Before moving onto how and why your website gets blocked or google blacklist let’s know a few things.

What does the google blacklist actually mean?

If you want and put tight security on your website, there are chances of affecting your website and your website will be blacklisted by the google.

Google is one of the topmost search engines which provides the users safe and good user experiences too. With respect to the websites, google blacklisting means removing the websites from the google indexing. You won’t see the website anymore on the search engines.

In your website is blacklisted, webmasters pay a close attention and 95% of organic traffic lost infecting the sales and revenue of the websites.

If you want to know the website malware or blacklisting status, Sucuri site check scanner check for blacklisting status and malware injections into the websites. You can use the automated WordPress security plugins for spam check.

Domain blacklist is done when the authorities such as Google, Bing, Norton safe find irregularities on the websites such as malware. The malware can be the trojan horses, phishing schemes, pharma hacks and email check etc. Even the owners do not know that the website is hacked, search engines or plugins will put the results.

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Sucuri WordPress Sitecheck Scanner

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The Sucuri SiteCheck Scanner does the following things:

  • Website Malware Scanning: Sucuri Scanners use the latest fingerprint technology in scanning the websites for deducting the malware or blacklist. It also monitors the DNS, SSL certs and Whols records etc.
  • Website Malware Monitoring: Sucuri Monitors your websites for any malware all the time and alerts you via through email, twitter and RSS.
  • Website Malware Cleanup: You can minimize the security risks by scheduling the scans. You had the flexibility to site integrity blacklist checks.
  • Sucuri site check scanner will offer you a professional malware cleanup without depending on other resources.

Why do websites get blacklist or hacked?

Thousands of websites get blacklisted due to poor maintenance and security features. Domain blacklist happens due to the injecting of malicious code into the websites without the owner’s permission. If your website is hacked they can access every piece of your content very freely.

Sites get blacklisted due to following reasons:

  • Very poor select or choice of passwords i.e weak passwords.
  • Due to Insecure FTP connections.
  • A lot of vulnerabilities in web applications.
  • Due to third party add ons your website may get hacked.
  • Due to hackable FTP softwares i.e server level threat to the websites.

How do domain spam check or blacklist check can be performed?

If your domain is blacklisted your search engine traffic will slowly drop to least and can generate no more sales or leads from your websites.

You can do domain reputation check in two ways. One is the manual method and the other is using automated methods.

Manual Method:

In the manual method you need to enter your website URL as follows on the google i.e If no results are returned then you can say that your website had been removed from the Google index even though the pages are already indexed on the google.

You can get no results if you try to check for the new domain.

Using the automated tools for domain spam check:

To get more information about the domain you need to use the tools developed by Google. The google webmaster tools are the best tool which tells you about your website health. The webmaster tools show you everything such as errors, links, site health page not found queries and useful data on the website.

This tools help you to check with the copyright issues, paid links, DMCA, masking keywords, check whether the content is linked to spamming pages or any malicious code injected into the posts.

How to remove the google blacklist status?

First thing you need to do is to check, fix and then recover your blacklisted websites.
A domain blacklist does due to many reasons first you need to check, fix and recover even before the others find your blacklisted websites. Because it’s very easy for others to gather your data once blacklisted by the google.

Restoring your blacklisted website back you can restore your website content, reclaim visitors, revenue and SEO ranking.

Step1: Check the website warning status.

  • You need to identify the website security warnings.
  • Review the diagnostic pages so that you can know why your website is blacklisted by google.
  • You need to scan for malwares using the sucuri sitecheck scanner.

Step2: Fix the blacklist symptoms.

  • You need to remove the infected files if any.
  • You need to clean the hacked or affected database tables.
  • Hackers find multiple ways to enter so avoid or prevent reinfection using the proper tools and methods.

Step 3: Final step recover the blacklisted website.

  • You need to get the google search console to let Google know that you had completely cleared the infection.
  • You need to request the security review if not google understand that the issue is cleared.
  • After submitting the removal blacklist warning you need to wait for a few days to get your brand promoting like previous.


Google blacklist your website due to many reasons and let your website run down with least sales. You need to use proper tools to get notified about the malicious attacks or any hacks even before the google kept your website blacklisted. So try to use the best security tools and plugins to run your website free from any malicious attacks.