Hi everyone as the days pass you are worrying about on how to monetize your website. If yes, there are ways to get monetize your blog. The best and the easiest path to earn income from your website is possible by using the top most advertising networks for your blog.

The Hilltop Ads network is one of the global advertising networks for both the publishers and the advertisers. This advertising network gives the bloggers an outstanding growth in gaining the traffic as well as the income. They will provide the user-friendly environment for both the publishers and advertisers. Their business activities enrich your income and increase the traffic to a great extent.

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The Hilltop Ads Network provide the smart solutions to reach the goals.This ad network makes you feel at the top which the different ad formats. You can share a surplus revenue with the advanced Geo targeting standards available here.

For the account to get approval it will take time, but once it is approved you can definitely earn a good amount. This ad network serves best for the mobile pop under, popunder, mobile banner and a regular banner with the good impression statistics. The payouts are very high for the publishers due to the reason that each and every website got approved will be optimized at this point to drag the best results.There is no transaction fee for the payouts and you can monetize each and every space with the hilltop ads.

Hilltop Ads Network

From the advertiser’s point of view they are many benefits for the publishers that they provide direct traffic without any fees. They deliver the ads based on the Geo targeting locations, frequency capping, keywords, the web or whether it is mobile and much more trusted solutions with its own ad server to drive the traffic with the fast integrating conversion tracking system.

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Hilltop Ads Network Features

  • They deliver ads based on the CPM, CPA and the CPC values.
  • They use the advanced targeting system to track the traffic based on the GEO locations.
  • They provide real time statistics with the advanced solutions.
  • The hilltop ads network provides the anti blocking ad solutions and the real time eCPM optimization techniques.
  • They provide 24/7 support and the valued solutions for the custom partners.
  • They maintain their own ad server to deliver good results.
  • They provide ad networks rotation optimization for the publishers too.
  • They will not take any transaction fees too.

Hilltop Ads Network Ad formats to increase the income

The hilltop ads network support 6 types of ad formats for the publishers to earn a vast income from it. They are mobile banners, mobile popunders, instant messages, display banners, In play ads and pop-unders. Each and every ad format had specific target to drive the traffic as well as income.

The Hilltop ad network provide the optimized ad formats for the mobile and the tablets too. They provide a good banner which is optimized for the smart phones to give the great performances. The mobile popunder is the best solution for the smart phones users to drive impeccable traffic with excellent income.This helps to drive traffic to the mobile websites.

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They serve the instant message chatter box for their customers for easy interaction. They display banners of the size 300*100 and 300*250 ad formats for the users.The in player ads will display the ads based on the video formats.The popunder will drive the traffic for the both the desktop as well as mobile websites.

You can target your traffic based on the country/city, device type, browser/OS, keyword, time targeting, IP range, ISP, mobile carrier and the wifi connections too. This way of tracking the traffic from different sources will definitely generate a good traffic size and income.

Hilltop Ads network

Now let’s come to the point in the dashboard of the hilltop ads network you can see the advertiser as well as the publisher statistics. For the advertiser account, you can see 7 modes of payment methods. They are the wire transfer, ePayService, Bitcoin, WebMoney, E payments Payoneer and maximum(Pay with ease).You can add campaigns and see how they are running.

Hilltop Ads network

For the publisher account you can also see the statistics and can manage your site performance too. You are assisted with the one advertiser manager as well as the publisher manager for any solutions or to get good ideas. The customer services are really wonderful which makes everyone to choose this ad network solution to get the best results.

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CPM Rates

In the publisher account you can earn through the referral program as an advertiser and publisher too. We can see the payment history and on what date you will be done with the payment. You can also look after from which source you are earning the amount.