Title: The Guide on How to Create a Messenger Logo
Description: Nowadays messengers took precedence over other means of communication. Do you want to create your own messenger but don’t know how to design a successful logo? Read this guide to get an idea.

Previously, people communicated with the help of pigeons, landline phones, and mobile phones. With the development of the internet, they started sending emails. Smartphones simplified the process of communication considerably. We live in the era of mobile communication. Say goodbye to e-mails and welcome the new format of messaging! Mobile massaging applications combine the functions of social networks with a wide range of other perks. Their design is simple and convenient.

Do you want to create your own messenger and think about its logo? This guide will help you. We’ll start with discussing trends in messenger logos and analyzing the most famous ones. After examining these points, we will proceed to the instruction on how to create a successful messenger logo.

Trends in Messenger Logos

We have analyzed the main trends in messenger logos. Read about them to get an idea of how a messenger logo should look like in 2018.


Have you noticed that the majority of messenger logos do not contain letters? The trend of simplification is connected with the development of Internet technologies and cross-platform. The logo should look great not only on the phone screen but also on the website. If a person gives its contacts on a web page, it’s enough to put a small messenger logo and a number next to it. That is why the letters on the logo are superfluous. Each successful messenger has a simple logo.

Gradients and color transitions

The trend on gradients got a second wind in 2016-2017. In 2018, this trend will develop even more. Skype, new logo of Whatsapp, HeyTell, and Google Hangouts used the gradient technique.


Using bright colors that overlap each other makes the messenger logo original and interesting. Slack Messenger can serve as an example.

The Most Famous Messenger Logos


The messenger logo is a phone on a purple background. Earlier purple was supposed to be elite and the most expensive in production. This color is a symbol of uniqueness. The calling phone symbolizes an opportunity to reach the subscriber everywhere where there is a point of access.


The logo of this messenger is a rectangular green colored conversation cloud with a phone inside. Green color symbolizes that the communication line is always free and the user can call wherever he or she wants. The green color is perceived positively. It helps us handle the information in a better way. Pay attention that the handset is removed. It symbolizes free communication and the ability to call from anywhere in the world.

Tastes and fashion change all the time. That’s why the company decided to make a rebranding. Dots replaced the tube. Try to connect them – and you will see a letter W. It is a symbol of the connection between people. The blue color replaced the green one. The blue color causes trust. This color is the symbol of the connection reliability. The majority of companies from the field of Internet business and finance use this color for their logos.

Google Hangouts

The logo of this application is quoted on a dark green background. Quotes look like conversation clouds between two people. The dark green color symbolizes the wealth of opportunities, provided by Google Hangouts.


The logo of Skype is the letter S. It has a blue background with overflows. This background resembles the connected conversation clouds between two interlocutors.In fact, the full brand logo is the icon and the word “Skype”, written in the corporate font Microsoft.


The logo of this messenger is a paper airplane. It is a symbol of the possibility to contact a subscriber from any place in the world where there is a network.


The logo of Snapchat is one of the most striking and interest logos for instant messengers. Its icon is a ridiculous ghost on a yellow background. This playful logo was created in 2011. It signifies ephemeral messages.

Facebook Messenger

The logo of a Facebook Messenger is solid geometry. It is a circle with an isosceles triangle of a talking cloud, inside of which three isosceles triangles formed into a zigzag, representing a lightning.


The logo of the messenger is a color hashtag of crimson, mustard, blue and light bottle colors.


The logo of the messenger is a round cloud of conversation with the inscription LINE inside of it. The logo has a soothing green color, symbolizing the progress, the development of the company and the growth of its popularity. The inscription is made in a straightforward font, without serifs.


The logo of the given messenger is a smiling phone on an orange background. The orange color of the application symbolizes the friendliness and readiness to communicate through the happy phone that has Voxer.


The logo of the application is the Earth that consists of 9 parts. There is a ring around the planet. It unites users. The green element informs that it will be possible to connect from anywhere in the world.

Instruction on How to Create a Successful Messenger Logo

Think of successful messengers such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Snapchat. You probably imagine a logo of each messenger as soon as you hear its name. This is what you should aim for.

Imagine that you are playing against one of these applications. If you want to capture a significant share of their market, you need to develop a memorable logo.

Keep It Simple

Simplification is one of the main things to remember about. Your messenger logo should be easy to memorize and to use on the web pages when giving contacts.

Pay Attention to Colors

Colors are very important. As far as you have mentioned, most of the famous messengers have logos with a green or blue background.

Green is a relaxing color for the human eye to view. It symbolizes stability and endurance. This color indicates safety as well.The color blue symbolizes confidence and stability. It is not a coincidence that the police has blue uniforms. Both blue and green symbolize the reliability of the connection between two people.
Yet, you can choose other colors as well. Yellow and orange (like Snapchat and Voxer logos) are positive, purple (like Viber logo) is elite.

Use symbols

Create a symbol of conversation, connection, or a possibility to contact with a subscriber from anywhere. The examples are the removed handset of WhatsApp and Viber (the symbol of connection), the lightning of Facebook Messenger (the symbol of speed), and the paper airplane of Telegram (connecting from anywhere).

Bottom Line

Now that you know the main trends, analyzed the logos of the most popular messengers, and read our instruction, you can create a successful messenger logo. Good luck!

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