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5 best free bitcoin mining software apps in 2018

Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the digital world. It is the completely decentralized digital payment system without any third party involvement, unlike traditional payments. You can find multiple ways to earn bitcoins. Earning or bitcoin trading is not crucial you need to learn or know the ups and downs of the bitcoin market price, how it varies and then investor decide to buy or sell bitcoin.

In simple terms bitcoin trading can be signified as the buy or sell bitcoin through and bitcoin exchange marketplaces. Bitcoin is not a paper cash, it is completely digital assets which is managed only through online payments. There is no need to pay extra charges for doing transactions for bitcoins as there is no third party all the data is decentralized.

Now let’s go in deep about the bitcoin mining software apps which help you to earn free bitcoins.

What does bitcoin mining software actually means?

Bitcoin mining hardware actually handles the bitcoin mining process but whereas the bitcoin mining software is the mining software which connects you to the mining pool or the bitcoin miner. This software connects you to the mining location to drag a quick response of bitcoins. You can earn free bitcoins with the support of different operating systems as well.

Bitcoin mining software is a software which delivers the mining work to the bitcoin network and also receives the completed tasks from the other miners on the network. It monitors the input and output of the miners while displaying the statistics such as speed of the miner, hashrate, fan speed and temperature etc.

A digital wallet for free bitcoin mining

Before using any bitcoin mining software you need have a bitcoin wallet where your bitcoins are stored. The bitcoin mining software aks for the wallet address to send your rewards and payments. If you had created a wallet then bitcoin address will be generated automatically. It can be used by rewards and payments.

If you are very good at earning free bitcoins every day then you need to opt a more secure wallet for storing of your earnings. Hardware wallet is the more secure bitcoin wallet than the online wallet. Once you are ready with the bitcoin wallet and address then you can mine software with different operating systems.

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If you are more interested in entering the cryptocurrency world to earn more free bitcoins then I will suggest you the best bitcoin mining tools for your windows PC.

Best bitcoin mining software apps in 2018

Here are the best bitcoin mining software windows apps. You can use the bitcoins in real-world transactions.

1. Bitcoin Miner app

Bitcoin Miner app is the most popular and trending app on the Microsoft store. It is the best bitcoin mining tool where you can earn bitcoins with your computer and exchange for the real world currency. The bitcoin miner app is had a very neat and user-friendly interface with a series of features to track your profit margins.

The mining process will run only in an open window. The bitcoin mining process will be automatically paused if you minimize or lock your screen on PC. The app also includes the ads and you can download for free. While using the bitcoin miner app your computer may be suffering from the severe heat, so you need to use or install the cooling software.

Bitcoin miner download for free at the Microsoft store. You need to perform complex calculations known as hashes where you can yield bitcoins. Many people join the mining pool to earn more bitcoins, hashes value is increased with shares.

Features of Bitcoin Miner App

  • It is easy to use interface, supports GPU and CPU mining.
  • It provides the profitability reports.
  • It uses power saving mode and night mode to save consumption power.
  • With mining pool support you can increase the hashes value known as shares.
  • It supports directX 10 & 11 GPU mining, x*6 & x64 SSE2 assembly CPU mining.
  • SHA- 256d & Scrypt support.

2. MultiMiner App:

Multiminer app is a desktop application for crypto mining and monitoring on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux. It is used for switching individual devices from cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. It uses the BFGMiner to detect available hardware and presents and user-friendly interface to choose the coins you like to mine.

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The Multiminer app is the perfect software for the new miners and users as well. You can dig best and profitable reports with the advanced mining techniques which required no configuration.

Features of Multiminer app

  • It is designed to cater services to both new miners and power users.
  • With the multiminer remoting you can find the bitcoin mining software will fit for your needs.
  • No configuration is required.
  • It does automatic detection of network devices, remote monitoring, control multiminer rigs on the network with both of your PC and smartphone.
  • You will be getting alerts about the profitable margins about the mining.
  • Stratum proxy helps you to detect other miners at the multiminer software.
  • With just one click you can update all install for the MultiMIner app.
  • It is the Profitable GUI mining software with outstanding results.


EasyMiner app is the greatest place to kickstart your bitcoin mining process. Easyminer is a graphical open source mining software for mining bitcoins, litecoins, and other cryptocurrencies. It a quality mining software with simplicity in mind. You can mine various crypto coins with the help of ccminer, minerd, cgminer sessions by using a powerful Pc and ASIC hardware.

It prevents the double spending problem and refreshes the wallet every 2 hours. It also stops or prevents the unknown mining process in your network. It supports all types of coins based on the Sha256 and Scrypt algorithm. This tool helps to monitor your mining activities. It also displays the hash rate, total shares invalid/valid in the past hour ensuring maximum transparency.

Features of EasyMiner:

  • It is designed very simply with a neat, clean and user friendly interface.
  • It had a log window for maximum transparency regarding the mining process.
  • It supports a powerful stats bar, a market cap banner, a wallet and a chat window etc.
  • With the chat window you can connect with the most experienced persons on the mining.
  • The market cap bar updates you about the changes and price in the cryptocurrency markets.
  • With the moneymaker mode you can start mining without wasting your time.
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4. Free bitcoin miner app

The free bitcoin miner app is the hybrid cloud bitcoin mining software. This app will help you to stop searching in your mobile phone about the bitcoin mining. The smartphone could not mine bitcoin because it requires high-end computing GPU for mining.

Now you need to say bye for the mobile bitcoin mining because here comes the hybrid solution for bitcoin mining. Here you can develop the AI solution to split the problem into small tasks and compute them very easily on your phone, send them back to the cloud servers.

Features of Free Bitcoin Mining:

  • It is based on the cloud servers for computing.
  • No app purchase is required.
  • No subscription fee or any other hidden charges.
  • Just install and collect your bitcoin.

5. Genesis Bitcoin Mining App:

Genesis bitcoin mining is a very good approach to make money online without any major investment. There is no hardware or software involvement in making money on daily basis. Its service is accessible to everyone and no expensive equipment is required. You need to select the desired power and generate revenue.

The application is very secured to earn crypto coins. Every day the mining starts after the payment is confirmed.

Features of Genesis bitcoin mining

  • You can withdraw the amount instantly.
  • You can view all the mining related information at any place and at any time.
  • You can decide which mining pools you want to hashrate to mine in.
  • It is highly secured app with Google authentication.
  • It requires no hidden fee or commissions and every single transaction is visible to you.


The bitcoin mining software helps you to generate good and profitable bitcoins. If you want to make money online, you can use any of the above-mentioned bitcoin mining software tools. These tools will help you to make out profitable revenue. Without any investment, you can try out possible ways to earn free bitcoins.

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