Hey are you using Google Adsense? it’s good news that googles introduced new ad types i.e in-feed and in-article Google Adsense

Are you a blogger by passion then what are things you need to do make your blog more professional in earnings. Here we can get awareness about the easy Adsense money which will pay you for the ads displayed on your blog.

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In-Feed and In-Article Google Adsense

In the Google Adsense earnings we can use 3 types of ad formats to create your ads. One is the text and display ads which had been in use for many years.With a few changes, two more ad types are ready to use for the bloggers which will help them a lot. They are the in-feed and in-article google Adsense. The main advantage o f using the Google AdSense for your blog is that you can customize the ads according to your need and blog structure.

in-feed and in-article google adsense

If your account is approved for the Google Adsense generator then you can normally get the text and display ads and also you can link Adsense to the youtube channel. Now here I am going to discuss the latest ad types such as the In feed ads and the In article ads.

Google In Feed Ads:

The native In feed ads are the new way of displaying the ads on the blog. These are ads are placed in the feeds of the website to give the users a great user experience as well good revenue share too. You’re in feeds ads can be placed in the list of feeds, products or at the end of the articles.

The In feed ads are the native ads which can be customized to your like. You can do changes as you required i.e the look and feel can be changed as your web content so that the users can not distract from the feed. The main advantage of putting the in feed ads is that they fit into the web content and as the user scrolls down the feed they can view them as the web content, not the ads so that the users cannot break the flow.

In feed ads are different from the standard ads they are the part of the users flow, highly customizable and use the high-quality advertiser ad elements too. In order to increase the CPM rate, you need to select AdSense keywords and also you need to display the selected display ads in the in-feed ads space only.

Benefits of the In Feed ads:

  • They provide a better user experience and makes the flow of the feeds by matching with the look and feel of the website.
  • You can monetize the new ad spaces by placing the in feed ads in the feeds of the site.
  • They are the ideal for the mobile phones because of the small screen sizes.

Customizing of the In Feed Ad:

You need to customize the ad so that it perfectly matches the look and feel of the website content. You can customize easily your ad size, height, color and many more things here.In the In feed ad type, you can see 4 layouts which perfectly matches your feed.

in-feed and in-article google adsense

The four layout types of the in feed ads are the image above, the image on the side, the title above and the text only. The image above means that your image is at the top following the title and the text. The image on side layout means the image is on left side and the text is on the right side of the image. The title above means the title of the image is at the top and next the image and the text only means there is no image only the text ads are displayed.

Now I am showing you on how to customize any of the layouts for your use in the site. I am customizing the image above layout to the websites look.

in-feed and in-article google adsense

You can easily resize the image layout so as to look how it will be on the website. You can change the image sizes to your need by selecting the size you want and the padding too. You can choose the headline whether it should be short or long and check whether it matches with the headline in the feed or not. You can also set the font style, size and the padding for the headlines too.

You can also set the styles, size and the padding for the image description. You can also set the font size and the padding for the URL to have appeared on the website and you need to set the font color and the border color for the button. After doing the changes to the layout then click on the save and get code button. You can see the ad code which needed to be displayed on the website. Simply copy the code and place it in the HTML of your content feed. You can add the same ad code multiple times within the feed.

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In the same way as for the image above customize options, you can do it for the rest of the layouts very easily and simply. Simply go to the customize page and do changes and save and get the code, place it in the feed.

In Article ads:

The in article ads are the one which seamlessly fits into the end of the paragraphs of your pages. They are very responsive ads which give the users a great experience too. You need to give the in-article ad unit name and then style your in-article ad by going to the settings option. You can customize the in article ads same as the in feed ads.The in article ads are very responsive as they are adjusted to the size of the device type .

You can track the performances of the ad units by going to the performances reports page and look how your ads are performing and benefitting you.Allowing the selected display ads in the in article ads will help you to boost your revenue. For the in article ads, you need to set the global options and the style. In the style, you can set the size, font color, Title, description, and can set the image to the google optimized styles. After setting the styles you can click the save and ad code button, you can see the ad code and copy it to the HTML pages and in the place where you want to display the ads.

How to integrate the In Feed Ads code and the ad placement into the website?

Now I am going to help the readers by showing them how to integrate the Google in feed ads into their blog for better user experience and monetization.

Ad inserter WordPress plugin to display In-feed and In-article google Adsense

First you need to log in with the WordPress admin credentials and then go to the settings label in that we can select any of the plugins which are used to inject the ad codes into the website. Here I am using the ad Insertor plugin to inject my in feed ads to the website.

in-feed and in-article google adsense

In the ad inserter we can see the screen with multiple blocks where you can copy the ad code and paste it here. You need to give the title for the ads and then see the advanced options available for you to display the in feed ads on the website. We see the automatic insertion option which means that you can insert the ads anywhere you want in the website with the options such as before content, after posts, after content, pages etc.

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If you want you’re in feed ad to appear on all posts and static pages then click them.We can enable or disable the insertion of the in feed ads on the homepages it’s up to you. We can also select the search pages option for your ad to be displayed in all the search results of the visitors. You can set the in feed ad to appear in the particular category pages too. You can also insert the in feed ads in the tag and archive pages too. Tag means that the names you are giving in the tag option while publishing your posts.

You can insert the in feed ads for all the users, logged in users only and even to the administrator. If you max option is empty or 0 you can display your in feed ads multiple numbers of times without any limit. If you give a number for example 2 as max value then your ad can be seen only two times in the entire website when there are visitors to the website.

So this the way or the process to get the correct and accurate ad placements for your websites to earn and grow your website in order to boost out the performances and revenue too.