Before going on with the bitcoin apps and how it works?

Let’s learn about what does the bitcoin actually mean and how does it help for the business transactions.

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency which opens worldwide payment systems. It’s the first decentralized digital currency in the market as it functions without the administrator or even banks. The bitcoin provides a peer to peer connections without any intermediate for securing the transactions.

Bitcoin was an open-source software which was invented by the unknown person named Satoshi Nakamoto. The transactions are done on a highly secured platform and are verified by the network nodes as well as recorded in the public distributed ledger known as a blockchain. Those bitcoins are used or traded for the good and services with the vendors who accept the bitcoins for the payment.

What does free bitcoin mining?

Bitcoins are created as the reward for the process known as mining. Free Bitcoin mining is termed as the process where the transactions are verified and added to the public ledger known as the blockchain. Anyone who uses the internet can access mining. Bitcoin mining involves the compiling of recent transactions and solving the puzzles to get rewarded.

With the help of free bitcoin mining, you can earn free bitcoins without putting your money and converted into different currencies as you like. By spending a small amount of time in playing the video game or writing articles at the possible of bitcoin generator. Miners are the one who earns bitcoin in the process of mining.

Earn bitcoin free by spending just a few hours on the internet. No investment is required from your end. You cannot see the bitcoins like paper currency, we can see only in the digital format where the transactions fees are very limited. Many people nowadays prefer to use bitcoin because of the fewer transaction fees. Many big vendors for their business transactions convert the money into bitcoins and use them for their business growth.

The bitcoin generator can be done with the following steps.

  • First, you need to install the bitcoin wallet to your personal system or mobile and then generate the bitcoin address which can be shared with your friends for payments. For security reasons, you need to use this bitcoin generator address only once.
  • The blockchain is the shared public ledger where your transactions are verified and the entire bitcoin network relies on.
  • Your transactions with the free bitcoin mining are secured with the private keys or seeds.
  • Mining is the processing of transactions.
  • Trading automatically with bitcoin billionaire, similarly to other great auto trading robots, like Bitcoin Revolution or Immediate Edge.

The following are the best bitcoin generator apps for the year 2018:

Bitbns: Bitcoin Trading Exchange

Bitbns is bitcoin trading app launched in 2017, now it is leading cryptocurrency trading exchange app in India, using this app we can trade 73 cryptocurrencies.

However, you can use bitbns wallet to deposit to INR and you can purchase any currency in the exchange, Now they launched BNS tokens to reduce trading fees. It will benefit user a lot you can reduce trading fee drastically by purchasing BNS tokens.

Bitbns launches one billion tokens sale in four phases in 2020, the last phase completed on 10th May 2020, now they are planning to go for open sale(6 per cent of tokens will be available in an open sale).  If you miss buying BNS tokens in four-phase you can buy now in open sale, current token price is 0.032$ in INR 2.54. use this link to purchase tokens and start invest in bitcoin.

Recently, bitbns launched a new feature in their exchange, using Fixed income plan(FIP). They offer 10.5 interest rate for 30 days if you hold USDT in your FIP wallet.

Currently, they are only accepting bitcoin, ethereum and USDT coins for FIP plan. You can also use bit droplet app to invest your money in a systematic investment plan.

Simply, create your goal on bit droplet and select minimum amount 1$ to invest daily, weekly or monthly to buy bitcoin.

Wazirx: Bitcoin Trading Exchange

wazirx send an email on 21st Nov 2019 that they are open for cryptocurrency trading worldwide, and they also mention that more you trade more you will earn wazirx tokens.

They announced one billion wazirx coins for their traders, you can mine wazirx tokens simply registering your account on wazirx exchange and start trading to unlock the tokens. The fees at WazirX are what we call flat fees, meaning that makers and takers are charged the same fee. WazirX’s fees are 0.20% for both takers and makers

The most popular trading exchange Binance acquired wazirx company, this positive news makes wazirx coins 10x profit for traders. currently, wazirx coins are trading high volume in Binance exchange.

If you want to mine wazirx coins, simply register using this link and start trading to acquire the coins.

Magic Bitcoin: Free Bitcoin Mining android app

The magic bitcoin is the app which is used to earn free bitcoins and can exchange between bitcoin to magic bitcoin, magic bitcoin to bitcoin also. It’s the biggest and safest bitcoin generator app where more than 2 lakh users are trusting it. The magic bitcoin wallet is highly secured with many parameters like OTP verification, 6 digit pin verification. You can even buy and sell the magic bitcoin from bitcoin.

