Have you ever heard the term the Google Analytics. Never installed to your business if yes but never used and does not know how it works. Now let me help you to know how it is helpful for the performances of your business. Here the business may be anything such as blogging, shopping, marketing etc. If you want to know the status of the applications you’re running on the internet then definitely you need to seek some help from the tools which provide the details of how well they are used by the customers, or even how your business had spread on the internet. You can estimate as well as see how people respond to your business so that you can improve the performances using some techniques.

The google analytics tool serves the best in the industry to meet the all the requirements and fulfill the user’s desires. The google analytics help you to measure the ROI as well as it helps you to track the details of the flash, video, social networking websites and the applications. Each and every activity of your business can be viewed and monitored by the google analytical tool. You can analyze the data of your business and then do the changes in order to succeed in the business.

Google Analytics Breakthrough: From Zero to Business Impact

The google analytics is the web analytics service that is offered by the google to track and reports the website traffic. You can view how the pages are getting responses, the number of page views done, you can measure the income from any particular section. All the things are monitored for you.The google analytics solutions are the powerful tool, integrated and marketing tool for all kinds of businesses.

Features of the Google Analytics:

One of the important features of this tool is that you can review the online campaigns by tracking the landing page quality and conversions. The conversions may include the sales done. lead generation, viewing a specific page or downloading a file etc.
The google analytics approach is to show the users a high level, dashboard type data as well as the report based data to the users.
It also helps in reporting and identifying the poorly performing pages with the techniques such as the funnel visualization, where the visitors came from and how long they stay, their geographical positions.

The google analytics e commerce shows and can report the sales activities. It shows the site transactions, revenue, and many other site metrics. The real time analytics help you to know the real time visitors online on your website. The google analytics includes google website optimizer.

The google analytics is considered very important from the technology point of view. You can observe that the google analytics is implemented with the page tags which are known as the Google Analytics Tracking Code is nothing but the snippet of javascript code which every owner adds this code to the every page of the website in order to track the page performances. When the client browses the tracking code runs in the client browser.Here the visitor’s data is collected and sends to the google data collection server.

The user’s data is cached and stored in the web server and recollects when requested the same without reloading the all the pages. The cache gets enabled when the particular user requests for the data already stored in the google web server. The client id is set for each visitor also.

Learning Google AdWords and Google Analytics

Now lets us see how to integrate the google analytic tool for your website. I will explain you clearly here and also the dashboard after the integration had done.

How to create Google Analytics account?

Don’t waste your precious time on spending writing the content without knowing how well they are performing on the web. In such sense google analytics help you to know the exact stats of your blog so that you can improve your blog content in a more interactive and professional way.

You can start analyzing your blog content just in 3 steps.

google data analysis tool

1. First of all is you are the newbie to the google analytics you need to visit the page https://analytics.google.com/analytics/ to create the new account or else if you had a google account give that information.
2. Sign up for the google analytics account and fill the information of the website or the app you need to track.
3. After filling the form you need to click the get tracking code which you need to place in the web pages of the blog you need to track or analyze.
4. Keep the tracking code and open the blog in another tab to add it.

data reporting tool

How to add the google analytic account to the website or blog?

First, open your Google Analytics account and then select the admin which is on the left side of the screen as well as the bottom.

google analytics

You can see the 3 options available on admin tab i.e the account, property and the view. In the account section, you can add multiple accounts and manage them from here. You can also filter the account information too. The next option which is very important and helps you to get place the tracking code in the header files of the website is the property. Section.

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In the property tab, you can see the product linking, property settings, tracking code .js file, user management and also helps you to links different products such as AdWords, AdSense linking too. In the tracking code option, you need to place the script file which you had got while creating the account.

google analytics

The user id option enables you to view and track the sessions on the particular user ids. In the property setting, you need to select the website default URL whether it is HTTP or https.

