For the one don’t know how to make money online requires a lot of skills in various aspects. There are various scenarios and products of the click bank to be advertised.

We can create an effective ad for that particular product and advertised it. Bidvertiser is the best and effective tool it tells us how to make money online by creating awesome ads for Clickbank products. It is an advertising network where optimization meets transparency.

It is a self-serve platform to monetize your traffic. We can simply create your ads as an advertiser by having an account with it. Make more conversions with the outstanding campaign results by ensuring four different aspects such as quality, transparency, targeting and optimization.

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Here are the simple steps and process to create text ads for how to make money using click bank products using bidvertiser.

How to make money using ClickBank with bidvertiser?

First of all, we had to choose which type of ad to be displayed i.e. whether it is text ad, image ad and 0 click ad. Here I am creating a simple and clear text ad. Whatever the ad you’re creating is shown on the right of the screen for viewing.

Choose Your Ad Type

create text ad

Click on the button create an ad and you will get the list of categories in which you want to create your ad. Next, select the category and we had subcategories in each section.

Select the categories in which you are interested to create the ad. Here we had an option to select and deselect all the categories too. If had selected the categories and click the button done selecting which is at the bottom of the page as follows.

choose the type of ad

Keywords suggestion

Next comes the search engine targeting, here we had to give high search keywords for your ads to be displayed. We can set the keywords for your ad to earn more money online and traffic. Using keyword suggestions box type a keyword for your ad to have a look at the suggestions for that keyword.

After that add the keywords to your list. We can add up to 120 keywords to your effective ad. Once you are done with adding the keywords there are two buttons below which helps you to move further. One back button to bring you to the previous page and done selecting button. If your selection for the keyword had finished then click done selecting button as shown below.

selecting keywords


Bidvertiser helps you to select the Geolocation i.e. where the created ad to be displayed. Whether it should be displayed in India or some other countries. We can select the country you are interested to display your ad.

Your ad will be displayed to the users located in that country selected by you. Click on the Next button after selecting the country in which the ad to be displayed. As shown under.

geo targetting

Set Bids

Now we had to set the bid value for your text ad. By default, we had the average bid value and the daily traffic estimate for each and every country. The average bid value and daily traffic estimate differ from country to country. Your max bid value will determine your ad exposure to the users.

Your bid value should be more than the average bid value so that whenever there is an increase in the max bid value your ad exposure is also very high. After setting the max bid value click next button as follows.

setting the bid value

Create Your Ad

Now we had to give a name to your ad which is not visible to your visitors. Next gives the title related to your ad and 2 lines of description about the ad. Also, give the URL i.e.where the ad is to be appearing from.

There is a target URL which means here we need to provide the Clickbank affiliate to that product without HTTP. Ad preview which is on the right of the screen helps in previewing the ads while you’re naming and describing. There are various tracking parameters to track the performance of the ads and get optimized in our site. The tracking parameters are optional here.


Set Your Daily Ad Budget

Next, we had to set a daily ad budget, least and minimum budget is $5. We had set the value in order to know your spending on that particular ad. When the daily ad budget is reached to a limit set by the bidvertiser it will stop the ad showing in that particular day.

Click on the update button below after setting the daily ad budget and hence bidvertiser helps you in an accurate way to earn money online.

how to make money

After all the process had completed click on the ad manager to manage the ads and to see the list of we had created. Here you can do any changes if necessary. Thus creating text ads for how to make money through online is a very simple and easy method using advertiser.

Signup as Advertiser and Promote your Website with BidVertiser. Get $20 in FREE clicks.


ad appears


BidVertiser ad network is powerful and super easy to use. It combines the capabilities of machine learning and big data analytics to give unique solutions for the people. So every impression driven to your network will be counted. It also supports a unique and malware-free ecosystem, fraud detection with zero tolerance failure. Irrespective of your size of operation all the members are given the same support.