Google Analytics and It’s the importance

If you’ve been using Google Analytics already, you know it’s a powerful way for plenty of useful data, but it can be daunting. If you’re not an analytics expert, it can be very difficult to know where to start, or how to use the data. 

And what’s the point of analytics if you don’t use data to better your site?

Good analytical tools will drive the following results.

  • Understand the concepts and styles that your audience enjoys most, and you can make more of them. 
  • See how people find your content, so that you can concentrate your attention on the marketing strategies that work. 
  • Set and monitor your conversion goals, so you know how to develop and optimize your platform.

If you are an analytical expert, you can do, but an analytical plugin does the most. Here come the monster insights a powerful analytical plugin for the users.

Monsterinsights Overview

Google Analytics for the Woocommerce websites is made easy with Monsterinsights. 

MonsterInsights is the best WordPress Google Analytics plugin. With MonsterInsights, you can securely link your WordPress site to Google Analytics with just a few clicks. MonsterInsights lets you figure out how people can find and use your site, so you can retain existing customers.

With a million downloads, MonsterInsights is the most common WordPress Google Analytics plugin. More than 1 million businesses are accepted worldwide, including Bloomberg, Nintendo, Coca-Cola and more.

Best features of Monsterinsights:

The key features are:

  • Fast and simple setup of Google Analytics 
  • Keep your tracking code even when you turn WordPress themes 
  • See the real-time statistics in your WordPress dashboard 
  • View common blogs, websites, and sources of referral.
  • Extensive Google Analytics Monitoring for WooCommerce and Quick Digital Download Store 
  • Track Google Adsense advertising with Google Analytics. 
  • Enable the download stats of the file with just one button. 
  • Get Author Reports, Custom Post Style Report, SEO Score Report, and More … 
  • Test the success rate and sample rate for your Google Analytics survey. 
  • Track partner connections and other outbound ties efficiently.

Setting up google analytics for your Woocommerce websites is very advantageous to enjoy numerous profits. 

Setting up Google Analytics for woocommerce stores: Monsterinsights 

Clear knowing your market is key to the success of your eCommerce store. MonsterInsights Ecommerce Tracking gives you all the data you need in your WooCommerce, MemberPress, LifterLMS or Easy Digital Download shop. 

You can incorporate Google Analytics Ecommerce monitoring with your WordPress stores with just a few clicks.

Just when you install and set up the plugin, you will be taken to the Monsterinsights dashboard, where you can find some settings related to the eCommerce tracking, you need to enable the required options for performing e-commerce tracking of the store.


Next, you can easily have a glance at your WordPress dashboard where you can examine the ecommerce data such as conversions,transactions, revenue, avg order value etc.

Google analytics eCommerce plug


In order to extract the accurate stats of your traffic, and where it is coming from, just scroll down the page, you can get an idea of which things need to be prioritized first, which things are not. This eCommerce data is more than enough to have a complete idea of your customer buying decisions and then optimize your eCommerce store accordingly so as to drive maximum output or sales.

Google analytics eCommerce plug

Moreover, this eCommerce tracking includes all kinds of purchasing activities like popular products, avg order value eCommerce conversion rates etc.


Monsterinsights Google analytics plugin for Woocommerce stores helps to have a great user experience, tracking your customer’s interactions and interests from the time being, and best suited for all sizes of Woocommerce stores.

It’s a trusty and most powerful analytical tool for eCommerce data in order to make sound business decisions.