How to use binary conditions in JavaScript?

Today I will explain how to use binary conditions in JavaScript, There are two binary conditions we use mostly, let us see in detail.
1. &&  Binary ‘AND’ returns true if the both values are true.
2. ||  Binary ‘OR’ returns true if either value is true.

Now we will check the examples for both the conditions

Now we will look over the functions in javascript, how to create the function and reuse the function in JavaScript.

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Now we will start the function with the actual keyword function follows the function name indicates briefly what’s going in the process.
Now we will see the syntax for the function below

Now how to write efficiency functions which helps conserve memory and storage operations.

Now we can use above function as many as you want .
1. addition( 4 ,5);  output 9.
2. addition( 6 ,5);  output 11.

Thanks for reading this article.

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