For making your dropshipping business awesome you need to target on using the powerful add-ons which drive impeccable results to your website. Alidropshipping Plugin provides the add-ons which save your money as well as time, effort into your dropshipping business

Among the powerful add-ons, the social rabbit is the #1 Alidropshipping Plugin add-on for auto-running and auto promoting of your website on several social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Social Rabbit Add-on

With the social rabbit add-on, you can enjoy at most as is supports the auto promotion of your posts on the social profiles. It provides 24 hours hassle-free promotion to your websites. As a result, your website content can reach millions in a few days. The rabbit hops on the niche communities where your accounts get linked, following comments on the users’ posts.

With the social rabbit add-on, your website conversions and traffic grows very rapidly.

Here is the list of features why the social rabbit stands as the best revolutionary marketing tool among plenty.


  • It supports integrations with the most popular social sharing networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.
  • This add-on finds the relevant content in your niche and posts in your social accounts automatically.
  • You can post the images from the prepared photo base or gallery.
  • This add-on helps to add the descriptions, hashtags and links.
  • This add-on ensure you the stable growth and conversion rates.
  • It provides 24 hours support.
  • It works on autopilot.
  • This add-on saves your time and money.
  • Only a few minutes to get install this powerful add-on.

After creating the website and adding the add-ons it’s very simple to active on all the social networks. You can customize the settings to your need i.e set the time to display the posting ad, recurring integral time period etc.

Facebook Business Add-on:

With the advanced and rapidly growing marketing automation which gives a boost to your retargeting campaigns is the Facebook Business add-on. It’s the most efficient marketing automation tool designed to sync the web store with the facebook product catalog which makes a smoother experience for promotion with it.

With the Alidropshipping Plugin facebook business add-on, you can make sure that your customers can see only the related products on Facebook and Instagram feed. The ads displayed are more likely which appear on the website so that you can gain visitors to your web store.

Benefits of Facebook Business:

  • By displaying the dynamic ads you can get sell of your products from the product catalog.
  • You can increase the customers attention towards your product catalogs with the surprising offers and benefits.
  • You can spark the interest of your customers who had browsed the products on the web store.
  • With the facebook business add on your can drive more demand to your website.

Features of the Facebook Business:

  • With the Facebook Business you can create the product catalog in one click.
  • You can set up automatic product catalog updates.
  • You can product recommendations to your target audience.
  • By showing the ads across the different devices let people know your products.
  • You can see the vivid interface and can be integrated to WooCommerce.

Abandoned Cart Add-on:

With the Alidropshipping Plugin abandonment cart add-on, you can gradually decrease the shopping cart abandonment rate by sending automatic email reminders to the website visitors who added products to the cart but didn’t do any purchases.

The abandonment cart gives a call back to the potential customers to come back and complete the checkout process.Its the call to action tool which enables you to gain the revenue lost. With the abandonment cart, you can gain the orders lost with fewer efforts.


  • You can recover the lost visitors by asking them to revisit the web store again to checkout.
  • You can personalize your clients buying experience.
  • It runs automatically without any distortions.

Features of Abandonment Cart:

  • You can make use of the stats to track the Abandonment cart dynamics.
  • You can check the details of orders your customers left without purchase.
  • You can add unlimited number of your own email templates.
  • The email templates are completely customizable to your need.
  • You can add the promotional materials to the emails sent.

Customers Gallery Add-on

The customers gallery is the free add-on which comes with Ali Dropshipping plugin.

With the Alidropshipping Plugin customer’s gallery add-on, you can know your customers that your products on the web store are of high quality.

With this add-on, you can motivate your website visitors by showing them the real experience of your visitors looks in real life by sharing the images of your happy customers. You need to increase the level of trust towards to your website.


  • You can inspire trust in your clients.
  • You need to let your customers share their buying experience.
  • You can enjoy the passive income flow.

Features of the Customers Gallery

  • You can create unlimited number of galleries.
  • You can link customers photos to your website products.
  • You can customize your customer’s gallery and can add your own text in it.

Countdown Timer Add-on:

With the full-featured countdown timer plugin, you can take your website to next level. The conversion rates are very good and no need to worry about missing them. You can make your customers feel excited by keeping limited time offers which enhance their shopping experience. You can have the vivid interface and professional design for the three templates to choose from. You can get the sales boost to a lot extent.


  • To trigger sales you can create a sense of urgency.
  • You can run flash sales to convert more visitors to sales.


  • You can get profit from the customization options and wide range of settings.
  • You can turn timers on and off with a single switch.
  • You can place timers on all specific categories, products and home pages.
  • You can restart the timer after the end of the date.
  • You can edit the number of discounted products for sale.
  • It’s very easy to install and compatible with WooCommerce.

Recent sales Pop-Up

You can get maximize the profits, social conversions with the killer social proof app i.e. recent sales pop up. It will turn unwilling visitors into loyal customers and can experience a hassle-free solution on using this add-on.

You can get pop up notifications about the sales. You need to engage your customers on your web store. This add-on will help you to increase the trust factor, increase the purchase ideas and drive robust conversions to your website.


  • You can boost your product visibility.
  • You can more credibility to your web store.
  • You can make your website look worthy and trusty.
  • You can create a positive outlook and appealing nature among the customers.


  • You can choose any customers country, city, name to be shown in the notifications.
  • You can pick all or some items to be shown in the recent sales pop up add on.
  • You can randomize the time for a true experience.
  • Easy interface, highly customizable and needs one click for installation.
  • It supports mobile friendly and compatible with WooCommerce.

AliDropship Chrome extension Add-on

In order to use the Alidropship chrome extension, you need to install the extension to the Chrome browser. This is a manual approach where you need to import the products manually by going simply to the AliExpress store and select the individual products. After adding the chrome extension you need to select the shipping method, ship to country and currency. You need to keep your aliExpress account activate and then select the type of shipping, here I had selected the ePacket, ship to US and currency.

You can select the ePacket free shipping service. You can go straight to the Aliexpress and find your required ePacket product for importing and editing. You can edit all the text, customize the image according to your need.
Alidropshipping ePacket


If you want your dropshipping business to be very successful and increase the popularity, the above methods add-ons are very helpful. Your dropshipping business becomes very easy and simplified with the beautiful features of the add-ons.