Let’s make attention towards the each and every space available on the website. There are various chances to en-cash even such small spaces by displaying the ads. If your website carries on with high volume of traffic and you are looking to monetize your headers and footers of the blog with the best CPM Ad Networks. As a publisher you need select the best CPM ad networks among the several available in the market. The best CPM Ad Networks you selected for your blog will in turn pay you more.

Before going to know the best CPM Ad Networks you should know a little about CPM and how does it benefit you in your online money making factor.

What are the CPM Ad Networks?

CPM means Cost per thousand impressions. CPM Ad Networks help you to make money online through the best CPM rates. CPM ad networks will pay for the appearance of the ad in the blog not for clicks. If you’re ad is served 1000 times in the website , you will be definitely paid with some amount. CPM advertising is mainly based and pay you on the impressions factor. If the impressions on the particular advertisement or more then you will be paid more money.

Here the impression is nothing but the single instance of the advertisement appearing on the website. If the visitors won’t click also you will be paid for the impressions. To get better revenue from the CPM ad networks you need to place the ads in the prominent positions on your website.

The CPM ads serves very good for the websites which get millions of traffic everyday. If the driving traffic in your blog is very high you can be paid more income.

Most of the CPM Ad Networks pay $1 to $10 for every thousand impressions made on the advertisements depending on various credentials.

If you are interested in online money making through the CPM ads then go for the compiled list of the various CPM ad networks made available for your easy use.

Best CPM advertising Networks for the bloggers:

Ads Optimal CPM Ad Networks

CPM Ad Networks

Ads Optimal is the best advertising network for all the websites including startups blogs also. Many of the high technical experts go for this networks because of the best CPM . CPC ad rates. They offer considerable rates for the ads served on the blog. They provide many benefits for the bloggers with a few limitations. They had been partnership the double click, google ad-sense and some other ad networks too.

Things to be noted

  • It will take easily two days for your blog to be approved for this ad network. Once approved it will provide full support to monetize your blog in each and every possible way available.
  • Ads Optimal ad network will pay you through the pay-pal account or through the check.They maintain reliability in the transfer of the money you earned.
  • They will give a free sign up bonus of $15 for the website with high quality and genuity and for other websites $10.
  • Ads Optimal Ad network the minimum pay out needed to transfer to your account is $50 .
  • Once you are done with the approval status your account had been created and you can see the payment history you’re earning from there. You can also request for the transfer of the income through pay-pal or check.It also shows separately the the issued and pending payments. It is very easy for the bloggers to go through the payments page and it maintains accuracy in crediting the account with income up to date.

    Amazon CPM Ad Networks

    CPM Ad Networks

    Amazon CPM Ads serves the best in monetizing your blog. It is trusted brand by millions. You can serves multiple ads through the amazon affiliates links available once you’re set up the affiliate account.

    Amazon CPM

    ads offer affiliate links for the every product so that by grabbing the link for the particular product to be advertised you can place the code in any positions of your blog for display.

    Amazon CPM ads are served for the selected amazon affiliates only. If you had an account with the amazon associates, simply login and check whether CPM ads are available for you account or not.Amazon list the blogs based the volume and accuracy of the site.

    If you’re amazon associate account is having the option Amazon CPM ads then you need to create the site list for example if you are maintaining multiple sites then list them all to get the ad code. You can also see the pass-back feature if in case you’re did not reach the targeted cpm rates for the particular ad served then it will show the normal ads displayed related to the content.

    CPM Ad Networks

    In the amazon CPM ad network you can select the different ad sizes available and you can also set the target CPM . Depending on the target CPM rate you mentioned it will display the ads on your blog.

    To know all the FAQ’s related to Amazon CPM Ads. Click Here

    Propeller Ads Network

    CPM Ad Networks

    Propeller Ads Network is a great ad serving network and also gain high income to any blog. It serves the multiple ad display with 100% monetizing the blog from cross screen. It supports the multiple payments options which make a great choice for many of the bloggers. It also provides self service tools to optimize the revenue from the ads.