Google Analytic Home Analysis:

google analytics

Now let’s move towards the google analytic account and see the stats of the website from here.

  • In the google analytic home you can see the user’s right now, sessions, bounce rate as well as the as the session duration.
  • On the right side of the screen, you can view the real time users and the top active pages too.
  • You can also get the information of how you are getting users i.e from what source whether it is organic search, direct, referral or through social sharing.
  • You can also know how the active users trending over the time period and the top most pages they are visiting.You can also know the user visit by the time of the day.
  • You can also know how the active users trending over the time period and the top most pages they are visiting.
  • You can also know the user visit by the time of the day.

Customize your website data for good results:
google analytics

1. You can customize your dashboard from this point and look at the reports too. You can know the sessions, bounce rate and monthly views and the users too.
2. You can easily add a widget, share, email and even create a pdf of the custom as well as the saved reports.

Real Time Report of the web content :

google analytics

1. You can know your current users as well as the top most pages and the pages which are getting more traffic.
2. You can know the top locations from where you are getting the traffic and the top most actives pages. You can also know the top active keywords you are using and can analyse their performances.

How to analyze the Audience for the website?

google analytics

  • Here you can select a metric to know the stats and then respond accordingly on the functionality of the website content.
  • You can get weekly, hourly report for the avg sessions and the avg monthly sessions, bounce rate as well as the users.
  • You can also get the information of the new visitors or the returning visitors, page views done on daily, the weekly and monthly basis for a particular page or web content.
  • Demographics :
    google analytics

    • You can know the sessions and the users based on the age whether they are male or female.
    • You can also know the interests of the people i.e which category or section most of the users are looking for.
    • You can focus on that area so that a huge traffic can be brought to your website.
    • From the GEO point, you can set the language and the location for the traffic i.e from which parts of the world you are getting the users.

    Acquisition Overview:

    google analytics

    • From this option available you can have full control over all the traffic coming is genuine, AdWords campaigns,
    • You can know whether the traffic coming is from which source whether it is direct, organic, referral or through the social channel.
    • You can know the behavior and the conversion rates of the goals that are set.

    The behavioral view of the website:

    google analytics

    • You can know the behavior of the pages which pages are gaining response and which or not.
    • You can know the page views, unique page views, Adsense revenue, AdSense page impressions, AdSense ad unit viewed.
    • You can know about the site content and the site speed i.e how the pages are performing.
    • You can know the page loading time, as well as the set the speed and the user timings of the pages, can be actively opened for you to look.

    Discover tools for improving google analytics:

    • It’s very easy to discover the new elements which will guide you or help you in using this google analytic services.
    • You can know the things for expanding measurement strategy with the data studio, attribution, and the audience center.
    • You can also know the tools for the marketers such as BigQuery, campaign URL builder and find a partner tools.
    • You can also improve your data collection with the tag manager, Google tag assistant, GA Debugger.
    • The google analytics also provide tools for the developers such as the embed API, Google cloud platform, and the reporting API.

    What the Admin actually does?

    • Well, guys here admin has to play a prominent role in accessing the page analytics and do changes if necessary.
      As the admin, he can manage his account settings here and also filter the reports too.
    • The property nothing but the asset whether it is a website or an app. You can change the settings to your use.We can place the tracking id code here in order to track the pages or website performances.
    • You need to place the .js file i.e the tracking script code here to run on your website for analytics.
      You can also link your Adwords, Adsense campaigns here very effectively.
    • You can create 25 views for any particular website and then manage your settings, goals, content grouping, filter. Channel and e commerce platform settings can be done here.


    In order to reach your target with estimated revenue first, you need to know what happens with your website i.e whether it is properly recognized on the web or not. To know you need to use some tools, I here by the above conversation can say that google analytics play a prominent in making your blog reach to the wider world.This tool and the sub tools will guide you to build your web blog in a more professional way to gain traffic with a good web content. It also helps you to place i.e which content the user looks for the most.