Startups typically have a limited budget when it comes to marketing. So, new business owners need to find the best ways to attract new clients.

Pay Per Click (PPC) may be one of the most effective channels for acquiring new customers if you do it right. There are so many online marketing strategies available these days that it’s hard to choose where to start when launching a startup.

Here are the main reasons and tips for making PPC the top of your list when building your business on a limited budget.

Why Can PPC Be Useful for Your Startup?

Launching a new business doesn’t mean you’ll become a millionaire in a split second. It’s more connected with high risks and low pay, especially in the very beginning. You may already know that over 80% of startups fail within the first year.

Have you ever heard about FailCon? It’s a global conference aimed at sharing real stories of failed startups. So, there is a lot to be studied before your business grows and becomes successful.

Money is the number one issue for the majority of small businesses. Should you throw a chunk of your startup budget towards a PPC campaign or just ignore it? If you ignore PPC, your startup can lose plenty of prospective business and its future growth will unlikely be fast and successful. A PPC campaign can be a useful tool towards building your small company into a prosperous business and offer you a chance to make money with PPC. Here are the main tips to help you get started.

Learn More about PPC

The first and the most important tip for every entrepreneur is to start with learning more information about PPC and how it works. This will not only help you avoid losing your money with this campaign but also give you extra knowledge on how to properly manage and optimize PPC for your startup. Lack of information about paid search campaigns may cause your startup to fail.

So, make sure you study about optimization and management of PPC not to waste your limited budget on mistakes. You may begin by studying the basics of Google AdWords, fundamentals of structuring your account, finding the right keywords, defining your bids as well as optimizing your account on a continuous basis.

How a PPC Campaign Can Make Your StartUp Grow

  • Appear on the first page of Google search. Getting there provides a steady stream of targeted traffic to your company website. But it can often take several months to wait for ranking in organic search. If you want to get to the top of Google search, you should launch a Google AdWords campaign. You may find various tutorials for entrepreneurs and even beginners on the Internet to help you get started. PPC can be a great way to generate targeted search traffic much faster and help you grow your startup.
  • Don’t spend more than you may afford. Starting a PPC campaign also offers the benefits of spending as much or as little as you want. You may invest just $5 or $10 and later increase the budget if you see visible results.
  • Build a strong presence. Another advantage of choosing a PPC campaign is that it allows creating and building a strong online presence in search engines as well as in social media. You may find lots of extra information on how to create a social media campaign and build a presence without the necessity to wait for a few months until it starts to grow naturally.

Tips for Successful PPC Campaign on a Limited Budget


  • Usage of Negative Keywords. In order to reduce the number of irrelevant clicks that will waste your money, you can use negative keywords in the AdWords campaign. In other words, it means you will filter out certain terms your potential customers can use in their search but which you don’t want to pay money for.
  • Place Ads on Other Channels. Another way to increase brand awareness is to put ads on additional channels, such as Facebook. This way you don’t have to limit yourself to one particular platform. According to a recent study by BI Intelligence, social media channels have now become the number one internet activity. Therefore, Twitter or Facebook can be extra platforms for investing a part of your budget.
  • Target Your Home Territory. Place ads only where you can deliver them. New business owners need to pay attention to where they spend their money. Apply location targeting in order to choose certain regions or areas that make your home territory.
  • Choose the Right Audience. It’s essential to define the right audience for your PPC campaign. You can waste a lot of your budget unless you research properly. Determine the people who can be your potential customers and will most likely use your services or purchase your products. It may depend upon such factors as age, demographics, relevancy, profession, etc.
  • Keep an Eye on Competitors. The last but not least tip is to keep a constant eye on your competitors. Define the companies and businesses you are competing with, identify their strengths and select the key differences between your own startup and their companies. Find what can help you outshine the rest of the competition and emphasize the relevant components to the potential clients through your PPC campaign. Maybe you can offer free shipping? Or make a large holiday sale?

To sum up, make sure you’ve gathered enough information and studied enough resources about your upcoming PPC campaign. Having a good foundation and sufficient knowledge can lead to great results and help your marketing campaign succeed even with a limited budget. Let your startup grow into a successful business with a PPC campaign. Hopefully, these tips will help you choose wisely and acquire more clients in the nearest future.