As the days passed one can notice significant changes on adapting to the latest technology. Earlier, i.e before the introduction of the cloud networking we simple used hard drives, USB, floppy disks to store our information. But with the advanced improvements in technology gave birth to the cloud computing technology.

The cloud computing technology is nothing but which delivers the services like data storage, servers, software, databases and networking through an internet connection. One can easily access all those services at one place i.e cloud infrastructure.

Few companies are providing such computing services and hence named as cloud providers. They will charge the users or customers for utilizing their services and the charges are based on their usage of services.

Unknowingly we may use the cloud computing services in our daily life such as storing pictures, web-based email service and watching movies etc uses the cloud computing on the back-end process. You can also store, retrieve data, create new applications and host the website.

Before moving onto the in-depth of cloud providers, you need to know the basic information of the cloud computing architecture.

Basic information of cloud computing architecture and its types.

You need to know the prior benefits to choose the best cloud providers. Need to gather more information on what makes more sense to choose a particular cloud provider.

How do you can choose the best cloud providers?

List of 10 top cloud providers in 2018:

Here I am going to discuss the best cloud computing companies for creating applications, storing data, or using their software into your cloud application.

Before moving on to the cloud computing architecture and cloud providers you need to know the skill set required to be a cloud engineer.

List of skills required to become a cloud engineer or expert in cloud.

But you need to know that all the cloud computing services are mainly distinguished into 3 types. They are Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS), Platform as a Service(PaaS) and Software as a Service(SaaS).

  • Infrastructure as a Service means it provides the infrastructure services like servers, virtual machines, Operating Systems, networks, and storage etc on a rent basis. Examples are Amazon Web Services(AWS), Microsoft Azure.
  • Platform as a Service(PaaS): It is used in developing, maintaining and testing of the software. Examples include Red Hat, cloudways, Apprenda etc.
  • Software as a Service(SaaS): It makes the users to connect to the application through an internet on the subscription basis. Examples include: Google Applications and Salesforce.

1. Amazon Web Services(AWS):

The Amazon Web Services is a dynamic and growing business unit of It is also a secure cloud platform which provides services like computing power, database storage, and content delivery to help the business scale and grow. Today millions of customers are using the cloud products and cloud solutions to build their applications with an increased flexibility, scalability and reliability.

  • It is a Broad IT infrastructure platform with pay as you go pricing.
  • It a very good virtual platform to deploy your application.
  • It supports global network of regions and edge locations. It spans around 55 availability zones with 18 geographic locations all round the world.
  • You can build a trustworthy applications which are very scalable and flexible.
  • You can also enjoy the AWS trial version for the 12 months.
  • By using the AWS cloud platform one can host their static websites.

2. Microsoft Azure:

One can easily turn your solutions to a better idea by using the cloud. It supports more than 54 regions than any other cloud providers. It works better with big as well as small organizations. It products 100 services to make your project successful. You can extend Azure premises with Azure stack.

  • It is the trusted platform where 500 fortune business uses the Microsoft Azure today.
  • It is used for deploying, designing and managing application through a worldwide network.
  • It is also known as windows Azure which supports operating systems, databases, tools, programming languages and frameworks etc.
  • You can enjoy the free trial version for 30 days.

3. Google Cloud Platform:

Google Cloud Platform is the trusted platform for enterprises, startups and everyone in between. One can migrate to the Google cloud platform using the solutions created by the Google and its partners. It helps to solve the toughest problems and grow your business.

  • It supports multiple categories one among them is cloud providers.
  • It is an integrated storage used by the developers and enterprises for getting live data.
  • It uses the computers, Virtual Machines, hard disks located at Google data centers.
  • Apart from the free trial, it is available at various plans for the users on the pay as you go basis.
  • It provides strong storage of data, databases, migration support,networking, management tools,API management etc.

4. Adobe cloud providers:

Adobe is a creative cloud where you can mix and combine photos, add effects, design in 3D and then create incredible images too. It helps for both individuals and businesses.

  • Adobe offers many cloud services among them few are adobe creative cloud, Adobe Experience cloud and Adobe Document Cloud etc.
  • With Adobe you can edit the videos, photography and do graphic designing etc.
  • You can add more creativity to your albums with the Adobe cloud providers.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud is a SaaS which provides its users to edit the videos, photography etc.
  • Adobe Experience Cloud helps to assess the broad set of solutions for advertising, building campaigns and gaining intelligence on the business ventures etc.
  • With the Adobe Document Cloud you can document your work with a great look and feel.You can have the best documentation experience too.

5. VMware cloud providers:

OVM is an operating VCloud air service acquired in May 2017. OVM is a very good partner with VMware. On acquisition of the vCloud Air with the OVM, it helps the customers with a enhanced network performance, workload mobility, fast, automated provisioning etc. VCloud Air is designed to meet the enterprise needs and deliver a secure and hybrid cloud experience.

  • It is the universal leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure.
  • It provides the flexible agile services, lower the expenses and reduces the IT intricacy etc.
  • It is the safe and secure platform that offers networking, storage, disaster recovery and computing etc.
  • The VMware solutions help in maximizing the organization’s profits by using the services, technologies, guidance required to operate and manage the applications.

6.IBM cloud providers:

IBM cloud is a very secure platform to build all your applications as it is integrated with all the technologies such as AI, Blockchain, Data Science etc. One can build the smart business with the IBM cloud and VMware. It is also recognized as the VMware 2017 Global cloud provider. It provides high-performance global cloud infrastructure. It also provides an SAP oriented infrastructure to support the SAP applications.

  • IBM Cloud provides all the services such as IaaS, PaaS, SaaS through all the Cloud delivery models.
  • With IBM cloud you had the freedom to create, design the applications.
  • By using IBM cloud services one can gain value to your business growth and industries.
  • With the help of the IBM cloud Bluemix platform one can incorporate the high performing communications and services in to the IT environment.

7. Red Hat Cloud Computing Services:

Red Hat cloud is an open source platform to build or deploy any cloud application. It can be either public, private, hybrid or even multi-cloud also. It supports a good operating system, container platform and tools that help in managing and automation of the deployed application in the cloud.

  • It is an open source cloud technology used by the organizations to provide flexible solutions.
  • With the help of red hat cloud you can build the apps, integrate, manage them from one place itself.
  • The red hat infrastructure helps to operate and manage the clouds at a very low cost.
  • The Red Hat openshift is an open and hybrid service used by developers to deploy, host and delivers the applications very quickly.

8. Oracle Cloud Providers:

The Oracle Cloud is a Cloud autonomous database. It is a seamlessly integrated platform to delivers intelligent business applications. It is a complete, open source and secured cloud for deploying the applications for the user end. You can compete, develop, innovate in the digital world by providing complete and integrated cloud services to the businesses.

  • Oracle cloud comes in 3 types such as IaaS, PaaS, SaaS. It helps the companies to reduce the complexity and transforming a quick business cycle.
  • The Oracle Cloud SaaS provides a completely data-driven cloud environment.
  • Where as the Oracle cloud PaaS provides and helps the IT developers and enterprises to develop, build, secure, connect and share data across the applications.
  • The Oracle cloud IaaS is a subscription-based which helps to run any kind of workload of an enterprise.


All the above-mentioned cloud computing services are very good in helping the users to build their applications very securely. They provide a good interface to interact with the cloud modules and then redesign their idea into excellent business applications. The main thing behind using the cloud services is to run your application anywhere around the globe. You are provided with a full set of services to run your application irrespective of region and locality.

Apart from the cloud computing benefits, it also provides extreme advantages, essential characteristics of the cloud computing technology.