In the world today, whether you are ion your native country or in a foreign country, you are going to meet people from different places who speak diverse languages. If you are someone that travels often, then Google translate is your answer to enable you to communicate with people who speak different languages.

It may occur that you will come across languages that you don’t understand. There are various tips and tricks that are used to translate words. These are: highlighting the text to turn, conversation mode, using translation application as a dictionary, offline translation, live visual translation, custom phrasebook, tap to translate among other methods.

Highlight the text to translate

When using a phone, a laptop, a computer, or any other electronic device to access the internet, one can translate words from one language to another by merely highlighting the target words. This feature works especially when accessing the internet using a chrome application.

To convert one language to another using this feature, you have to highlight the content that you wish to translate. After highlighting, there is a list of languages where you will select one and automatically the words will be translated. You can save the language as default so that everything will be translated automatically to the preferred language.

Conversation mode

This is a method where people can have a conversation even if they speak different languages. This is made possible by the use of the Google translation application, which, when correctly set, can listen and translate one language to another.

When downloaded on the phone, the translation application has a microphone, which enables the users to switch to a conversation mode. When in this mode, one person speaks at a time, and the application taps the words and translates them into the other language that the second speaker can understand. Therefore, a conversation goes on as long as the speakers take turn to talk because the application is able to listen to one language at a time.

Google translation application as a dictionary

Another feature used in Google translation is setting and using the Google translation application as a dictionary. The normal function of a dictionary is to explain phrases, words, and vocabulary and giving a bigger picture.

The dictionary also gives different words that have the same meaning as the word you are interested in. however, the dictionary does all these in one language. Therefore, this is where the use of the Google translation application as a dictionary comes in. In this case, you set the application as a dictionary so that it can translate words and phrases from English to your preferred language. Instead of explaining the meaning of words in English, the application will explain in the language that the user prefers.

Live visual translation

The Google translation application can be used to translate words from live pictures or on billboards. This feature was made possible by integrating software such as word lens. When using the translation application, with the help of this software, you can translate words on a picture by simply opening the camera on the phone.

Before starting the camera, make sure that you have the right language on the application that is, setting your preferred language as default so that any other language is translated to your own for you to understand the text. When you open the camera in the application and capture the words on a picture, the words are translated automatically to your language. However, this is possible if you have downloaded and saved your dialect offline. 

Offline translation

Using Google and accessing the internet requires one to have an internet connection such as using Wi-Fi or data bundles. However, when you are moving from one place to another, there are chances that you will come to places where there is poor network or no network at all. Therefore, it is wise for on to have these languages downloaded and saved on their devices so that they can access them offline. Different types of languages that are spoken worldwide are saved on the application.

These languages include English, French, Spanish, Japanese, and other dialects that are spoken in many parts of the world. However, the application cannot translate when using a feature that requires an internet connection such as having a live conversation. This limits the offline mode to other features such as using a camera to capture live photos and translate and typing. 

Custom phrasebook

When using the Google translation application, it is likely that you will forget words and phrases in foreign languages because you are not familiar with those words and phrases. However, the application has a feature that will enable the user to save the words and phrases that are frequently used so that they will not have to type in or speak to the phone whenever they need a translation.

When you open the application, there is an option to save the words that you have searched. To do this, the user searches a word and selects a start in the application so that the word will be accessed easily. The custom phrasebook, therefore, helps the users save the words on the application for easy access. 

Tap to translate

Words, phrases, and messages in other languages have to pass through the Google translation application so that they can be translated from one language to another. However, sometimes it is tiresome and hard open and closes the Google translation application. Therefore, the tap to translate feature comes in to solve the problem and save humankind from overworking just to have a text translated from one language to another.

This feature is made possible when the right settings are made on the Google translation application. Whenever you receive a text message that is written in a different language, all you have to do is to copy the text, and there is a popup text that asks you to translate. When you tap on the text, the message is automatically translated to the preferred language.