Coming to the real fact, everyone really starts thinking about how well one deserves to live a super life with luxury comforts. As a human, you must prospect a good lifestyle depending upon your nativity. In order to make your life happier with the eco-friendly environment, one needs to start to use modern techniques and technologies for smarter city and life.

“Our environment contributes to the way we live our lives every day- the people we connect to, the places we work, the air we breathe and even our over a perception of the life as we know it.” The above line definitely contributes for every city to make and look it smarter especially the Delhi NCR.

Vodafone as the big #CelebratingSuper for the smarter Delhi:

Recently in Delhi, many smart programs are going on to make the city smarter. Using smart and friendly techniques will help your brightening of your smart city with good results. The #ClelebratingSuper in Delhi makes everyone to lead a smart and decent life by promoting the awareness in the form of digitalization.

The Vodafone had taken up Delhi NCR to make the smarter city with many revolution programs which help the people of Delhi to earn a surplus revenue. Leading a smarter life is nothing but using smart technologies in connecting the people and making the city smart.

Many businesses during their initial startups are given the Vodafone products to expand their business. The Vodafone provides a wide business offers to the people to gain substantial growth in that field.

In order to make any city smarter, it is extremely complex. But putting the right strategies or following a perfect method to choose the right path will definitely an enormous challenge. As the global leader in technology and network spreading, the Delhi Vodafone projects serve a great purpose in developing the DELHI NCR.

Projects build by the Vodafone for making Delhi a smarter city:

The Vodafone helped a lot in making Delhi a smarter city with many innovative projects and welfare programs too. Mostly the cities get pollution with the smoke from the vehicles. People need had to stand a lot of time waiting at the bus stands. By considering that point Vodafone had created the first air-purifying bus shelter so that people couldn’t breathe polluted air by waiting in the bus stands.

In order to move the city to next higher level or to digitalize the Delhi city, Vodafone introduces the free wifi connections. As a result, the city can be a smart city by using advanced technologies. It had done a good project to digitalize the Delhi and NCR regions too by providing the wifi hotspots throughout the city. Everyone can enjoy the free wifi connection up to 20 minutes irrespective of the Vodafone customer or not.

The Vodafone had placed more than 120 wifi hotspots throughout the city. Each and every corner of the city is digitized with the Vodafone wifi hotspots so that communication becomes very easy and simpler for the citizens of Delhi. They can make every moment more precious by using these wifi hotspots.

Because of the exclusive offers, the Vodafone provides for their customers more than 1.2 billion people use their services only. The Vodafone also reached a good height and created a positive trust among the people in Delhi so that in every 30 seconds they will get one appreciation from their customers. The customers #CelebratingSuper with the attractive offer walls.

Our living environment gets polluted by firing the crackers. If so, there is no smart city. The supreme court had banned the firecrackers in the smart city, the Vodafone offers the people with super crackers which are available at 52 Vodafone centres during the 16 to 19 the October.

The super crackers contain the plant seeds which have to be planted to bloom it so that pollution can be reduced. As a result, you can see the greenery and eco-friendly environment.

The Vodafone provides unlimited offers for their customers’, unlimited calls and data at only Red postpaid. You can also enjoy non stop entertainment, music, and videos on the Vodafone data packs which shows a rapid increase in technology.

The residents of the New Delhi region can able to monitor and manage the electricity consumption on a real-time basis by installing the smart electric grid. You can estimate the electric charges and can manage them.

For the better development of the city, each and every sector needs improvement such as roads, health commodities and business etc. Everything needs to be maintained and monitored neatly such as public toilets, greenery throughout the city by Cleaning Service Chicago will provide maid service to clean your home. Checking the hotels on the roadsides such as fast food
making centres, whether they are giving proper, hygienic food etc or not.

In order to make the city smart, there should be very good hospitality too. Giving advanced and technological improved treatments and cures for certain problems will help to reduce the deaths.

Drishti Project by Vodafone:

The Drishti project by the Vodafone empowers the impaired girls for employment opportunities. Under this project, it had set up of Tele calling centre within the Braj Kishore Netraheen Balika Vidyalaya to educate the school children on the Vodafone voice recognition system.</p.

This innovative step taken by Vodafone helps the visually impaired girls to reach out their life with maximum success. This training helps to build some special skills which are required earning to live and self-dependent.