Are you aware of Adversal ad network as well as the term RTB? What does it actually mean? Yes, you are now here to know the things which put your blogs into higher positions whatever may be you are? Whether the advertiser or the publisher no need to worry simply tie up with the adversal ad network to get good results and huge income from your blog or business venture, it is best alternative for Google Adsense.

RTB means the real time bidding is highly effective and benefits if you are planning to choose the adversal ad network to run your campaigns and ad units in a bundle or single, which is the best alternative for google Adsense. You can earn definitely a good pay from this adversal ad unit.The RTB facility in the adversal ad network allows you to do advertising inventory to be auctioned in real time by making a balance between the supply and demand. We can see a good range of benefits from the both the ends if you follow the RTB.

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It’s very simple and easy go to get approved for the advertiser as well as the publisher account. For the advertiser, you can create the brand awareness by the various ad formats and the targeting options to drive the traffic. Their system manages all the campaigns with daily stats, set daily caps and manage the multiple campaigns very easily. The real time bidding for the advertiser gives the path for maximizing the results and there will flexibility in changing the campaign cost depending the supply.

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Adversal is best alternative for google adsense

For the publishers account it will manage all the ad space and there is no need to worry about the inventory unsold as this ad network will look after that.They will provide you the high fill rates as well as the highest eCPM values for your inventory as your ad space is bidding in the real time.This ad network helps the publishers to make balance between the supply and demand in the real time.

Ad units supported by the adversal ad network:

The adversal ad network supports 6 types of ad formats. They are

  • Standard Banner:468*60
  • Leaderboard:728*90
  • Wide Skyscraper:160*600
  • Portrait:300*1050
  • Large Skyscraper:200*600
  • Medium Rectangle:300*250
  • Mobile Banner:320*50

Key Features For Advertisers:

  • Multiple Banner sizes
  • You can easily setup for the advertiser account
  • It’s very easy to use the interface in reaching the target.
  • The minimum Deposit should be 25$.
  • For advertisers, they will accept the PayPal and credit cards.

Key features for the Publishers:

  • It supports multiple ad formats.
  • High fill rates with highest eCPM values.
  • Minimum payout is 20$.
  • They accept the PayPal. ACH, wire or even check for transferring the amount.

One thing is that for the advertiser your account will be approved very soon and start creating the campaign with some deposit in your can select the ad type, enter the campaign information and the deposit. Your campaign will go live as soon as it is approved. You can manage the multiple campaigns too.

For the publishers to get approved the website must have minimum 50000 page views per month, compare to Google Adsense approval process is easy. Your website should not host any malware or any other redirect content which creates problems. Your web content should not link to any pirated or illegal content. The website should be free from excessive advertising. You need to fill the application form and then submit it for verification. Once it is approved then you will be notified.

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google adsense alternative

Now I am going to describe you how to go through this ad network once it is approved for the publishers to earn a good revenue. You can also see the news related to the payments for the particular months whether they are issued or not. All will be updated here. The get code option in the ad network helps you to get the code which is to be placed on the website. You need to give the website name and the ad type then clicks the get code button. You will be taken to the page where you can see the code. Simply copy the ad code and paste in your website.

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google adsense alternative

You can also add multiple websites for the bidding and be earning the income.You can see the bidding map and can estimate your revenue. It also provides the referral code and makes you earn through referrals. You can get 10% commission on the other publishers sign up and earnings for the 12 months. You will be paid for the clicks and you can set and manage the default passback tag for your websites.