The magic bitcoin uses the pos+pow technology, 50,000,000 coins are supplied and magic bitcoin app is the trading source for the magic bitcoins. The price of the MB depends on the buyer and seller only and the trading is done in bitcoins. It’s very simple and easy to send and receive magic bitcoins. The only thing required is the MB wallet address where he is sending or receiving MB.

The Magic Bitcoin company is giving 50% profits to the Indian Army every year.

Black folio Bitcoin and Altcoin bitcoin android app:

It’s a private based company in Los Angeles which provides mobile management services. Its the #1 tracking app for monitoring the blockchains based on digital assets like bitcoins.

The block folio bitcoin use the simple and easy tools for management, and for keeping all the cryptocurrency transactions in a highly secure manner. You can get an entire portfolio of different currencies in one place.

  • The portfolio overview where you can view all the blockchain assets and detailed information of the bitcoins.
  • Price notifications are pushed whenever there is a change in the bitcoins or reached a certain threshold.
  • You can get the charts and order book for every coin.
  • You can get the latest information about the bitcoins from the magazines.
  • You can easily track more than 2000 cryptocurrencies.
  • New Altcoins are added on a regular basis.
  • It provides support for 30 exchanges.
  • You can view your portfolio in 30 different currencies.

Zebpay Bitcoin India: Bitcoin generator

The Zebpay Bitcoin is India’s most trusted leading exchange for earning bitcoins for more than 1 million users. This zebpay bitcoin has been entered into the many famous companies such as The Times of India, The Indian Express, and many more well-reputed companies. Anyone can use the web pay bitcoin wallet to buy or sell the bitcoins very easily with an instant message.
Features :

  • You can get your credits transferred much faster when you pay the zebpay bitcoin wallet.
  • They provide fast transaction processing by giving the best rate for the buy and sell of the bitcoins.
  • You can buy bitcoin instantly for the low amount with the zebpay bitcoin wallet.
  • You can see the details of the transaction of your accounts.
  • You can see the bitcoin rates from the home screen widget.
  • You can trade bitcoins i.e set bid value for the bitcoins and you can buy it automatically when it reached that value.
  • Bitcoins free: You can earn bitcoins free up to 50000 rs by referring the zebpay bitcoin.


  • With the Zebpay bitcoin wallet you no need to worry about the bitcoin wallet address of the receipt just contact number si enough to send or receive the bitcoins free.
  • It secures your transactions with a four-digit pin.


  • Zebpay bitcoin is made available for the android and ios devices only.
  • This app is less secure as there is no pin system unless you do configure the settings for setting the pin.
  • If you used to transfer money to zebpay using a payment gateway then it took high amount of convenience fee.

Unocoin Bitcoin Wallet: Earn Bitcoin Android

The Unocoin is India’s leading bitcoin exchange company with more than 100000 users. You can make your transactions, buy, sell, store very securely with the unicorn. The main feature of the unicorn is to bring bitcoins to millions. In the Fintech India list, it was featured top 20 out of 350 companies.It raised 1.5 million USD in the pre-series A funding from the top most companies. It is a member of NASSCOM.


  • It requires registration and verification.
  • Buy/Sell and transact in bitcoin free.
  • You can accept and request bitcoin.
  • You can deposit and withdraw INR.
  • You can do Mobile/DTH recharges with the bitcoins using this unocoin
  • You can get bitcoin SIP subscription.(Systematic Investment Plan)


  • Just 200 rs is enough to open your account.
  • KYC verification is done very quickly and fast.
  • The buy and sell rates are very less when compared with zebpay bitcoin.
  • It provides the app as well as web feature for trading the bitcoins free.
  • Security is done with the two-factor authentication and money can be loaded using the Pay U money very easily and fast.


  • Pay u money wallet limits amount 20000 is only so you cannot transfer beyond this.
  • Transferring of the payments with the unicorn is very painful as they won’t lock the transactions even for a minute and the price changes accordingly.

Coinsecure free bitcoin android app:

The insecure bitcoin app was designed very elegantly to provide a good experience for the buy and sell the option of the bitcoins in India.


  • Here trading is based on the booked orders for buy or sell of the bitcoins.
  • It is highly secured in the Pin lock.
  • On the timeline, you can see full transaction history.
  • You can instantly convert the INR to bitcoins and bitcoins to INR.
  • You wanna do deposits and withdraws in Indian rupees.


  • The pricing rates for the bull/sell at coin secure makes it the best option for trading bitcoins free.
  • It provides a real-time platform to see the open ledgers.
  • 0.3 % is the transaction fee on the coin secure which is very less when compared to other bitcoin trades.


  • The UI is very difficult to understand for the newbies.
  • Payment gateways are not integrated to transfer money very fast.
  • The security is very less when compared to the zebpay bitcoin.