Do you want to a cloud engineer, then fulfill your dream right now as the world is wide open to the cloud technology.

The cloud computing is a very deep, technical which requires cloud engineer to get well versed into the cutting edge of the cloud technology. One should properly think before getting into this, as it is very complex at the same time can easily be used to create the applications by solving the complexity.

It is the perfect paradigm for the businesses and enterprises to deliver the data and applications.

There had been many predictions that by 2025 all the applications are using the cloud technology.

As a beginner to the cloud even if you are expert in any discipline it would be a great advantage to become a successful cloud engineer.

Here is the mixture of operations, software, and Architecture needed by the cloud engineer.

Key skills projected to become a cloud engineer:

As a cloud engineer, one should be aware of the pros and cons of building and running the software in any cloud architecture. It also requires the programming, scripting, and specific language skills to be a cloud engineer.

You also need to check with the best cloud providers in the market to deploy any of your application

One needs to know the basics things behind the cloud technology.

What does a cloud engineer needs basically?

1. Familiar with AWS, Azure, Openstack:

To be a cloud engineer one should be very much familiar with the AWS, Azure or with the Open stack technologies. It means that if you are expert in using one stack, your knowledge can be extended in other sections for designing the softwares etc.

2. Web Services, APIs, REST, RPC

The cloud Architecture is completely based on the APIs and Web Services too. If you are very expert on using them and you can master your skills on to the cloud fundamentals.3. Virtualization, Storage and Networking

Particularly in the cloud computing technology these skills are very essential to design and operate the applications and data. Beyond this you need to possess the programming background because it form a strong foundation to become a cloud engineer.

4. Disaster Recovery and Redundancy:

You need to operate the cloud in a successful manner without the data loss and duplicate you need to know the few terminology and methodologies associated to it.

To be the best cloud engineer he needs to possess strong technical skills, ability to think through business use cases and he should be very interesting to learn new tools and technology.

According to the World Public IT cloud service revenue will be 127$ billion by 2018. It may increase to $167 billion by 2020.

So if you want to get into the cloud industry apart from the above skills, you need to possess strong programming skills as well.

Here are the list of compiled programming skills required for the cloud engineer to be successful.

Few more skills required for the cloud engineer:

5. Strong Database skills:

Today companies kept an eye on the IT professionals database to recruit the people who had strong skills in managing, storing and accessing the data. Almost all the databases are hosted on the cloud platforms, so you need to know the databases query language as well. You need to learn SQL, MYSQL, and Hadoop.

6. Programming skills:

Cloud computing is a new addon to the developing environment. Developers need to build, deploy and manage the applications to scale the capabilities of the cloud. The programming languages like Python, Perl ruby came into prominence in the cloud ecosystem. Where Python is a good programming language to build your right cloud career.

7.Linux skills:

At present the demand for cloud professionals with Linux skills is very high. Because of 25% of servers that power Azure are Linux based.No many companies are looking for the professionals in architect, design, build, administrator and maintain Linux servers in the cloud environment.

If you want to the administrator of the Linux server you need to possess the skills in Linux which can be adhered from the Linux Foundation Certified Systems Administrator.

8. DevOps skills:

DevOps is a developmental Operations to build complete software lifecycle for any project. It is a very good framework in the cloud computing industry to understand what it is and how one can work to make it of great use.

9. Quality Assurance skills:

The software which is developed and produced by all the developers and producers should meet the quality standards and it should accept.

10. Information Security Skills:

One should possess the CISSP i.e Certified Information Systems Security professional certificate in the cloud computing world. It helps to secure the assets, property identification, management, and software development security.

My Final Thoughts about cloud engineer:

People safe several problems while reaching their goal. There are several approaches to become a cloud engineer. One comes from databases, architects, developers or system administrators whatever the specialization may be. But one should reach their final predetermined goal.

Be watchful and ready to reach to the sky in engineering the cloud.

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