    You can easily get started with the propeller Ads network as the account is created very immediately and needs verify your domain for the ownership.

    CPM Ad Networks

    Important information about Propeller Ad networks

    • propeller Ad networks minimum payout required is $100.
    • They maintain a net 30 day payment policy and supports real time reporting
    • You can get$25 as a bonus for signing up with the propeller ad account with the payoneer or wire transfer
    • They provide us very popular types of sizes and different skin types
    • As the over all this propeller ad network is very good network to display the ads in the ratio of 80:20

    Click here to create a free account for the propeller ad network

    3 steps to gain revenue from the propeller CPM Ad Networks:

    • We need to sign up for the publisher account for instant approval , you no need to wait for the approval process as it will easily get approved
    • Simply install the ad code on your website.
    • The propeller ad network will automatically optimizes all the revenue through different pricing models.

    Propeller ads network will monetize your website to a great extent by displaying the niche website content related ads.

    Media.net advertising Network

    CPM Ad Networks

    Media.net is the one of the major ad tech company which provides the various advertisement scenarios. It had many branches and well supported team for the publishers.It displays the largest contextual ad programs globally and also trust the top management in guiding you through the displaying advertisements

    The yahoo, bing conceptual ads program powered by the media.net helps in managing the technology, relationships and in maintaining the business. Here in this media.net it is very easy to create account for publisher. As a publisher you need to create the customization ad units that display text ads which high CPM .It also gives you income per the impressions on the ad units appeared.It will pay for that impressions.

    Media.net gives the entire report of the advertisements you made to earn money online.Each and every publisher had given a person who will help him in accomplishing his tasks to earn money from those advertisements.

    Media.net is to minimize your effort and maximize the revenue. Media.net helps you a lot in creating innovative ad units which gain you more income.It supports customization and optimization features too. For more information of media.net contextual ad units Click here to create a free account for the Media.net

    Go through this link to know how to earn money with media .net

    Native CPM Ad Networks

    CPM Ad Networks

    Native ads advertising network is the place where you can simply increase the website traffic as well as revenue from those traffic. With the display of ads through this network you can reach your target value.The native ads offer beautiful widgets to display in the sidebars and footers. Native ads rate your ads depending on the CPM and CPC. IAB CPM earns you more money.

    Things to be needed to get your website approved

    • For the website to get approved for the native ads it will check for the website quality.
    • It will check for the traffic quality and where it originates that traffic
    • The websites with viral content are not agreed
    • The websites with malware and hacking software’s are not approved
    • The minimum traffic should be 100000 and 50% of the volume of traffic should be from US.

    It will take nearly 24 hours of business working days for your website to get approved. It will not function on the weekends. It’s you’re choice to create and style you’re widgets for display in the website. We can also track the performance of the widgets you created.

    Native ads Payment Process:

    • They do payments based on video and non video basis.
    • They pay after 65 days for the videos.
    • For non-videos they pay after 45 days.
    • For pay-pal or check the minimum payout is $25.
    • For wire transfer the minimum payout required is $100.

    To go in depth on how to earn money using native ads Click here.

    Google Ad sense Network

    Google Ad sense Network is the major area where you can get millions of traffic and revenue once your site is approved for the ads to be displayed. They will display the ads related to your content and also show a list of related posts with the ads too.

    It is trusted by millions of people and enables you to drive more revenue with their ads display. You can completely customize your ads display by allowing more benefited ads for display and can block the other ads which were less advantage in your blog. It will earn high rates for the CPM. We can set highest paying ads by bidding.

    Things to be needed to get your website approved for google ad-sense:

    • For the blog to be approved you’re website design should be very good enough.
    • Your domain selection should be very top level.
    • It will check for unique content in the blog.
    • The google analytics for the code integration into your website.
    • In the google terms and conditions he need to fill the information in order to approve for the ad-sense.
    • The blogger needs to create the contact us page and about us page to give the information about the website content and author.

    Get the tips to get you’re website approved for the google ad-sense.