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Are you crazy about making your blog a widespread market in the world then it is an easy and simple task for the bloggers. Bloggers are the people who look the world to spread their information to the outer world. They might come across several areas which earn a revenue through their blog. But I strongly recommended the cuelinks affiliate network for a blogger to make their blog a revenue source. Unlike google Adsense or some other absences, affiliate marketing brings you to grab the more income. They can easily monetize their blogs with the affiliate links from the different trusted networks. Do you know affiliate marketing can earn more money than google Adsense?

yeah, definitely you can earn more money using cuelinks affiliate network. Now I am going to give you an exact picture of how affiliate marketing works. Affiliate marketing is nothing but referring products and making sales for your advertiser. Here the advertiser will offer you commissions for each sale you done. In order to get the affiliate links of the products which you need to sale, the most priority thing is that you need to select the trusted and good platform network. The most beneficial and popular affiliate networks are Commission Junction, ClickBank, ShareASale etc. If your blog getting traffic from different geo locations you can use above networks, suppose if your blog getting 80% of traffic from India then I will recommend you to join in CueLinks Affiliate Network.

Cuelinks offers best services to publishers, they had three affiliate services, which have high conversion ratio for Indian bloggers,

  • Javascript installation
  • Cue words
  • Cue widgets

First we need to register for cuelinks affiliate network, then it will take 24 hours to get approval from cue links, you will get approval mail from cuelinks team and they will assign you a manager to clarify your questions. Now you can access your cuelinks dashboard, which looks as shown below.

cuelinks affiliate network

First we need to install javascript code into our blog or website, by clicking install now link on dashboard you will get javascript code, we need to copy the code and paste that code in your body section and save file.
Now validate your website by entering your website URL, Validation checker section and click validate button, Once your website is validated, then you can activate cue word section.
Here you have an option to select no of affiliate links need to be displayed in your content. You can also create cue widgets for your blog or website.

Cue widgets helps you to display all e-commerce store deals in India, cue links tie up with top e-commerce brands like Amazon affiliates, Flipkart Affiliates, eBay affiliates and some other top brands in India.

Now let’s create cue widget using cue links dashboard, we have two options for widgets i.e Cue Deals and Cue Coupons, Now select one of the radio button and click create button, you will see all categories checkboxes, please select your categories and size of the widget, once you select the size you will see preview on right side of the page, which looks as below.

Cuelinks Affiliate Network

Now get the widget code and paste it on your website sidebar, which had display as shown in the preview. Cuelinks affiliate network will get more conversation rates when compared with the other global affiliate networks.

Cue Words: Converts Keywords into Affiliate Links is a good feature which is available to make high and dynamic content. With the advanced facility here you can set the density of keywords to appear as the affiliate links. The cuelinks affiliate network program searches for their partners to attach them to your content with affiliate links. It’s a simple and easy task which makes your work simplify.
Cue words offer you two options for your affiliate links, one you can select density of links , means how many links you want to display in your content, maximum 9 affiliate links you can add to your content, and you can also add custom color to your links which helps you to display your links more attractive. You can view below image for reference.

cuelinks affiliate network