Hi, are you worried about on how to increase the income junction to your blog. If yes there are various ways to choose to get better results from your website. You can earn and monetize your website to a great extent with the help of the affiliate marketing Amazon stands very excellent in giving best results.

Amazon Associates is a very good approach to fulfill your target to reach the accurate income junction through your account. The Amazon associates help you to build native shopping ads for your website. The publishers who participate in the Amazon Associates program can promote any product which is available in the Amazon and earn its affiliate revenue too.

With the Amazon Associates you can create the ad types of your interest and earn from it.The native shopping ads serve better purpose in shopping to earn the maximum revenue. With the native shopping ads you can get the viewability, RPM(revenue per thousand impressions and the ad type/ad format.

The Amazon shopping ads will help you to make better decisions and increase the performances as an over all to get monetize the website. With this affiliates network, you can easily access the reports page of you’re serving ads and then take proper steps to increase the sales.

Amazon Associates Native Shopping Ads

The native shopping ads serve the highly recommended, relevant and dynamic products based on the stylising of the websites. They give better performances if placed within the content or in the content to drive good results.They provide good visitor experience and the vast shopping opportunity.

They provide 3 types of native shopping ads.They are :

1)Recommended ads: It will recommend the Amazon affiliate native ads to display the ads based on the web content and the visitor’s interest.
2)Search Ads: They help you to search the products which are recommended based on the key phrase.
3)custom Ads: They provide the ads from the amazon.com that you need to promote them.

In the recommended ads you can integrate the ad units to all the posts at once with the help of the template website. With the search and custom ads, you need to integrate the ad units separately based on the keywords for all the pages.

How to integrate the recommended ad units in all the posts of the website?

The recommended ads are the highly optimized and give the better performances for the mobile. You can display the products related to the page content and the visitors. For this go to the recommended ad units tab and then give your ad preferences.You need to give the ad name, tracking id and the ad format whether it is grid or list, and select any one of the categories such as books or anything else. You need to give the search keyword and then in the advanced settings click the ad size as responsive and then save and view the as code which is to be displayed in the web pages. Simply copy the ad code and paste in the website template.

Amazon associates native ads

Amazon associates native ads

In the search ads to you need to fill the same as in recommended ad units form but needed to select the specific keyword or phrase which is relevant to your web content and then you can copy that code to your specific pages.We can also easily view all your ad units which are saved.

In the custom ad units you need to create specific products that you want to promote. You can select at least four products to add to your website. All the ad units which are made from this native shopping ads are highly mobile optimized.

Viewability gives the most important metric as it serves to give the impressions based on how many times the visitors look at. A good ad viewability definitely correlates to your earnings. The viewability is nothing but how many the ad is viewed and the higher the viewability the higher earnings will be. So if your ads are clicked more and then you can start a good income junction from this.

5 best ways to excel your performances with the native shopping ads:

Native shopping ads serve a great purpose in increasing the viewability and then explore the website with good earnings as well as the wonderful user experience too.

1. website wide integration:

It’s always a better idea to integrate the recommended ads throughout the website at the end of the pages of the website. You can boost out the impressions as well as the earnings if you’re website had the product oriented content.Now it’s the time to integrate your pages with the recommended ads.

2. Emphasizing on the right categories:

If your website is based on the particular categories then it the good idea to choose the best one from the emphasis category made available while creating the ad code.

3. Provide a fallback

You can simply select the fallback option in the cases where your ad preferences are not strong enough to show the relevant ad units then you can set the fallback option.

4. Placement:

However there are various ways to place the ad units on the websites, but still for better conversion rates you need to place them at some points on the website. You can get good results if you place the ads on the product oriented pages as well as the longer content pages.

5. Unique tracking Id:

It’s always the best practice to use different tracking id for each placement on the website. This way will help you in giving better understanding of the performances and how the ads help you in earning potential.