We often here the word blogging which means some people create blogs out of their interests and some other to make online money from it. So the question arises what to do to and how should we design or present our website to the customers as well a the users in generating the revenue easily from the website.

Each and every blog starts with little competition as they enlarge their blog with the credentials the competition is very high. Even out this tough competition you want to be the number one among the top most bloggers. This the right time to grab your attention towards your website and make online money.

Make you’re attention towards the points I discussed below to increase the revenue and high quality traffic towards your website. After designing the website with all the requirements we had to set up with security features and SEO for our blog. Add the best security plugin for the blog helps your website from the attacks and malwares. Proper SEO maintenance will improve your website’s performance and rank you better on google indexing

Here are the best tips to earn $100 per month from your blog.

Use the best Advertisement facilities

First one to earn money from the website is through displaying advertisements on your blog pages as well as side widgets of the website. You can choose various advertisement channels for earning such as google adsense, media.net for displaying yahoo and bing ads. Google adsense approval to your blog will take some time, once it is approved you will be paid if any users sees and clicks the advertisements in our web pages. It will display the advertisements related to our content in the blog or particular web pages.

For more information go through this link: How to make money online with Google Adsense.

Media.net alos serves the same purpose as that of the google adsense in displaying the ads on your blog. It also display the ads related to your web page content. But here for every login you will be guided by a personal assistant to carry forward your activities with the media.net. He will be very helpful in giving you any suggestions or data related to the media.net services. He will also helps in displaying the ads as your own web content. It will help you a lot when any user of your website seems that ads it appears as you’re web page no the ad. So there might be chances of clicks.

For more information about the media.net and how it works please go throufh the below referred link which will be very useful and helpful for you.
How to make money online with media.net ad center.

Build your blog with Best SEO tool to drive revenue and traffic

By using high ranking keywords and increasing the visitors count to your site helps in building proper structure to your revenue. In order to maintain the website and keep track of your site on a single view we need to use some tools which will increase the website traffic and money. There are various SEO tool Semrush,Moz etc, I found Semrush as the best SEO tool set for any website. Because it presents the entire picture of your site on a single dashboard. It provides you the analytics of you and your competitors in order to cross check and increase the traffic and revenue.

This SEO tool will detect any issues even without single rupee. And also fixes them without your notice. It performs as ALL In SEO Tool for any website. To get more information go through the below link.

All in one SEO tool to increase online revenue and traffic-Semrush.

promote Clickbank products to earn online

Another way to make money online is to promote the clickbank affiliate products. Clickbank is a marketplace where different products are available for promotion and sales. We can opt any of the product and promote them in our website. Doing so if any customer wants to buy that product he will be referred through your website and you will be paid for it.

Cb Snooper will help you to get the best clickbank product to promote. It describes the status of the product present and future i.e whether it can gain any revenue or not. Another way to earn money online is by creating ads with the help of bidvertiser of clickbank affiliate products. We can create the ad campaigns and run them with any initial amount of 50$. If any one join the bidvertiser referred by you bidvertiser will pay you $25 . You can again more money when there is huge crowd on your site.

Earn money for clickbank affiate products with Cbsnooper.

Earn money for clickbank affiate products with Bidvertiser.

Pay attention to contests held by other blogs

Blogmint is place where you can earn money by writing review on the things given by them. We had register with them and apply the campaigns on their dashboard they will review further you blog and give you the review to write if you are eligible. Once you are done with completing the work and mail them the amount will be drafted to the payment details you had given during registration process. We can see the amount paid for that work excluding the blogmint fees i.e 20%. The below video gives you more detailed information so please go through it.

Register to watch videos for paid version

Many people loves to hear than read so present your views in the form videos by recording what you had done in the blog. For this we need to create a channel and upload the videos. It also helps to promote you’re site as well as increase the viewers to your blog.
How to earn money using youtube videos please refer the link below:

By registering on paid2youtube you can also get paid by watching the videos shown there.the videos will be given by them.

There are various ways to come with people to earn money online and increase financial status. So grab your attention to earn and lead a happy life.For more information you can go through the naya channel on youtube. And subscribe any latest updates.