Well, had you the observed majority of the people are interested in consuming the video content than normal descriptive. Videos can give a good and smart understanding of the content just in few seconds.

Due to the excessive usage of the technology, internet facility many people are giving preference to spend time on the internet videos.

Are you an expert in any field? Then no need to worry, creating videos of your wish can help you to earn.

Right you work becomes simpler and easier if you had a youtube channel. Starting and maintaining a youtube channel costs you nothing, instead, you can fill your pockets with a good amount.

If you are a blogger having the youtube channel will be a good chance to gain attractive income for your blog. The video along with the unique content articles helps the readers of the blog.

So you need to create the channel which is very free and easy task to expose your content to the right audience.

Now let’s go through the steps on how to create the channel and start the youtube channel for getting right audience.

How to create channel for the youtube?

For starting the youtube channel first you need to create a google account on the youtube channel. To create the channel go to the settings option in the youtube as follows and click the create channel.

create a youtube channel

First, you need to create the brand account which signifies your business.
Now you need to create a channel and select a category. The channel options include are:

  • Give the channel name.
  • Select the brand or product name.
  • Give the company name or organisation.

How to make your youtube videos gain income?

p>If you are well familiar with embedding the youtube videos to your blog posts it’s well and good. For the newbie, it should be some difficult task to make their creative articles look attractive with the videos.

Now let us see how to embed the videos from the youtube channels to the blogs.

Before going on to learn how to embed youtube videos to the WordPress articles, you should know why you need to add the embed videos to the WordPress blogs.

Why you need to embed blog posts with videos?

  • The blog posts with videos gives the readers a good exposure to the content described in the articles.
  • You can make and attract the readers to spend more time on your blog.
  • The articles with more multimedia rich will give you optimized SEO results.

If you are having a youtube channel and it’s your own video then they are many advantages.

  • You can get more views, shares and subscribers.
  • Earn multiple money with the Adsense from the youtube channel.

Now let us move on to the topic here:

How to embed youtube videos to the WordPress blog posts.

Its very easy to add the youtube videos to the WordPress blog posts. You no need to worry about uploading or downloading the videos because WordPress supports auto-embedding for the Youtube and other video hosting sites.

The auto-embed feature enables you to paste the URL of the videos in the plain text format and WordPress will automatically catch up the video into the blog post.

How to get the embed video code:

  • First you need to go to the youtube video which is to be embed.
  • Now click on the share button and copy the URL.

youtube channel

Now it’s the time to paste the URL into the WordPress post editor which will be automatically embedded into the blog post.

Adding the Youtube Video using the Embed code.

If you want to add the video to any portion of your blog posts, widget area then placing the embedded video code is the perfect one.

To get the embed code:

  • Go to the youtube video.
  • Click on th re button.
  • Click on the embed.

You can control the size of the video player, disable the related showing videos and you can remove the youtube control button.

create channel

After doing any changes you can copy the embed code and paste it into the any portions of the blog posts. Adding the embed video will improve your article performances.

Now it’s your turn to embed the youtube video code in the blog posts to get good results.

10 steps to promote the youtube videos for higher traffic in 2018

If yes spending a lot of time in creating the videos is not a matter of choice it’s all about how your market, promote your videos for getting higher traffic.

If you won’t promote your videos in a proper way all your efforts will go waste. In creating videos your major target should be audience.

By targeting the audience and your goal you need to create the videos.

Promoting the youtube video to the best will definitely give you a good audience and revenue share too. You can earn a lot with the adsense too.

Here I am going to share a few tips, tricks, techniques I had personally used in making my youtube channel videos reach to a large traffic. These tips are proven completely worthy and give you good results which are opted by the top youtubers.

Now let’s learn the real fact in promoting the youtube videos promotion art techniques.

First you need to create and start a youtube channel. This can be done very simple and in easy way.

  • Just go to the youtube.com and sign in using your google account.
  • If you do not have any google account, create it first and then sign in to the youtube channel account.

