Recently the Google had launched a new UPI based digital payments app on the google play store. All the transactions done through this app are very highly secured.This app helps the people to make your digital payments in a more smarter way.

Are you serious and got bored on using the same apps such as the paytm then you can definitely go the Google Tez payment app which is available in the google play store for free download.

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Google Tez App:How to use and make payments:

The google Tez app is the digital payments app which benefits both the sender and receivers as well. It doesn’t support the wallet but instead, gives the users a good and decent transaction.You can send money without knowing the other person’s details with the help of the giant cash mode feature. The thing is that you need to scan the QR code only.

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How to Install and Setup the Google Tez Payment App for Making Payments:

1. First, you need to go to the google play store and then download, install and open the google tez app. The download size is pretty low i.e 8MB and may extend up to 54.6 MB.
2. You need to select the local languages you preferred. After that, it will ask for the mobile number that is paired up with the bank account.
adding accounts
3. You are asked for the permissions to access the google accounts which are linked to this phone number.
4. Google account should be compulsorily for the app to work but still, it also supports other accounts too.

5. You need to select the bank available in the app and the app sends an SMS from your number to the bank to get the UPI access.
6. Now a new UPI ID is created for you and links it to the google account. If you’re UPI is already enabled on that bank account, you can enter the UPI PIN, then add your account successfully for doing payments.

You can secure your app with a pin as the screen lock and also it can be done with the fingerprint scanner. It’s very easy to send money using this app. In the cash mode tab, it lists all the contacts in the phone. You can also have the option to enter the account number+IFSC details, UPI ID, Scan QR code. You can send and receive payments very easily.

account number

To incentivize the google Tez app it is offering the RS.51 for referring the new users to this app. After referring that person had done a transaction that both persons will get the benefit of RS.51 which will be automatically added to the bank accounts.


Apart from this the Tez also offers its users by giving the scratch cards which gives you a chance to earn up to 1000 rs which can be transferred to the bank account. You can earn maximum of 9000 rs from the scratch cards. You will get two types of scratch cards one is blue and the other is red. The blue scratch card offers only up to 1000 rs only.

pay or get paid

If you are lucky then will definitely get an amount. The red scratch cards offer big deals such as 1 lakh Rs. The blue cards are given to both the sender and the receiver but where the red ones are given to the sender only.

Highlighted features of the Google Tez Payment App:

1)Tez app is used to transfer money directly to the bank account. Simply link your account to the Tez over the UPL and do instant transfers from bank to bank
2)Make your money is secure whether it may be the big or small amount.
3)Using the Tez cash mode feature you can instantly send and receive payments to the nearby without the much details.
4)It works with all banks that supports UPI.
5)Every transaction is secured with the UPI PIN and the app is secured with the google PIN or fingerprint scanner.
6)You can get two scratch cards one is eligible to win 1000 rs for every transaction and the other is the lucky Sundays which is 1 lakh worth.There might be chances to win those offers.

Moreover the digital payments with the UPI enabled transactions on this google Tez app is user-friendly and very supportive for its users to gain some amount by referring friends also.

Google Tez Paymeny App

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