Today blogging had been dispersed into this vast and huge web very fastly. As bloggers, you need to follow and use proper techniques to build your blogging concept more professionally.

For a blogger to gain a good approach to this website and gain maximum revenue he needs to keep a great interest in monetizing the blogs each and every single space. There are many ways to make your blog a more income source. let’s check best paying CPM ad networks

Here comes a good and more interesting point is that the CPM Ad networks which pay you more than Google Adsense. These CPM Ad Networks enable you to deliver a great amount for you. Now I am going to list you a few of the best paying CPM Ad networks for the financial year. Each and every CPM Ad network is very effective and cannot be compared with one another because they have their own individuality and importance in paying the user.

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Best Paying CPM Ad Networks

Now here I am going to give the readers a brief introduction to the Best Paying CPM Ad Networks. You can calculate the CPM rates using the CPM calculator.

Adbuff CPM Ad Network:

If you are looking for the best alternative for the AdSense then this should be your first preference because it is the highest paying CPM ad network. It pays the highest rates for the CPM banner ads and also provides the best ad units. These CPM ads will pay you for each and every impression made. They pay you more rates for the publisher accounts.

The adbuff CPM ad network had the network for the advertisers too but only for the users who are interested in CPM ads only. These ad networks enable you to double the page impression rates. The real-time dashboards which are updated every second make you take correct decisions in increasing the rates and quality of the ad units too.

They provide you with the 100% fill rate as they need to provide services in a large amount.

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CPM ads with no pop-ups

They maintain the uniqueness for the accounts and manage them. Every publisher can see the ad revenue and performances so that he can do any manipulations or optimization in increasing the rates if necessary. They provide the highest CPM rates for the traffic from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia. They are the best CPM ads with no pop-ups or malicious code and pay you the high rates.

There are various payment options such as PayPal, Payoneer and through wire transfer. For the PayPal account to transfer the money the minimum payout should be 100$, for the Payoneer, it should be 500$ and for the wire transfer also it should be minimum 500$.


  • Minimum traffic per month: 2000 unique visitors per month
  • Payment options: Paypal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer
  • Minimum payout:100$(paypal),500$(payoneer),500$(Wire Transfer)

Criteo CPM Ad Network:

Criteo CPM Ad Network is also one of the best alternatives for the AdSense. I had been searching for the best AdSense and found the criteo as the best one. I was impressed by the criteo serving technique as it leads me to uplift my revenue from the ads. It’s a CPM Based network which enables a publisher to increase the revenue.

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Best CPM Rates

The most and dynamic point with the criteo’s is that the criteos ad serving engine which serves the ads with best and new, accuracy and of highly efficient. This ad serving engine had a good algorithmic approach I giving the user new and good revenue ads. They provide good support for the advertisers and publishers platform in increasing the revenue statistics based on the performances.

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They provide very good and complete ads which are very transparent and helpful in giving the users a high rate for the ads. It’s very easy to sign up and the algorithms will help you to maintain the best CPM rates. They use smarter techniques, better ads and earn more revenue. They monetize the publisher’s traffic and even predict the upcoming benefits too.

Their kinetic designs enable to display the ads in any format and all sizes also. They optimize all the ads and display them as user-friendly and mobile support also.

Adblade CPM Ad Network:

Adblade CPM Ad network provides the best paying CPM ad networks and the most innovative content-style ad platform on the web. Their ad sites are reached to more than 300 million users and they pay to the premium national and local sites only.

They provide the content style formats within the content placements only. It’s the first and the best choice for most of the publishers in monetizing the blog by using the best CPM formula.

The content style ad units earn thrice the normal display ads. It’s the main advantage of the Adblade CPM ad networks. The adblade proprietary technology provides you with a roadmap for the CPM values. With the adblade, you can deliver all the ad formats such as the standard and advanced ad units i.e IAB ad units and 3 X performance ad units will be displayed.

It’s a 100% brand-safe network which makes you get reputed in this advertising network. Adblade gives you a strong control for the inventory to protect from the theft or unauthorized sales. It helps you to get insight into the inventory and check the performances, impressions. Statistics, cost per action, cost per click and also compare the ad sites with other sites and price too.

The CPM calculator makes you know the earning for the impressions made. It’s a good idea to get better conversion rates without any errors or mistakes.

Adsterra CPM Ad Network:

Adsterra CPM Ad Network is a best paying CPM ad networks and the good leading digital company that provides performance-based solutions to the advertisers as well as for the publishers. This ad network serves millions of impressions every month for the publishers. There are high security and good performance maintenance for the ad campaigns. The impressions are geo-specific and targeting to some places only.

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There are providing and expanding their services to many countries throughout the world. They mainly focus on the website and mobile advertising and the ad types include the CPA, CPC and the CPM. The CPM calculator is very efficient in giving you the correct amount you are getting for serving the ads on any website. We can also count the average CPM rates from this for any particular website.

They use some unique and innovative advertising ad techniques to make a good monetization from those CPM ad units. They also connect the advertisers and publishers together when both of them want profits on the same ad formats. They also provide ads in different sizes and format which helps them to maximize the revenue.

Make money online advertising for the adsterra ad units helps to make a good revenue for the publishers. The publisher account to be approved should have at least 5000 impressions to qualify the pop-under ads. The site should have at least 5000 impressions to qualify for the banner ads.

The traffic gained from the website should be genuine and only the legitimate content should be displayed to get approved for the account of the publishers.

UberCPM Ad Network:

The UberCPM ad network is one of the best paying CPM ad networks mainly for the publishers. This ad network gives its users a free sign up bonus of 1$ eCPM. The most leading CPM Ad networks enables the publishers to earn more revenue. The main theme of this ad network is to reduce the complex issues and deliver the simplified CPM advertising networks for the publishers.

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For the publisher, the account gets approved very fast and the payout I through PayPal which is on a monthly basis. The minimum payout is 25$. The best CPM formula enables the publishers to share 80% of revenue.

The advertiser will drive the traffic through the leading CPM ad network units. One CPM ad unit adds one CPM ad code can be served to an unlimited number of websites to monetize.

We can launch the campaigns very fastly and self-serving of the ad units. We can get high quality and high conversation traffic as the advertiser. This ad network works fine for all the genuine websites and earns money. This ad network does not require any traffic and simply calculate the CPM based on the impressions only.

The payments are done on a regular basis without any delay. We can also get a referral bonus for signing up others i.e 10%. The CPM calculator enables you to count the exact measure of the amount you’re are getting for serving any type of ads in your websites.


  • Minimum traffic per month: no limit
  • Payment Options: Paypal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer
  • Minimum Payout:25$

Get Campaign Cost using CPM Calculator

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