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We have plenty of things to do online in order to make online money. So have an attention to work online in order to generate a surplus amount of revenue from it. There are varieties of opportunities in front of you.to make online money. We need to pay attention for such sites and register for free. Among various sites which enable you to do work online and earn money mouthshut is the one which can be preferred.

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In this website first we need register yourself to start your work with it. Even without registering we can go through the site to see what is its motive and for which they are paying you. If you had facebook account you can easily sign in with that account. Its very simple without registering. If not register in mouthshut by filling the necessary details and we will get mouthshut login credentials to your mail. Then you can simply login with those details.

The mouthshut is website where we have to write reviews regarding the categories described in the site itself. There are several categories and subcategories under each section. We need to pick them and write your review about that particular item. Mouthshut will take a couple of days to process the review and intimate you after 48 hours of submitting your reviews.

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After writing the review you need to share it on the facebook or twitter id to promote. For each review you are writing will be rated by the mouthshut team if finds useful or else no. If you write reviews positively we will again 20 Ms points which means 1 point= 1 rupee. For negative reviews you will be paid 40 ms points= 40 rupees.

When you gain an amount of 500 ms points= 500 rupees mouthshut will intimate for bank account details, on submitting them it will transfer the amount on the 1 of every month. There is no limit to write reviews , we can write any number of reviews here.

For each and every friend you invite him to join mouthshut , and write a review it will pay you 50 ms points .We can invite friends from emails , twitter and any social groups to join and register.

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We can even see the list of reviews you’re writing and whether they shared or not . It is available on the timeline option of your login. We can even edit your review after submission to make any changes further. You may sometimes get immediate responses from the mouthshut co-partners about the review of that particular items.

We can see your balance amount on the bottom screen of the mouthshut page. The main theme here is that write the review, share it and win the gifts. We Can also see your reviews in drafts incase if they were not submitted.

We can see the alert messages and notifications from the mouthshut regarding your reviews. Here are reviews and balance ms points as shown below.

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The question arises why should we review them. We need to review to help others in choosing the best and making the company to know the benefits and falsy of the items manufactured by them. This is to bring awareness to people as well as the brands to maintain geneuity in products and work better for the improvements in their products quality and services.