Nothing is more humbling than spending all your investment in building a business online, dropping your monthly paying job, and having sleepless nights trying to develop your company and beat your competitors. Still, in return, the website does not return any sales. 

Could you be doing something wrong? You get hundreds of visitors each day, and your products are of high quality. If there’s a problem with your website, it could be one or two in the list below. Below is the information that will help you know where you are going wrong. 

Your website design could be pushing away clients

While many people don’t care about website color, still it is essential to make your site look attractive. Buy now and add to cart should be easily identified and authoritative. People are likely to fail to notice those buttons if your entire website theme is black and grey. So you see? You may be the one pushing away conversions unknowingly. In addition to that, display customer reviews at the bottom of the page. Doing this will positively affect your sales. 

You could be receiving fake traffic 

Many website owners who are going through hell trying to make sales always have a BUT in their complaints. No doubt this is happening to you too, you have a good number of visitors who are just there to spectate and not to buy. First and apparent reason, they are spam. Secondly, you are attracting visitors and very many for the matter, but to the wrong website. This is because you have failed to arrange your keywords appropriately. 

Poor marketing strategies 

Going active in social media once and disappearing won’t get far in an online business. Make a habit of posting at least one helpful post related to your website everyday on all social media platforms. Do not depend on your little marketing knowledge as things change. Read new blogs and magazines to help expand your knowledge. There is freedom to generate new ideas and share them on your website. 

Since there are many of you selling the same product or service, make your clients’ work easy by setting filters so that they can arrive at you quickly. 

Engage visitors with relevant blog posts at all the bottom 

A client may visit your site and, unfortunately, fail to get what they are looking for. Instead of letting them go, engage them with a popular article, relevant to your niche so they may stay on your page longer. This will make them recommend your website to other people or leave a positive comment on your page. You already know people are more likely to go for a site with a lot of positive reviews, right?

Dedicate more time and money to your website 

Online business is like any other business that needs a lot of sacrifices to become steady. It calls for dedication and continuous learning. If you relax even a small bit, there is someone in the same field working so hard to earn more visitors. The truth is, some of these things, for example, onsite optimization need specialists that you’ll also need to pay. One such team worth their salt is SEO specialist based in Melbourne. So better fit your budget and hire professionals to mentor and increase your sales. 

You should also build strong business relationships with people, both old and new, in an online career. Participate actively in social groups as you promote your products. For example, if you sell electronic gadgets online, wear a cap or T-shirt written in bold; ASK ME ABOUT LATEST ELECTRONIC GADGETS to a seminar. Sure, they will ask, and when they do, refer them to your website. 

Go into something you can handle 

The main reason why most folks fail is that they get into a business they have no idea about. Could you also be a victim? Maybe, before you create a website, do in-depth research about the niche or niches you have chosen. Do not be disappointed later if you find everything so overwhelming that you feel like giving up. 

If you’re already in this situation. Sorry. Here’s what you should do:

  • Engage a trustworthy professional to help you come up with a better idea that you are passionate about, or they should help you grow the love for your current niche.
  • Ask someone to manage your website and pay them something little for their rewarding work. 
  • Teach yourself how to grow your business through online tutorials and posts. 


To crown this up, always keep in mind is not a get-rich-quick- scheme. You need to study your competitors, update prices with the changing economy to avoid experiencing losses or putting your customers through the same. Also, ensure you do not hire scammers for your optimization and website update. An SEO specialist based in Melbourne offers the best services.