Everyone is very much interested in making online money. There are many ways to earn money online. It comes right easy to make revenue if you are a blogger. You can make every single space on your website as a revenue source. There are many platforms and interconnections which provide you money based on the impressions too. If your website is getting tons of traffic with many impressions per day easily monetize your website by displaying the ads on your blog.

Adclerks is Best Alternative for Buysellads in 2017:

The one which pays you genuinely and accurately is the adclerks.com which is a platform where you can submit your website for selling space on your blog. Adclerks is a very big marketplace to get the information of the slots or advertisement spaces available on the different websites. If you don’t get approval from buysellads, you can try adclerks advertising network, which is best alternative for buysellads in 2017.

Website Requirement for approval?

  • To increase your chances of being approved on Ad Clerk’s, your website should try to adhere to the following:
  • Your website should be live, finished and if applicable with frequent updates or content.
  • Your website should be receiving > 100k impressions or page views a month. If less, your website may still be considered based on our advertisers demand.
  • Your website should currently have minimal advertising and feature a well-designed layout or template (responsiveness is a plus).
  • Your website should have its own domain and not be hosted on a free subdomain, e.g blog spot, blogger, Weebly etc. are not allowed.
  • Your website should be written in English.
  • Your website traffic must not be generated from bot traffic sources or traffic exchanges, e.g HitLeap etc. are not allowed.
  • If you would like to speak to a member of support before submitting your site for approval or you have been rejected, then please contact us below.

The ad clerks is a very big advertising platform to sell and buy the online advertisements.
They accept the swift ads from the all the networks i.e. .js and iframe ad tags and count them depending on the impressions to give revenue.You can get you targeted ads with the swift ads from the ad clerks own custom and server.

In the adclerks.com website you can get the information of the websites from the categories listed in it by sorting through click rate, impressions, newest, price from high to low, price from low to high etc. we can also select the size, price, type whether cpm ads or monthly paid ads and impressions too. It’s a very good market place to earn because all the things are put in front and you just need to get your website approved for the selling of ad zones from this website.

best alternative for buy sell ads in 2017

In the Ad bundles, we can view the ad bundles of different categories. In this ad bundle, we can keep all the advertisement spaces on one particular section and put the cost of all the ads to some higher value. You can get the income based on the impressions per day or month. We can find plenty of ad categories with different sizes.

best alternative for buy sell ads in 2017

This website also makes your work easier by displaying the top ad zones depending upon the CPR(Click Through Rate) with a minimum of 5000 impressions. We can see the add to cart option as well as add to the waiting list. Add to cart means it’s ready to sell out and add to waiting list means needs some more impressions to be sold out.We can find the top ad zones in different categories with the browse option on the right side of the screen.

best alternative for buysellads in 2017

In this website, it’s very easy to create an account. There two important things is that one the publishers and the advertisers. As a publisher, you can add your website to create the ad zones for revenue and for the publicity purpose. In the publisher’s option, we can see your websites, approval for it and the add website option too.

We can also see the swift ads option it works fine in case if the ad zone had some time to be sold out you can place the alternative swift ads with the help of adclerks website without giving a gap in your website. You can also get paid for this too depending on the impressions. Once your ad zone had reached the target level then it can be put to add cart option until then you can earn with the help of swift ads.

As a publisher, you need to first submit the website for approval. Once it had been approved then only we can create ad zones or do swift ads on the spaces in the blog. In order to add your website just go to the add website option and then fill the form with the site title, website Url, description about the website, category in which the ad zones to be displayed, give your facebook and twitter pages, then submit it for the approval.

best alternative for buysellads in 2017

You can set your ads for the swift ads, the ad clerks website had some criteria to accept for the swift ads to display, depending on the CPM click rates. For the swift ads to display depending on your interest you need to apply for shift ads, it will take 72 hours to get approval from shift ads, once you get approval it will automatically display shift ads in your unsold ad zones, adclerks also provide great feature to display your own ads using backfill option, for this you need place your Adsense .js file or HTML code to display your customized ads on your unsold ad zone. If you add shift ads to your unsold ad zone the adclerks will take care of its earning and further follow up for impressions and your earnings through them.You can also know the status of the swift ads as below.

>Adclerks is the best alternative for buy sell ads in 2017

In the advertiser panel, you can view the waitlist, which will send an email notification when an ad zone is ready to buy, campaigns if any are taken by you. You can also create the swift ads here also.The adclerks.com is a very friendly website where all the information about your account transactions, deposit if any into the ad clerks account can be viewed in the account section. We can also cash out your earnings very easily. It also shows you the pending transactions too. You can save your credit cards for any use.

>Adclerks is the best alternative for buy sell ads in 2017


Adclerks is the best alternative for buy sell ads in 2017, which enables you to make money using blogging, which offers both Monthly and High CPM ads, you can sell your ad zones with your own rates you like, they provide full control to the publisher to fix their ad rates. If your website did not get approval, we have another best alternative advertising network called Adnow, for this they don’t look for high traffic sources, for small websites with less traffic can also try for adnow advertising network, to register for adnow click Register