How to promote youtube videos and get more clicks.

Promoting the youtube videos is an art. The first step in promoting your videos is:

1.Maintaining and giving attractive Video Title:

Giving the good titles for your videos is the major deciding factor which should be shared and seen by plenty of the traffic.

It’s The best and smart idea to do proper keyword research to know what people are searching and then craft a title for your video.

Few tips to write smart video titles for your videos.

    Your title should be short and smart.

  • Adding the current year to the end of the title.
  • Use the keywords in the titles.
  • Use the most powerful and grabbing words such as awe, best,highest.
  • You should do proper capitalize your title and use the emotional trigger words.

2.Using proper video tags:

Tagging for the youtube videos will give you a good growth for the organic traffic. You should pay a great attention on the youtube video tags which helps you to get better in the search visibility.

Tips to use the video tags:

  • You need to use your brand name in the all the videos.Give the main keywords as the video tags.
  • Use the TubeBuddy chrome extension to get the tags used by others .

top youtubers

Video tags are very precious for the youtube videos to get the organic traffic.

3.Use the custom Thumbnail:

The youtube accounts which are verified can use the feature of custom thumbnails. A good and decent thumbnail will give you related videos.You can customize the thumbnail to your need.

Few tips for the thumbnails:

  • Resolution should be 1280*720.
  • Upload should be in .JPG, .GIF,.BMP,.PNG.
  • The aspect ratio should be 16:9.

starting a youtube channel

4.Focus on marketing on your brand:

To make your video stand out you need to do proper branding. The youtube intro and outro helps you to get your brand exposed to multiple traffic.

  • Youtube Intro:3.5 seconds clip to showcase your brand.
  • Youtube Outro:At the end of the video asking the audience to get subscribe for videos, share and like.

5.Sharing videos on social channels:

If you are a video blogger and needs to market your videos then do proper establishments to expose your videos to the social channels. Through social media channels, you can get direct traffic.

You need to have the social media properties to your youtube channel.

  • facebook page.
  • Twitter profile.
  • Google Plus page.
  • Instagram Profile.
  • PInterest profile.

6.Have a blog for your youtube videos to get embed:

If you had a good youtube channel with decent traffic then having a blog also benefits you a lot. You can embed your youtube videos on your blog to get more readers and good results.

You can create the WordPress blog for free or with any paid versions too by using the plugins.

You can include and add the youtube subscribe viral plugin which adds the subscribe button tag at the end of every video.

7.Create a Playlist for your videos:

To get more traffic and views you need to create a playlist of the existing videos.If you had done a video and add it to the playlist so that your readers and view all the videos related to specific category at some spot.

Steps to create a playlist for the youtube channel;

  • Give the meaningful name to the playlist with the keyword in the tile of the playlist.
  • You need to give brief of your playlist and keywords too.
  • You need to group similar videos in one playlist.
  • You can add one single video in multiple playlists.

youtube channel

The most prominent thing to get high traffic is to call to action asking the viewers to like, share, subscribe to the videos.

How to filter the spam comments for the new youtube channel:

If you are getting the limited number of comments for your youtube channel then no need to worry about apps which control the spam comments. You can just control all the spam comments very easily.

Here is what you need to do;

    Go to the youtube community settings and click there.

Go to the default settings and then select the hold the comments for review.

vidiq chrome extension

VidIQ vision for youtube videos SEO and Views.

The vidIQ is the chrome extension which creates the #1 youtube videos and gets more views. You can optimize the videos right from the browser. The vidIQ improves the videos performances, subscribers engagement, and promotion opportunities. Most of the top YouTubers use this extension to know the stats of the youtube channel videos and how they are performing.

Features the vidIQ offers:

  • VidIQ Score:Rank every video based on the preferences, optimization etc.
  • Velocity: measured in views per hour to know how the youtube videos are getting views and changing on the real time.
  • Tags: To improve the SEO.
  • VidIQ boosts up the performances with the tags, optimization, title and description.