Today earning from the blogging had become an easy and simple ways by the help of using simple techniques which gain your website a handle of revenue. Do Not worry whether you are the advertiser or publisher, you can definitely reach your target. ONe of the easiest ways very blogger finds to be perfect for their blog is the Adsense.

The effective ads highest paying PPC ad network, the ad network is a good and interactive platform for both the advertiser as well as the publishers to gain a maximum revenue with the ads. This is the one the online marketplace to promote the business based on the pay per click and gain the revenue by monetizing the website traffic with the ad codes from the effective ads.

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The effective ads highest paying PPC ad network offers a wide range of rates for the CPM they provide $2.50 to $10.00. For the CPC ad networks, the cost for the publisher is $0.20 to $1.50.Their revenue system is designed in such a way that they ensure the publishers to gain a maximum revenue by monetizing the website content and providing the ads from the highest bidders network.

Reason to opt this highest paying ppc ad network:

This is an efficient marketplace where advertisers can sell their ads for the publishers by setting some target locations.This ad network supports all types of advertisers as well as publishers. The thing that the advertiser does is that he needs to submit the ads, target audience and set budget using the advertiser account. The publisher’s needs to generate the ad codes using the effective ad network.The ad selling and the traffic monetization are effectively handled by the effective ad network platform.

For an advertiser or the publisher the CPC rates are better than the CPM rates.For the advertiser, the ads are served to the publisher and with a good range and your ads are controlled using the keywords and geographical filters. You can get paid for every valid click on the website for the publishers. The ad codes for displaying the text or banner ads will definitely match to the website relevant keywords. So that there might be more chances to have more clicks. You can also filter the ad codes with respect to the competitor ad networks.

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Features for the advertisers:

  • As the advertiser you can sign up very easily just in 2 minutes.
  • It supports two types of ad formats i.e. text and banner ads for boosting the online business based on the PPC and CPC rates.
  • As an advertiser you can pay only when the ad is clicked i.e pay per click advertising network.
  • You can target the audience with some keyword density and the geographic locations to/
  • The system of the effective ad network supports optimal click rates .
  • There will be click Genuity which will be done with the advanced monitoring option to find out the repetitive, invalid clicks.
  • It provides all the reports related to the time period, keywords and the ad serving reports.

highest paying ppc ad network

Features for the publishers:

For the publishers it provides many benefits such as single HTML code can be placed on the website for the ad codes. You can also customize the ad codes with respective the website design so that the visitors can feel it as the web content and click it. You can configure the filters in such way that so as to restrict the competitor’s ad codes from being served on your website.

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  • It’s very easy to sign up and just takes two minutes only.
  • It supports two types of ad formats text and banner ads.
  • It provides the customizable ad codes so as to match with the website design.
  • It will detect the relevant keywords matching from the websites and deliver the ads accordingly.
  • You can configure the site filters to restrict the competitors and generate the ad codes time period reports.

highest paying ppc ad network

The performance of the ad codes can be tracked using the advanced report system of the effective ad networks. This statistics provides the information regarding the earnings, impressions, clicks, and CTR of your ad codes.These reports help you to identify the top earning ad codes in your websites.

highest paying ppc ad network

The effective ads provide multiple payment options for drawing the amount using the publisher account. You can request to transfer the amount using the PayPal, bank or using any checks also when your account has reached minimum payout level. You can also transfer the funds from the publisher account of the effective ads to the advertiser account of the effective ads also.You can track any action using the effective ads network very easily and fastly.

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