Are you looking for building a new profitable online business quickly and effectively? The easiest way is through buy and sell websites online.

If you are the IT expert or the web developer or the webmaster then you can make a quick chance to make money online. You can design the websites of your interest and collect the potential buyer’s list to sell your website or even you can establish an online business at the best price.

According to the recent estimates there had been a high increase in the digital buyers all throughout the world. At present digital products and services had great demand in the market and one can bring a huge revenue form it. If an investor wants to earn surplus revenue from his digital products and services, the best way is to promote or create a new online business world for their brand.

Some of the investors won’t find to create websites instead they opt for buying websites online based on their requirements. They might be the people who are unaware of the technology, the web design part decides to buy websites from their online business reputation. The best and ideal solution to establish their business quickly is made possible through the websites only. Some create websites as a passion, interest or in earning money and sell to the others who are in need. The buyers should select the websites keeping the requirements in mind.

Mostly the IT professionals who are very talented in web designing provides the established websites for sellers. Based on the demand of the websites the sellers can expect a high or good price for their websites.

Buying and selling of websites are generally termed as the website flipping. You can find many marketplaces where you can easily buy and sell websites or blogs. You can find free and premium websites to list your website for buy or sell option.

Before enlisting the buy and sell websites online, here I am sharing the important things which should be remembered before buying and selling websites online.

Things to be remembered before buy and sell websites:

Commission of marketplace:

Before you decide to buy or sell websites you need to check out with the commission’s, whether they are agreeable and transparent. Once the website is sold all the details should be transferred to the buyer so that the buyer can improve so as to increase the performance and revenue.

Check with the traffic report and revenue:

As the buyer of the website you need to know how much traffic does the website gains and the revenue too. BAsed on that statistics one can estimate the functioning of the website. IF the website gets the good traffic it will generate more leads as a result revenue increases. One should quote the price based on that metrics also.

Check whether they provide support after buy and sell websites:

You need to cross check whether they are ready to support you in case of any issues after buying or even selling the websites. It gives you full confidence to buy and sell websites because you might not be well familiar to the errors occurred in earlier stages. As the experience of using the websites, one can face challenges to overcome and rectify it son. So check out whether they will support you or not in case of any issues.

Quote a reasonable price before buy or sell:

As the websites are the revenue generation tool you need to research well before setting the price. Also, check with the potential of the website before taking any buying options.

Check the backlinks:

All the details regarding the websites should be transparent and also check that the website had not been penalized by the Google. You need to check the backlinks, whether they are natural links, or violating the Google webmaster guidelines. Also, check for spammy links which down your website performance.

Best marketplaces to buy and sell websites in 2018:

1. Flippa Website:

Flippa website had established in 2006. It is the #1 leading global marketplace to buy and sell websites online, apps and even domains also. You are provided with different industry related platform websites. Many new websites are added to the catalog every day. If you want to quit blogging then select flippa to sell your website.

If you want to sell your website using flippa then you need to create an account by giving all the necessary details required to set up your account with flippa. According to the estimates, flippa sells nearly 2 million websites every month. THey protect your money and data from the public auction. You can list your established websites with the meaningful data so that the potential buyers can have a look at the revenue and statistics.

It also provides with the best feature to chat with the potential customers and answer their queries directly from the listing.

2. Sedo website:

Sedo is the world’s largest and leading marketplace to buy and sell websites, domains and blogs. Here you can list your website for free but when someone buys your website you need to pay commision. It is the global market leader with respect to domains. One can have the simple, secure and safe payment options.

Sedo is perfect for the companies and startups searching for specific or ideal web addresses. Domain acquisition for the brand product. You can earn money with domain parking. It handles the professional trading of internet domains.

3. eBay Website:

eBay is one of the leading buying and selling platforms globally. It is popular for retail transactions. With eBay, one can sell web designs, templates, websites, apps, and domains etc. It is opted by the many businesses and individuals globally.

4. Website Broker

The website broker was founded in 1997 aims to assist companies and individuals in buying and selling the existing websites. It is a California based company. With the websites, easy interface buyers can opt for fully developed websites whereas on the other hand sellers list their requirements and reach out to the thousands of potential buyers every day.

With this website broker you can expect a good number of bidding auctions for your website. It’s the one the best place to buy and sell websites so that you can enjoy a good trading also.

5. Free Market website:

Free Market website is regarded as the cheapest marketplace in terms of commissions. You can earn 5% commission for every sale done. The aim point is that the success of this marketplace is that it is the powerhouse of potential buyers. It helps millions of entrepreneurs to buy and sell websites.

When compared to other marketplaces it is the perfect platform to buy or sell websites because you can pay only 5% as commission for your sold price.


As an investor or businessman you can buy an established online website for your business from the above-mentioned marketplaces. By implementing proper strategies, you can really make a good money from it. If you really had an online business idea you can convert it into business and earn revenue through the established websites.

To my note there are many marketplaces where you can buy and sell websites, blogs and domains. But Flippa and Sedo websites are very great to target as they would give perfect output to reach your estimated target price.