If you are the blogger and wants to know how to make online money. There are various ways to earn one of them is by displaying the ads on the website as well as web pages. Many people opt for google ad sense but they are not to that extent. Media.net provides you the best yahoo and bing contextual ads to make money online. They also provide the ads with many features.

Media.net provides the bloggers with colorful ad units, they will suggest you a lot to earn money online. They also display the ads very similar to your website’s data. They will help you display the ads in such a manner that they appear as the website’s data and the users can had a chance to click them.

Here I want to discuss how to create contextual ads using media.net.
How to make money with Media.net

For creating the ads first of all we have to select the sizes for the ad to be displayed. Leader board size ads are used to display on the top of the pages. We can also set size you want to display. X-large size ads are used to display on the footer. Skyscraper size is used to display the ads on the sidebar widgets. There are also two other options to set the sizes one is large rectangle and medium rectangle.


After selecting the size give the name to your ad and select the preferred ad skin design among the several skins. We can even test the preferred skin with other skins to get the best option. We are provided with rich color set to your ads. Color customization option enables you to have awesome exposure to your ads. You can mini preview your ad and can modify if necessary. We can do customize for the ads border as well as ads text.

How to make money with Media.net

After setting the colors for your ad you can see the button save and get code. So save the ad and copy the code in your web page and display it where you want. It’s you’re choice to display the ads. One important thing is that the ads are sticky to place where you pasted the code. It is the main advantage of it whereas the google ads will change regularly.

How to make money with Media.net

The dashboard of media.net will give the revenue and the impressions for the last 7 days. It also shows you’re the live impressions . If the rate per impression increases then you’re income also increases. For example if rate per impression is 5$ your earn income also 5$ . It will check for double clicks and then will be able to earn money when the ad is double clicked.

How to make money with Media.net

The reports of your ads in the websites can be displayed as follows

We can get the entire account information regarding revenue and impressions in the form of graphs. We can search for the stats in the search bar and get reports. All the ads are displayed along with date, impressions, revenue and rate per impressions. It also shows you the pending ads to be processed for the rpm and revenue. We can also download all the information or sheet in CSV file for any reference. It also provides you the feature of displaying the information by sites and ad units.


For better exposure of your ads in your site we can create the ad landing pages.These ad landing pages are similar to that of the website pages and the users had chance to click them seeming that it is you’re page. Media.net team helps a lot in designing the landing pages that suits to your re sites.

I want to say that media.net is well suited to for any websites to display the ads.