Most of the people create you tube channels for publicity or out of their interest. Once you’re done with creation of your you tube channel next is to maintain it and run properly. From the security point of time it comes a major task to you . So here comes the tube buddy the you tube certified free extension browser where we can easily manage your you tube channels.

Tube Buddy


Tube buddy is a free browser which is integrated into the you tube to run your channel very easily. Tube buddy comes with many features where you can save a large amount of time in managing your channel. Because Tube buddy does everything for you such as embedding, keywords research, adding info cards and creating animated gifs etc. can be done easily when you integrate your you tube channel with tube buddy.

Tube buddy helps in optimizing your channel and expand professionally in any kind of business organizations. With optimized channel distribution tube buddy generates more traffic and monetize it. For each and every activity in maintaining the channel there are several tool set , we need to just add that features to your channel to know the statistics of the channel.


Tube buddy rich set of features

Tube buddy comes with the best feature set for the you tube channel creators. They are

  • Productivity Tools
  • Bulk Processing
  • Video SEO
  • Promotion
  • Data & Research

Advanced Video Embedding


You know that you tube gives you the embed code of the videos but with little options. Whereas in tube buddy helps to customize the embedded video to your interest and there is no need to watch the video to get the embed code.

Integrating you tube channel with tube buddy


Up on integrating your you tube channel with tube buddy you can enjoy a rich set of features for free. The following screen shows the various features which help to make your channel successful. It also gives you the clear picture of your you tube channel. It brings in front the number of videos and their analytics before you. You can edit and even delete the videos very easily with this tube buddy integration.

Video Manager of tube buddy


In the video manager of tube buddy the main task is to back up of all your videos as a csv file download. We can view the comments , likes and dislikes for every video listed in your channel. We can even edit the video very easily. We can easily publish the videos to the Facebook channel.

We can create playlists for your channel videos and can set the playlist actions. We can even search for a particular playlist too. We can create playlist and set them as private or public. We can see the copyright notices of the videos separately. Tube buddy integration brings to your notice each and every important aspect in monetizing and improving your channel. The copyright content cannot be modified.


Live streaming


Live streaming helps a lot to find the fans of interest. By publicly streaming your videos your fans can find you. Using this you can easily create live events and engage your audience to a greater extent. Tube buddy has a facility of webcam where you can create and enable live streaming of your live events. You can easily customize your audios, videos and can easily monetise your events with the ads displayed in the sow.

Community feature of tube buddy


In the community you can be able to see the comments, messages subscribers and and community settings in your channel. You can completely have the control over your comments in the channel. You can delete the comments and also even hide them from the other users too. It also displays the spam comments and removes them easily.It also gives the messages which were approved, filtered and spam messages.We can get the subscribers list of your channel. The automated filters enables you to remove the spam content and users in your channel.

Channel status and features

In the channel you can enable some features such as monetization option ,time duration for displaying the videos. It shows all the features enabled for your channel. For your channel to start monetize it should have at least 1000 subscribers. You can set default video upload for your channel. We can set the featured content as the promotion strategy to your channel. We can set the branding watermark for your all uploaded videos. We can set the advertisements to be displayed on the sidebar of your displayed videos.

Analytical report


The analytical report gives you a detailed structure of your channel progress. It shows the views, comments, subscribers , shares and estimated revenue for each video in your channel. You can track the audience retardation to your channel videos. You can get the demographics of the users. We can know the traffic sources i.e where you can get the traffic to your channel. We can also see the devices on which your videos are advertised and seen. You can get the subscribers list, comments for videos, likes and dislikes for the channel.

Free audio Library


We can use free audio library music to your videos in the channel.We had come across different music policies holded by the copyright holders. Video editor helps to edit your videos in the channel. By simple drag and drop option you can easily edit your channel videos. The contribution feature helps you to contribute your earnings for some organizations too. As a overall scenario this tube buddy integration to your you tube channel benefits you a lot and helps in earning more traffic and monetization.