If you are a blogger and needs to monetize your website with the new and innovative content style ad formats, i here can give the best native ad network which will be beneficial for both the advertisers and publishers. The most interesting fact about this adblade native ad serving platform is that your content can reach to more than 300 million unique users throughout the world.

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Why one should select the adblade native ad platform for monetizing?

  • Adblade ad network provides the content style ad platform by placing the ads in the content.
  • Your blog content or any business can reach to 300 million users.
  • It accepts premium national and local sites only but not the free websites such as wordpress.org, blogspot etc.
  • The News Bullet@ Ad format helps the advertiser and the agencies to reach million of trusted and unique users in US.
  • The OptiServe platform is a self serving platform for the publishers to implement quickly on the website.
  • The Advertisers can easily upload the News Bullet@ ads on your website with the adblade ad network.

Most innovative and content style ad network on the web:

Adblade network is most innovative and a new approach for the advertisers to reach over 300 millions of users across the top most branded websites ensuring the brand safety.For the top tier publishers it offers the innovative proprietary ad units, massive scale and distribution through the reputed publishers.It also help the advertisers to launch their brand and direct response campaigns too.

Key facts about the adblade ad network;

  • The adblade received the highest rating in the brand safety from the integral ad science. It’s also gains the leadership qualities in the ad viewability of data and the brand protection.
  • It was recognised well for the comscore and the Quantcast Top 25 Ad Platform.
  • It is also a division of the digital company i.e adiant to give quality solutions to the advertisers as well as for the publishers.
  • The adblade ad network is very useful for the both advertisers and publishers to get fame in the crowded online marketplace.

Note: For the publisher account to be approved you need to have the minimum 2000 unique users per day. Also the approval process takes some time in analyzing your website for getting approved.

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Functionality of the advertisers in the adblade native ad network:

  • The adblade network is chosen by many agencies , brands because they will provide a perfect combination of the premium inventory, brand safe assurance, extensive reach, proprietary ad units designed to drive the ROI.
  • Adblade makes sure and 100% access on the premium and the most branded websites only. Your ads will be served on top most websites only.
  • Adblade offers the scale you need to launch the campaigns.
  • When comes to the website content and the screen monitoring the adblade had earned the highest adsafe rating.
  • Adblades NewsBullet consistently deliver the 3* more clicks than normal standard ad units. It also supports the standard IAB ad units and article marketing.
  • The adblade offers the geo targeting based on the zip code, DMA, state and interest targeting on all the ad units.
  • The advertiser’s account are provided with the robust reporting information such as the how your ads are performing on the publisher’s site. Reports are refreshed in every 15 minutes, showing you the impressions, clicks, cost per action, cost per click and many more key metrics.

adblade review

Why Adblade is the most revenue source for the publisher’s?

Adblade is the premium, the publisher’s first choice. It helps to ensure the brand safety, strong controls and the premium ad units that will attract the best brands. It helps to grow revenue and the having the peace of mind.

  • Adblade ad network full suite monetization helps to grow the revenue by attracting the top advertisers. Adblade proprietary technology provides a road map for the CPM values. You can deliver the best performance with the News Bullet ad units.
  • It’s the 100% top brand safety which ensures the top brands to purchase the inventory.
  • Adblade gives you strong control to protect your sales without any illegal sales done.
  • It provides you the entire report of the sales done , performance, identify the CPM values and compare with the other websites, It also provides with the real time reporting on the key metrics such as the CPM,CPC, CPA and many more.

adblade review

Now let’s move on to the dashboard of the adblade account and will see how to do ad placements. You can see the following options earnings, ad placements, build ad zone, Profile and FAQS.

How to build Ad Zone with the Adblade native ad network?

In the adblade you can see 6 types of ad format to build your ads. You can place the text and the image as you like by looking at the 6 types and select the one you wish

CPM ad network

  • First you need to select the ad type you want among the 6 types of ad formats.
  • You can also see the offers and articles you may like on the right side of the screen.
  • Fill the form with the details such as Ad name, ad zone description, custom banner head, select the advertiser Lineup, background color of the ad, You can also set color for the title as well as the description to appear in which color.
  • You can also set the description Hover style i.e the font whether it is blink, line through, overline and underline.
    Then click the submit button at the end.

This is the simple process to create your ads for display on the websites to generate traffic as well as revenue. You can see the ad created in the ad placements You can see your applications had been sent for approval process. Once it had approved you can get the ad code which had to be placed in the websites.

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The approval process takes 1-3 business working days. You will be contacted in case if your ad zones had a problem in getting approved. If approved you can see the clicks, impressions and earnings for that particular ad zone. You can also see and analyze the reports of the ad zones too.

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The adblade native ad serving platform is the innovative and helpful for many of the advertisers and publishers in gaining the surplus of revenue as well as the traffic. The News Bullet@ Ad Format is the very good and innovative design for displaying the ads so that you can gain traffic from all over the globe.This ad network serves the best in industry and had been ranked highest in terms of keeping the brand safety.