If you like to write and if you think you are good at it, you have a great way to make money writing in your hands. Writing skills are one of the most important things for any business nowadays, so you are one step ahead of your competitors.

And here is how you can quickly turn your talent into an income. In many cases, your blog will be the best way to start it. But, in others, you won’t even need one to make money writing.

Join affiliate programs

One of the most common ways to make money out of any blog is by joining affiliate programs. Here is how it works in a nutshell: you will add to your content links pointing to products and writing services, and they will pay you a commission per click, impression, or sales.

Affiliate programs are awesome for those looking for passive income. But be careful not to overdo it on your blog, and make sure that you only sell products and services that you trust. Otherwise, your reputation could be on the line.

Sell sponsored content

If your blog has decent traffic, you should consider selling sponsored content on it. It means that you will change companies to write a review or an article about their portfolio. They are likely to send you instructions about how they want to see themselves featured, and you will check if you are OK with them, of course.

Just remember to make very clear to your audience what is sponsored content and what is not. It is obvious that your text will be more biased when you get paid for it, so your visitors have the right to know what they are getting from you.

Become a freelance writer

Another option that you should consider is becoming a freelance writer. As you are already doing it for your blog, you might as well get paid to create content to other sites or blogs that cover topics that you understand. Using a word count tool can calculate the total character or letter count, sentences, and paragraphs for the text entered in the input box.

If you are interested in it, have a look at freelancing platforms, such as Up work, Freelancer, and Guru, so you can check if it suits you. There you will find several profiles from a freelance writer with all levels of expertise, and job posts from companies and individuals.

Give tuition classes

You can also try something offline and offer tuition classes to people wishing to become a better writer. And it can be as simple as giving them a topic to write about so then you can guide them in the best way to improve it.

Depending on your current situation, you can offer one-to-one or group classes, and you can also focus on grammar and spelling instead of style. Everything can be very flexible in this matter, so it is up to you and them to find a way to meet both interests and conditions.

Create online writing courses

And if you really feel like you have a thing for teaching, you should create online courses focused on writing skills. You can help people to learn how to create a blog post, for example, or how to craft a headline. You can prepare a complete online writing course, from A to Z.

There are several platforms in which you can publish your video courses, such as Udemy and Lynda. Just make sure that you read their guidelines so that you can find your place there with no problems – it has nothing to do with blogging, as you know. Then prepare your curriculum and videos, and that is it.

Publish e-books

Another thing to make money writing that you probably can do without any problem is self-publishing e-books. You already a writer, so choose a topic that you think people could be interested in paying to get to know and get it done.

Then you can prepare it in the right format so it can be accepted for sale by Amazon Kindle, Apple, and others – if you aren’t sure about how to do it, then outsource the service to a graphic designer. All you will have to do it, it is some advertising to ensure that people will know that your e-book is for sale.

The bottom line

As you can see, there are several ways for you to make money writing, either online or offline. Some of them might take a bit more work, but you can get any of them started right now, with no or very little extra resources.

So stop wasting money and choose your favorite solution right now. Your revenue will increase steadily as soon as you start putting you on the move.