As a blogger you all well-known fact that Google Adsense helps to make money online by placing the different types of banner ad sizes. You can make money fast with the excellence of the Google Adsense display network ads.It provides the most innovative, user-friendly experience. You can easily optimize and configure the Adsense ad sizes.Recently the Adsense team had launched the google auto ads, a powerful way to place the ads on your website.

In general, many of publisher’s find difficulty in ad placement, ad optimization, maintaining the ads to deliver the quality exposure to the revenue.

With the introduction of google auto ads into the Adsense account all the things became easier. One can do smart ad placement using the Adsense auto ads because it uses the artificial intelligence. This artificial intelligence technology in the auto ads help to automatically manage and optimize the ads for the publisher’s concern.

You can save your time by placing the code once on all your pages and let google to take care of rest of things.

As a publisher you can manage the global settings, domain-based settings, and directory settings as well. But with the launching of new feature i.e Adsense auto ads, all the things will be automatically managed and you need to focus only on the content. This magic happened with the artificial intelligence technology in the auto ads.

A few points to be noted:

  • Suppose if you had run the Google Adsense ads on your website, you no need to worry because the Adsense auto ads will find those ads and place more ads accordingly.
  • All the page level ads will be migrated to the auto ads.
  • Auto ads also use the anchor and vignette ads and supports more ad formats.
  • You need to login to the Google Adsense account and set global settings for the auto ads feature.

Benefits of the adsense auto ads:

  • Does a great optimization for best user experience.
  • It provide revenue opportunities by identifying and placing the new ads for increasing revenue.
  • Your work is simplified as you can use the auto ads very easily. You need to place the ad code only once.

How to get started with the adsense auto ads?

Step 1: Sign in to the Google Adsense account.
Step 2: On the left side of the screen you will see the My Ads. Select it and got started.
adsense auto ads
Step 3: Click on the pencil icon where you need to change the global settings as shown in the above image.
Step 4: You will be taken to a page where you need to choose between multiple ad formats.
google adsense auto ads
Step 5: After selecting the required ad format you need to click the save button.
Step 6: On the next page you will see the ad code. You need to copy it.
Step 7: You need to paste the auto ads ad code in the pages where you want to display the ads.
Step 8: Within 10 minutes of time span the Adsense auto ads start appearing on your pages.

Now the auto ads start working on your site by analyzing the pages and giving the users a good experience. It also shows the potential ad placements without burdening the AdSense publishers.

There is also another feature with the auto ads i.e advanced URL settings. If you want to display different ad formats for different URLs you can choose the advanced URL settings. This works fine when you want to differentiate the domains and subdomain and no ads to appear on the home page.

auto ads

After adding the URLs to your group you need to select the ad settings. A page will be shown similar to the global settings page. But the URL settings will override the global settings. In the last step, you will be seen the review of your URL history i.e the URL assigned with the ad formats.

auto ads


The Google Adsense auto ads use the artificial intelligence in automatically updating, managing the ads on your website. It’s the best feature that Adsense team had launched and helped many of the publisher’s to save time. It also helps in gaining more revenue.