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How does the blockchain app helps in trading different cryptocurrencies?

With blockchain you can connect the world to different cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, bitcoin cash, and Ethereum etc. The blockchain is the easy place to store, send, receive and trade digital currencies. It is founded in 2011 by Satoshi Nakamoto. 25M wallets over 140 countries with $200B transactions. You can also get or download the blockchain app on the app store or on Google play store for free.

It is the most trusted and global cryptocurrency company for the future finance. You can empower the individuals, developers and investors for the future finance. The blockchain wallet is the safest and the popular wallet for investing and storing digital assets. It provides the most secure wallet and gives full control, back up your finds and protect them from unauthorized access.

Protecting blockchain wallet:

In order to keep a tight security on your blockchain wallet you need to focus on 3 key distinct features while creating it.

  • Verify your email: If you verify your email, we can get alerts about the suspicious logins and alerts when the funds are received.
  • Set up two-factor authentication: You need to enable the two-factor authentication to protect from unauthorized access using the SMS code or Google authenticator etc.
  • Write down your backup phrase: It is the most important security measure to access your funds when you forgot your password or blockchain remained in an unknown state.

Blockchain backup phrase:

The blockchain backup phrase is an encoded version of your wallets master seed. It is a passphrase of 12 words. You can access your funds always and all the time. You need to note down your backup phrase in a piece of paper as anyone with backup phrase can access your funds. So to secure your funds you need to set offline. It helps when you lose your wallet ID. It helps to regain your wallet funds.

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You can find the backup phrase by navigating through the security center in the blockchain wallet.

With blockchain cryptocurrency people can exchange value without a third party with much control over funds and lower transactional fees. It operates on higher standards in managing the assets securely.

Blockchain app for trading digital currencies:

For the easy using of digital assets trading, the blockchain app connects all the digital currencies such as bitcoin, bitcoin cash, and Ethereum. With the blockchain app, you can stay up to date on the prices with the digital currencies. By using this app you can seamlessly exchange between the currencies such as BTC, BCH, and ETH.

With the blockchain app you can view all the details of transactions at one place. You can quickly send and receive payments or funds from anywhere. Backup phrase helps for securing your funds to be accessed by unauthorized persons.

The blockchain app is the #1 cryptocurrency app for those who want to transform the financial system right from their pocket itself. It is a global mission for mankind by serving in 140 countries. You can join nearly 25 million blockchain users on your journey to financial freedom. You can use the existing blockchain wallet on your Android device or simply create a new one which takes a few seconds.

Key features of the blockchain app:

  • The blockchain wallet is very easy to use and user friendly interface. You can send, receive, store and exchange between the digital currencies. It provides tight security to access your funds.
  • The security audits for this blockchain app are done by the world class researchers.
  • It supports backup recovery with 12 word backup phrase.
  • You can do 20+ currency conversions.
  • It is an open source and QR code support.
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Moreover you can calculate the exchange value with the help of the crypto converter.

Cryptocurrency Glossary:

  • Block: Blocks connect all the bitcoin transactions together. All the transactions are combined into blocks and are verified through the mining process. It strengthens the previous block and solves the double spending problem of bitcoins.
  • Blockchain: It is the public record of all the bitcoin transactions. By the block explorer you can review the blockchain online.
  • Block Height: It is the number of blocks connected together in the blockchain. The height of the first block is 0 and known as the genesis block.
  • Block reward: Successful mining of a block on the network helps in rewarding.
  • Cold Storage: It is used in securing the bitcoins offline. It minimizes the chances of bitcoin stolen by the hackers.
  • Cryptography: It is the scientific and mathematical calculations based algorithm to encrypt and decrypt the information.
  • Hashrate: The bitcoin mining network processing power is measured. It is the intensive computational operations of the bitcoins where the output is displayed in hashes.
  • Pool: It is a network of miners that work together to mine a block.
  • Wallet: It is a digital wallet where the transactions can be done very securely. You can store, receive, send the bitcoins.
  • Private key: It is a string of data that shows access to bitcoins in a specific wallet.
  • Public Address: It is the cryptographic hash of the public key.

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