Have you heard about the Instamojo? If not know I will take you in-depth through my content.

Instamojo is a free and one of the best payment gateway India to sell online and collect payments. With the Instamojo you can collect payments on your website, mobile app via through social media, SMS etc. It’s an online demand platform for both the web and mobile to collect payments by sharing a link.

On Instamojo you can see many apps for free. If you complete or do minimum 5 transactions then you can enjoy all the apps on the Instamojo for free. With Instamojo you can create the products or free templates to make a revenue from it.

Instamojo is a good company to sell the digital products and collect payments online. It is very easy for integration in php. It offers or comes with good solutions from the business perspective. It is a very secure platform to sell your digital goods and acts as the best payment gateway India.

You can set up or create and activate your Instamojo account in just 5 minutes. Any Indian seller with the bank accounts can use it to sell the products online. You can go with Instamojo to collect payment for your events, it will take care of all the payments and delivery of the digital goods.

Instamojo mainly benefits all the bloggers or the people who want to sell their digital products online. Most of the top sellers use the Instamojo payment gateway as it delivers and collects payments very genuinely.

Now let’s go through the features of the Instamojo.

Instamojo Features:

  • You need to upload your digital products, buyer pays you through Instamojo payment gateway and delivery of the digital goods is taken care by the Instamojo.
  • You can customize and optimize the product page with the canonical tag feature.
  • It provides fewer transaction fees and the app store login add features such as SMS alerts and affiliate programs too.
  • You can enable for the Google analytics and can create the discount code for the product.
  • You can request payment through an SMS and earn commissions for the affiliate programs.

You can create payments links on Instamojo for easy transactions.

How the Instamojo acts as the best payment gateway India?

The first thing you need to do is to create your Instamojo account which is of free. Even if you don’t have an idea of selling digital products and can learn very easily how to sell your goods online. There is also an exciting feature i.e Instapay where you can collect payments online. No need to even provide bank details. It is the best alternative for the PayPal.

Before you start the upload, share and sell the digital products you need to submit the KYC documents for approval. After that, you need to create the payment link for your digital business.

It is the best payment gateway India where you can easily add products and create payment link. The dashboard is the very user-friendly interface. Its integration in php made it flexible for easy use.

For more information on how to create digital products for online sale you can look click the below link.

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You can easily get through the sales, customers, and payouts that are made using the Instamojo. The analytical report will be visible to you only when you complete the transactions of minimum 500 rs. In such a case you can also enjoy some free apps to regulate your eCommerce business.

With Instamojo you can also earn through referring friends. For every friend, you refer you will get 500 rs. If your friend joins and receives a payment on Instamojo you will both be getting 500 rs. You can also share your referral link on the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Messenger and Email etc.

Instamojo also comes with some of the best apps which supports the best payment gateway India. The Instamojo app store login helps to discover all the apps for secure online payments.

Instamojo app store login

In the Instamojo dashboard you can get through several apps for use. While some are free and others are paid.

Now here I am going to discuss few apps which helps better.

Pro Analytics app:

With the pro analytics app you can get or boost your analytics sections to get more detailed information about the customers and visitors. Once you subscribed to this app you can see two options one is customers report and visitors report.

In the customer’s report you can see what type of device they are using, the location of the customers and the customers who didn’t finish the payments. The visitor’s report gives more detailed information about the visitors who are online, who are visiting the payment links, product links and from what sources he is coming.

Instamojo Invoice Generator

With the invoice generator you can create the invoice for your clients. You can collect payments very easily with the Instamojo payment links. You can keep track of all your transactions for GST.

Sales Auto Export

With Instamojo sales auto export you can get sales and customers details automatically exported to your email. You can receive the report daily, monthly, weekly and quarterly.

Google Analytics:

You can get through the customer’s insights with the Google Analytics Instamojo. You can simply track and understand how the users interact with you over the time period.


Instamojo serves as the best payment gateway India with many app store login. You can also make revenue with Instamojo for your digital products by creating the product link and setting the budget. All you do is promote your digital products on the Instamojo very effectively and collects good online payments. While the apps on the Instamojo help you to drive to specific functionalities to make your work more worthy.