Have you ever heard about the brave web browser.

If not I will let know through my amazing content.

You might be well familiar with browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc. Each of them maintains its own uniqueness and identity in terms of security and privacy. While browsing on those web browsers your experience may be different from one to one. Some browser allows ads to display restlessly while your browsing. It might irritate you. As the technology increased a few enhancements are done to provide tight security for the data

Nowadays intruders enter into your personal log in the form of ads so as to catch up your personal identity. Before this thing happens first you need to select the best web browser which blocks the ads very fast.

Now let’s drown into the of the fastest, secure web browser which was founded by Brendan Eich.

Brave web browser as the fast adblocker:

Brave is a free and open source software which secures your website. The brave software was designed in such a way to block the website trackers and to remove the intrusive Internet advertisements. The brave web browser also helps in improving the privacy of the website by sharing less data with advertising customers.

This fastest browser is now available as the stable release for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. It is featured among the top 20 search engines and maintains the partnership with the DuckDuckGo.

With the brave for Android one can save the web by increasing the browsing speed, accuracy and safety while growing ad revenue share for the content creators i.e publishers.

The founder of the brave web browser i.e Eich in order to compensate the publishers who are affected because of the advertisement blocking are rewarded with brave payments. It used the best system testing to set the budget that they are willing to offer when they visit their website. Brave will calculate them through an algorithm and the payments are transferred through cryptocurrencies.

Brave serves as a good purpose to monetize your ad blocking with utility tokens and test blockchain based publishers advertising.

How to use brave web browser?

You can use the brave very simple in just 3 ways as stipulated below.

  • Privacy by default

You can observe that the modern web is full of adblocks and trackers. These adblocks and trackers move on with your data and even introduce malware to your website. With brave, you can strongly protect your data against bad actors and all are blocked by default by ensuring your privacy.

  • Contribute

Brave will do automatic micro-donations to the other websites and divide the monthly donation among the top most sites you visit and you can get through the sites donation percentage with the brave.

  • Basic Attention Token

In order to contribute to the favorite content creators brave utilizes the basic tokens for making payments. It also comes up with the best deals for the publishers to share their ad revenue/

Trust brave to maintain privacy

Brave never sees the sites you browse, unlike the Google. It records all the history about your browsing whereas brave doesn’t, it keeps your privacy locked. As it is open source it is difficult to do any sneaky because anyone can audit the brave software coding.

Features of brave web browser

Brave serves as one of the fastest browsers with many distinct features. It is also a fast adblocker.

Brave as the fastest browser loads the major new websites 2 to 8 times faster than other browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari etc.

Brave is designed with a built-in adblocker to provide a hassle-free and seamless browsing experience. With some browsers, you can add ad block extensions but they might conflict your browsing experience. You can also see some leading ad blockers still allow ads and trackers too.

  • You can experience faster and safer browsing.

The brave requires no plugins or settings to manage or configure it. It simply provides the fastest and safest browsing experience for Android. You can enjoy the fastest browsing without any pop-ups, malware and annoyances. It avoids infection. Brave will shield your browsing history from hackers.

  • Protect your privacy

It provides the deeper privacy thereby stopping the trackers. It uses the HTTPS for secure and encrypted communications. It does the script, third party, and incognito tabs blocking.

  • Battery and Data Optimization

On using the brave for Android you can save your battery and data plan consumption. It reduces the page load time, increases performances and looks at the ads which are injected with malware. Your browsing data is 100% confidential and secured on this fastest browser.

  • It also blocks all the pop ups in your websites.
  • It also blocks third party cookies and fingerprint protection.


Brave is free to use software, set its aims and goals to reach and meet the demands of the content creators. It transforms the online ad ecosystem with brave payments providing a new revenue-sharing solution to the publishers. It opts the fast, secure and right path to a bright, better future for the open web.