Jquery is a part of designing which makes the website look great for interactive responses.It made the blog to be accessed quickly,easier and faster.It has an excellent java script library for interactive designs of the site.Using jquery makes you feel simple in performing any type of functionality such as form filling,image gallery,animation effects as well it will totally explore your website to its user to a great extent.It allows prototyping with a minimum piece of code available.Plugins are added as an advantage in order to extend the behaviour of the site.jquery plugins does the same which will reduce and save a lot of time,space and effort.

The best Jquery plugins are listed based on their functionalities:

Filling of the forms manually takes a lot of time and its boring.If thier is no validations on client side it is useless and need it to fill for the second time.In order to save time and effort their are some in built plugins which does the action when we add them.

Icheck jquery plugin:

  • This plugin makes your form controls customize easily
  • It performs the work of checkboxes and radio buttons smoothly and easier.
  • It works fine both for desktop as well as mobile devices.
  • Icheck jquery plugin has 32 options and 9 methods to carry out the data programmatically.
  • We can use any type of html and css in your page .
  • In order to manage any changes to the checkboxes and radiobuttons we have 11 callbacks.
  • It is a lightweight size component(1 kb).

We have checkboxes and radio buttons.Operations are performed on them with respect to the user clicks ie add,remove disable,enable,destroy the checkboxes and radio buttons.You are provided with different types of skins to represent your active checkboxes and radio buttons.They are minimal skin,line skin,polaris skin,square skin,flat skin and futurico skin .
It works like a constructor and wraps every input element with div.



  • Complexify is a jquery plugin that establishes a strength to the passwords.
  • It focus on the percentage of passwords how good it is.
  • It enables us to have passwords with much security.It includes upper case ,lower cases letters, special characters ,numbers all were included to make the passwords strong.

Pickadate plugin:

  • Pickadate plugin provides a responsive data selection widget .
  • It is mobile friendly and makes your work simple.
  • It is very easy to use and customized with css.We have to include js file and style in your page and input the pickadate to your input element so that you can have your data selection widget on the screen.


  • It is a powerful widget for the drop down menus.
  • Here we can chose the selected one with multiple options.it is easy to customize and have a lot of callback features.
  • Using this plugin we have selection as well as delete it, we can also hide on single selects of the input.
  • We can also limit the selected options,selecting from right to left.one can observe how the changes take place while updatng and deestroying the form fields..

Autotab Jquery Plugin:

  • Autotab is one of the jquery plugin which helps you in tabbing the text fields in a form.
  • The focus to next field is shifted as soon the maximum number of characters it reached.
  • It helps you to avoid use of tab every time where the next element is to be focused.
  • If you want to clear the text in any field , on doing so it will retain the focus in the previous element.
  • Auto tabbing restricts bad data to be submitted in your form by filtering.It works logically in traverse the form elements bi directionally.

Elastic Jquery Plugin:

  • Elastic Jquery plugin is the best plugin which enlarges your text area when you are typing.
  • It will help you to display more information in your text area.

In Field Labels:

  • In field labels plugin is the best plugin to put your form content secretly.
  • This plugin places the labels inside the fields which will appear when the field is focussed.
  • This field labels will disappear automatically when you are entering the fields information.
  • The label will appear when the information is erased.
  • This plugin helps your form to look great and decent.
  • It also saves space in your page.

Jquery Alphanumeric plugin:

  • Alpha numeric plugin is the best plugin for restricting the data entered into test area and text fields.
  • It will help you to have what data is to be pushed into the fields.this plugin makes some unwanted signs in to your form..

Masked Input Plugin:

  • Masked input plugin finds to be good when you need to enter data of fixed width especially for entering date, phone numbers ,pin numbers etc.
  • The width is fixed depending on the type of data to be entered.If the user unexpectedly enters any wrong information it won’t accept.
  • Here we are masking the input to a particular type.