasing the revenue

The passback tags are very helpful and useful in increasing the revenue to your website. The In-stream CPM is the highest earning ad unit for the website. By using the passback tags to the in stream CPM ie IAB CPM and IAB CPC. The instream CPM is extended by the passback tag of the IAB CPM next follows the IAB CPC which are desktop and mobile support.

Native ads Advertising Review
Native ads Advertising Review

We can also see the passback tag optional on the screen to paste the code there. For your passback tags to work on your website there is native ads js code which is to be mentioned on the every page of the post. Directly keeping the in stream CPM ad unite may affect the website.

The native ads are very responsive and the user experience will be the best without uninterrupted ads display. The native ads prevent the website from displaying the ads which are not worthy. You can select the widgets of the ads from the native ads from different price ranges too. The native ads are very user friendly and can support any type of devices such as tablets, laptops and mobile phones.

You can login as the publisher or the advertiser in the native ads. I prefer the login through the publisher in order to generate surplus of revenue through this ads displaying.

How to get your website approved for the native ads display

In order to get your website to be approved for native ads some criteria has been maintained. You can automatically approved as a publisher but for the website approval it needs time and some criteria as mentioned below.

  • It will check for the quality of volume
  • The traffic where it originates
  • It checks for the website quality
  • The traffic quality etc
  • The utmost condition is that the minimum traffic i.e. visitors should be 100000 and 50% should be from the US.
  • The websites with viral content and which gives the importance to drugs and tobaccos will not be approved.
  • The website with hacking and malware softwares will not be approved

For the website to be approved by the native ads it will took 24 hrs on business working days. It will not function over the weekends. You can add multiple websites and send them for approval once who are the publisher approved. If you’re site is not approved you can contact the support team and give them the screenshot of the google analytics for your website for review.

Native ads Advertising Review

How to earn through the affiliate program of the native ads

You can earn by signing up as the publisher or advertiser in the native ads account. Another advantage where you can earn through this native ads is that through affiliate program. By simply signing up for native ads affiliate program and join or refer other friends through the social channels will make you to earn.

When you sign up the affiliate program a link has been provided to you by the native ads. If any of your referred member logins and start advertising their products you can earn the 10% commissions from it.

First you need to create an affiliate account for the referral program. After getting the link place the link where you want to display it. If anyone who join through this link and start advertising you will earn 10 % of their spent. The team of the native ads is very active and always be there to help or guide you on how to earn more revenue from those ads.

Creating and styling the widgets for display

Now I am going to discuss on how to create the widgets to display the ads in the website. You can also look through the types of widgets available to create ads and display. In the native ads dashboard you can get entire report of your native ads display and their income from each and every ad individually. In the dashboard you can visualize the earnings, impressions and clicks of the ads displayed in your website as the graph model as shown below.
Native ads Advertising Review

To create the widgets go for the my widgets there you can select add new widget. Select the new widgets available on the screen. We can view all the widgets at a time or even by category also. By clicking the Desktop, mobile support and IAB. After selecting the widget click on the create widget button. The highest paying widgets will appear at first.

Native ads Advertising Review
Native ads Advertising Review

After clicking the create widget button a menu appears . You need to name you’re selected widget and give the website where to pace the widget. You can also select the banner style which of different sizes and click on the save button .

Native ads Advertising Review

Track the performance of widgets through the widget manager

Next the widget manager helps you to get the information of all you’re native ads and their status. You can also get the code and place in your website. The widget manager shows all the products you had created and their running status whether they are approved or not. You can also save your widgets to a csv file too.
Native ads Advertising Review

The native ads also provides you complete support regarding any queries and issues encountered during any of the process with the native ads supply. Through the contact form we can easily raise your tickets and solve them . You can contact the support team for any issues and queries. You can also even change the account information and password retrieval can also be done with the support team.

How the Payments are made for the publisher

The native ads team keep your profile and payments very safe and always secure them from theft. They provide full support and protection to your website and your personal information being theft by the intruders. The payouts are made on non video and video basis. For videos they pay after 65 days and for non videos payouts are done after 45 days.

Native ads Advertising Review

The minimum payouts are different from type of network being used. For paypal and check the minimum payouts are 25$ and for wire transfer it requires minimum of 1000$. Here publisher are paid through the paypal or wire transfer only. The finalized native ad earnings are paid for the previous month on the every 1 of the current month if it has meet the native ads threshold.

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