Hi, are you crazy to know the top most advertising network which had a great impact on your website. If yes, here is the one which drives you more digital traffic with lots of income. The Ad Maven is the latest digital advertising network which is highly recommended in the market area for getting dynamic and accurate results from your blogs.

The ad Maven offers a wide range of services by experimenting and managing the high volumes of traffic and income junction across the globe. It provides a good support for both the pop under network for both the publishers and advertisers account. The ad maven helps to drive highest paying CPM advertising network in India for the entire inventory as well improves the publisher’s revenue too.

Ad Maven Highest Paying CPM Advertising Network in India:

For the publishers account to maximize the revenue you can choose your best ad format which drives you’re the more revenue. The ad formats include pop-ups, banner ads, lightbox, slider, new tab and many more ad formats.

For the advertisers it offers 500 million ad impressions daily in order to promote their brands. The ad maven offers good services for the advertisers to launch their campaigns in seconds with advanced features such as the self-serve platform to reach the right audience.

The ad maven help the publishers by monetizing each and every ad units to a great extent by implementing them in the good ad format. By catching the user’s full attention they will assist the ads which had high conversations and highest paying CPM advertising network in India.The RTB technology helps the advertiser for setting the right competitive bid at the right time.

With the ad maven advertising network you can widespread your website across the globe to get maximum reach to the people and making every user’s activity in monetizing.Through the ad maven networks, the advertisers had full control over the millions of users who are likely to engage with their brands and the publishers turn the website visits to the impressions and clicks on the accurate basis.

stats reporting system in the ad maven:

The advanced and the unique RTB technology system, the self-serving platform will able to make you see the good results in a short span of time. The ad maven analytics team developed a system which tracks, determines and analyze the data from both the publishers as well as the advertiser to give optimize performances.

The advertisers and publishers can view their campaigns statistics and generate values through the online access provided by them. Each and every account is headed by the account manager and he is responsible for the success of the campaigns and the projects under progress.

The Ad Maven supports their customers with the emails, chats, phone, and skype etc. The Ad Maven can bypass the most of the ad block extensions which help to increase your revenue by 25%. The ads from this ad network are of high quality is driven and free from malwares too. They provide timely payments and different payment options too.

Signup process for the Ad Maven Network:

For the Ad MAven advertising Network to get registered with this network is very easy and simple process. First, you needed to fill the form and then submit it. Then you will be sent any email link for activation, after clicking that link your account with ad maven gets activated.

You can simply log in the credentials and then submit your website for generating the ad codes. You need to categorize the website i.e whether it belongs to education, art or something else.

highest paying cpm advertising  network in india

After creating the account with Ad Maven then you needed to add your website. You can add multiple websites too. For monetization, you need to create the tag and then get shortcode for displaying on the website.

highest paying cpm advertising  network in india

In the reports section, you can view the stats of the ad you are viewing the website. You can analyze the reports of the ads and how the ads are driving the results. You can easily configure the site placements. Coming to the payment details they provide 3 types of options for getting paid. They are Paypal, Payoneer, and through wire transfer.

The account manager who is headed by the particular account will drive the best results. They help you to maximize the traffic and as well as revenue too.