Many people love music but don’t know how to play the music devices. Even though they are trained under a trainer, they might feel little confusion in remembering all the tunes. Here comes the best music making apps to increase or add energy to your music.

If you are dreaming to rock a guitar and don’t know where to start.

No need to worry because there are music making apps for the Android users on the Google play store. You can download to your device and enjoy the best learning music from there. By using music making apps you can learn and play the music as well as entertain yourself.

With the help of the music maker app for Android you can easily learn and play guitar, piano, bass and Ukulele.

Best music making apps for Android in 2018:

1. Yousician App:Guitar Learning app

The Yousician app is one of the best apps for the beginners as well as advanced players. With the Yousician you can learn your choice of the instrument by improving your skills with the lessons. The Yousician app also provides or comes up with weekly challenges and daily goals set to motivate the beginners.

With the Yousician you can get one feedback for free if you want to get access to unlimited you need to take subscription.

The Yousician app is a very funny app where you can learn, play and master yourself on playing guitar, piano, bass, and ukulele. You can enjoy thousands of songs on the real instruments

The Yousician will give you a personal tutor so that you can learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want. The app listens to your play with the instrument and gives you instant accuracy feedback and timings. The Yousician app is designed with the experts so that it will help all kinds of musicians to improve their skills.

The Yousician app is very beneficial as you can learn all the musical instruments at one place. It is the best music making apps for the Android users in 2018. By using this app you can learn how to play guitar, piano, bass, and ukulele at one place.

With Yousician you can get step by step video tutorials to learn the music very fast. The fun and addictive gameplay tracks help for progress and keep you engaged in playing the music. You can improve your skills very fast by sitting at the piano keyboard and start playing now.

Features of Yousician App:

  • The yousician app listens to your play piano, guitar,bass and Ukulele.
  • You can get instant feedback on your performances.
  • This app will take you through songs and step by step video tutorials according to your playing style.
  • You can learn music funny with gameplays and challenges.

The Yousician app is developed to support self-learning. Yousician price for learning an instrument one month charges 19.99$. For learning all instruments Yousician price is 29.99$. The subscription plan will be automatically renewed for each month based on the plan your preferred.

2. Guitar+:Best beat making app

The Guitar+ app is one of the perfect apps for learning Guitar from the Android devices. It is also the virtual guitar where you can learn very easily. The guitar + provides with a wide range of customization options for the users to choose their best guitar types and on-screen appearance. You can learn to play guitar by using this app. You can select an impressive music from Mozart to Bruno Mars.

The learn to play guitar app is very great for learning chords, songs and also fun for aimless strumming. This app provides interactive learning devices for the Android users.

It is very useful to learn to play guitar and is the best Yousician alternative also. It is rated as the best music making apps among the guitar playing instruments.

Features of Guitar+: Guitar learning app

  • The learn to play guitar app is very interactive and customizable app with several options for the users.
  • You can learn to play guitar, various guitar sounds, hundreds of chords with detailed video of every chord for the learners.
  • Many modes to discover such as chords switch, chords instance, chords lyrics etc.
  • With vibration option you can get realistic feeling.
  • Various skin colors and works of great artists.
  • High quality sounds of guitar are supported.
  • Designed for all Android devices and professional feedback support.

3. Piano Free: Keyboard with magic tiles and music games

Piano Free is an electric keyboard simulator app with virtual musical instruments to learn chords, songs and music notes for free. You can easily learn to play the piano keys in many interesting ways. It is only the realistic piano and music learning app with many free songs.

Now download the piano app and learn to play piano keyboard on your phones.

This digital piano app lets you choose music from different musical instruments such as grand piano, violin, organ, and guitar etc. with the help of the piano app you can carve out the melodies, record them to playback across several musical instruments. You can even share your music creations on social media.

With this piano app you can learn various chords, learn how to read sheet music on your journey to become a virtual piano player. Enjoy the cool mini-games with piano and perform songs by tapping keys falling under magic tiles. You can improve your sense of timing and tempo by tapping the black and white keys in the magic keys.

Features of Piano app:

  • Full 88 key piano keyboard.
  • It provides magic tiles and magic keys mini games.
  • The app supports 9 different piano keyboards and musical instruments such as grand piano,organ, electric guitar etc.
  • It provides free,popular and classic piano songs.
  • It supports record feature where you can record and share your plays.

4. edjing Mix: DJ music mixer

With edjing mix is one among the music making apps where you hear two words scratch and screen. This app helps in turning your device into scratching and mixing your screen in minutes. It also supports crossfading and samplers where you need to upgrade your plan.

The edjing app is the most downloaded app and voted as the best by the Google. It is designed in partnership with DJ. It transforms your device into real DJ setup and stretches the limit of offering on mobiles with unlimited creative freedom. With this app, you can access all the tracks coming from different folders and remix them to create a new DJ music.

Features of edjing Mix:

  • With this edjing mix app you can remix 50 million tracks to create the best DJ mix.
  • A new feature sampler which helps for triggering and links to crossfader to cut the pads sample sounds.
  • Must have DJ tools to support remix. Detect BPM for your songs and adjust BPM for your tracks.
  • WIth this app you can get optimized turntables which are designed by the pro DJs. It provides an intuitive interface which gives access to all features to gain time during remix sessions.
  • The edjing mix is compatible with mix fader.
  • You can remix your songs from the Android wear.

5. Real Drum:The best drum pads simulator

Real drum provides simple instructions that mirror real-world drum play. You can easily customize the part of your digital drum setup. It is the best drum app to become a rock star. It is very simple to use. You need to tap the drum pads on the screen with your phone. It is a fun, lightweight and easy to use app.

It is the ideal drum for those who want to play the drum with less noise.

You can customize the app images and sounds to your requirement.

It is easy to play drums at any moment and can test your skills.

Real drum comes with 60 drum lessons for you to learn play and 33 loops. It lets you to play live music as well.

Features of Real Drum:

  • You can customize your drum upload images and sounds.
  • Multitouch, 13 drum pads and 45 high fidelity drum sounds.
  • It supports recording mode and works well on all screen resolutions.


If you are the person who loves the music most or fascinates playing different musical instruments. Then Yousician music making apps is very useful. In this music making apps, you can learn and play music from all the musical instruments such as piano, guitar, ukulele etc. With guitar+ app you can learn to play guitar very easily. You can get through lessons and video tutorials also.

If you are fascinated on learning piano, the piano free app helps you to become expert on piano.

If you are the one who is very much enthusiastic about learning drums, the real drum app lets you do. With this app, you can learn the nest.

Moreover all the above-mentioned music making apps are very useful and helps the Android users to have fun, enjoy the best music play time.